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Raymondskill Falls

A visit to the Poconos brings opportunities for scenic and serene moments with nature, but it also promises dramatic thrills if you know where to look. When you’re passing through the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, Raymondskill Falls is an essential stop to experience. Giant and majestic, Raymondskill Falls is an example of nature’s power and precision at its best.

Breathtaking Heights

Raymondskill Falls is a triple tiered cascade that comes in just under the likes of Niagara Falls in height! It proudly holds the title of Pennsylvania’s highest waterfall, definitely the biggest of waterfalls in the Poconos, and visitors come in the hopes of experiencing both its exquisite beauty and overwhelming grace. The Raymondskill Creek Trail is only a short walk for hikers of all abilities and leads directly to the falls for exciting viewing opportunities.

Where to View the Falls

While swimming and wading are not permitted at the falls, this doesn’t mean visitors won’t get an up-close look at the wonder of this watery icon. Two separate viewing areas are built near the falls offering visitors a chance to change perspective and enhance photo opportunities. An upper viewing area delivers a bird’s eye view of the top fall and includes a look at a cascade-top pool. Moving down to the lower viewing deck completes the picture with a head-on look at the falls in its entirety!

A Natural Connection

Raymondskill Falls is part of a beautifully designed ecosystem that includes several other water-based attractions. As visitors walk the trail to the falls they will be thrilled to find themselves surrounded by scenic woodlands, colorful flowers and hopefully some exciting encounters with local wildlife! Once the falls have been experienced, a trail directly off Raymondskill Falls leads to Raymondskill Creek. Continuing the visit in this manner gives visitors an opportunity to appreciate just how cohesive nature truly is. When planning your fun visit, do note that the Dingmans Falls Visitor Center staff will be your primary resource when checking on weather-related updates or gathering in-depth information related to your specific adventure!

The Thrill of Nature’s Best Work at Raymondskill Falls

Whether you’re an avid hiker looking for some truly spectacular trails and destinations, or simply looking to enjoy the view of water tumbling from thrilling heights from waterfalls in the Poconos, Raymondskill Falls has something for everyone to enjoy. When you come to the Poconos on your next getaway, make some time to experience the best of the best when it comes to nature’s heights and vantage points. Raymondskill Falls brings the beauty and the breathtaking experience every time. Contact us today to start planning your next adventure with a view in Pennsylvania and book your vacation rental today!

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