Filingo Fly Fishing

One of the best activities in the Poconos is fly fishing. The rivers are teeming with all kinds of fish species, the weather is great, and you just feel Lady Luck will favor you with that prize fish you have been dreaming of. But rather than go fishing on your own, why not ask one of the local experts to take you on a fishing tour? After all, they know the area better than anyone else and with their years of experience, you’re bound to learn one thing or two to improve your fishing skills. This is why you should try out Filingo Fly Fishing.

What Game

Naturally, you don’t go fishing because you enjoy sitting around doing nothing. You go fishing chasing a certain fish species in mind. And the Poconos are blessed with so many prize fish your odds of landing one or two are really high. The Delaware River is by far the hotspot of fishing in the area, but other streams and waterways also offer go places to enjoy your favorite pastime. The fish species to go after here include brook trout which are found in the streams, brown trout which are feisty and aggressive, rainbow trout which are quite rare, hybrid trout, cutthroat trout, and many more.

Guided Tours with Filingo Fly Fishing

Filingo Fly Fishing offers some really cool guided tours that will make you fall in love with the Poconos in more ways than one. One of the recommended tours for your pleasure is the Pocono Mountain Wade Trips. This half-day trip which starts in the morning and costs $250 offers a unique experience in fly fishing. And if you would rather spend the whole day taking in the scenery, there’s a full day trip that costs $350. You can also try out the float trips along the Delaware River or Lehigh River. Snacks and drinks are supplied for the half-day trips and lunch is included in the full day trip.

Adventure Trips

Besides the guided tours, Filingo Fly Fishing also offers adventure trips. These are especially exciting for people looking to take a vacation away from their vacation. The trip is planned by the captain and you get to spend the night in a cabin with food and drinking and also fishing in streams. You can either suggest the destination or let the captain come up with an adventure trip of his own making.

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