We’ve talked a lot about workcations, using our luxurious and comfortable vacation retreats as temporary office spaces, but these spacious spots offer even more versatility: They make the perfect temporary classrooms for children who are in the thick of online schooling! And because every child learns differently, this vacation and school “field trip” could be just what your child needs to perk up interest in spelling tests and historical date memorization. Letting your child pick his or her preferred spot to learn will be your first step and as you explore your Poconos lodging “schoolhouse” in Brier Crest. The only difficulty may be narrowing your choices down to just one!

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A is for Amazed

As your offspring quickly settle down in front of their Chromebooks in the spare bedroom they chose for their temporary schoolroom, you will be amazed at how much happier they already seem to be! The space they have fallen in love with is comfortable and offers large windows that allow them to stare off into the beautiful landscape that surrounds the home when contemplating the questions on their first quiz. And as you take some time to check into your own office at the dining table offering similar views, you realize that high-speed internet comes in handy on all levels! Fix yourself a pot of coffee in the fully equipped kitchen, open up your laptop, and keep your ears open for any signs of trouble from the next room. This workcation/school field trip in the best places to stay in the Poconos promises to be an adventure you will never forget!

Who Knew Luxury Schoolhouses Could Be A Thing?

Obviously, all schools are not built alike, and your Brier Crest institute of finer living promises to be a step above all the rest, beginning with comfortable living areas that provide the perfect places to read textbooks, check homework, or watch a documentary on the state of the art televisions perched over fireplaces that warm not just your body, but your heart and soul. Many of our premier properties offer game rooms with full-size gaming tables to enjoy during recess (or late at night after the kids have gone to bed) and even include gaming consoles that provide the perfect reward for recalcitrant students who have finally discovered that you really mean it when you say no fun until homework is done!

How many of you remember the bathrooms of your childhood? Those utilitarian spaces containing pink granular soap and mean girls and boys gossiping offer no resemblance to the spacious and spa-like ones found in our places! Warm and comfortable, deep tubs allow for wine nights and me time for mom as she tries to forget the trials and tribulations of learning Common Core math for her child’s sake! Outside you may find hot tubs and fire pits, designed to entertain and comfort, and views of tranquil wooded areas to be enjoyed while eating an alfresco dinner on the deck or while soaking away your aches and pains in the hot tub.

Time for Recess?

Kids need the break recess provides on many levels as it helps build social skills, burns off energy, and even helps with their cognitive development, and although our Brier Crest escapes don’t offer swing sets and jungle gyms, they do offer some nice paths that lead to the water! Tell your kids to put on their tennis shoes, and head down to the lake off in the not so far away distance, and spend a few minutes of every day tossing stones, wading, or if it’s a particularly warm day, practicing their breaststroke in the warm lake waters. Older teens may prefer to take their break in the game room playing pool, or simply taking some “me time” scrolling through their favorite social media site; these breaks in the school day are just as important as the ones you take at your office each day, and if you’re working from your home away from home, joining in the game of pool or some frolicking in the lake helps your state of mind as well!

Outside the Classroom

We must not forget the real reason you chose the Poconos for your schoolhouse away from home. Even though it is important for your child to obtain their education, sometimes the greatest learning experiences happen outside the four walls of the classroom! Field trips to the Poconos Wildlife Rehabilitation & Education Center, 1161 Cherry Drive in Stroudsburg, support the need for kindness in real life and offer a science class that will never be forgotten, while a visit to the Quiet Valley Living Historical Farm, 347 Quiet Valley Road, also in Stroudsburg, provides a glimpse into the past far more interesting and impactful than something read in a book. Their international educations of Mexico and Spain can be explored further with a study of their foods happily conducted with a visit to Los Tres Amigos Mexican & Spanish Restaurant located at 5224 Milford Road in East Stroudsburg. Did you ever suspect learning could be delicious? The sweet plantains, chorizo burritos, and chicken chipotle tacos served here are all the proof you need that good taste and good education can go hand in hand!

Is Online Schooling the New Norm?

No one knows how long this new norm will continue, so take advantage of your possibly temporary freedom and reserve your Brier Crest retreat today!