H20ooohh! is a family indoor waterpark located in the Town Center at Split Rock Resort. With 53,326 square feet of water attractions to enjoy, H20ooohh Indoor Waterpark has three four-story slides, a wavepool, activity pool, Jungle play structure with dumping bucket, and Leapin’ Lillypads crossing area.

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Party Packages

When you have a special occasion to celebrate such as a birthday, why not throw a birthday party at the H20ooohh Indoor Waterpark? You couldn’t find a more fun setting where the children will enjoy an unforgettable party. There are different packages for most occasions, but the birthday party is usually the most popular one. And it’s open for all ages not just children. Some people haven’t lost their inner child no matter how old they get. Children especially would love to splash around the gigantic indoor wave pool. Other attractions included in the package are water slides, Jungle Falls, and Leapin’ Lizards. And if you think you got the balance and skills of a dancer you should try the Komodo Dragon Flow Rider. It’s very much as fun and thrilling as its name implies.

The package also gives you a 4-hour waterpark pass. Pizza and beverages are served as well as an ice cream cake. The party area will be decorated and filled with balloons. You also get reserved seating at the waterpark. There’s a minimum limit of 10 guests in order to book this package and it comes with a two waterpark passes for future use.

Amenities and Safety

The H20ooohh Indoor Waterpark is packed with amenities that include a gift shop, both an indoor and an outdoor pool, as well as a recreation center. And for your safety, there are certain rules that you need to heed. These ensure that everyone has a great time without any incidents. Make sure you’re not intoxicated in or around the attractions. Children 16 and under need to be accompanied by an adult. If you have a child who is 5 or under, you’ll need to close to them at all times. Lifejackets are provided free of charge and you need to keep them on at all times when you’re in the water.

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Rates and Open Hours at the H20ooohh Indoor Waterpark

Ticket rates vary at the waterpark depending on the season and your height. But in general, if you’re over 42’ then you can either pay $38 for a day pass or $25 for a 4-hour pass. If you’re under 42’ then your day pass will only cost $33 and $20 for the twilight pass. You can also get a group discount for groups 20 persons or more. This 15% discount can only be obtained at the front desk. Veterans get a 10% discount also only available at the front desk.

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