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Dingmans Falls

The Pocono Mountains continue to offer up exquisite jewels of nature to visitors passing through. They come in the form of rugged mountains, gently winding rivers and pristine lakes. Perhaps the most fascinating of all of these natural gifts to admire during a getaway is Dingmans Falls. Majestic and powerful, a trip to Dingmans Falls is sure to leave visitors appreciative of just how much beauty nature can create.

Nature’s Watery Wonder

Not only is Dingmans Falls a place where visitors are guaranteed an exhilarating view, but this Poconos waterfall also holds the title of the state’s second highest waterfall, just behind the number one place holder, Raymondskill Falls in Milford. Be prepared to be awed by water cascading down 130 feet from top to bottom. As an added bonus, Dingmans Falls directly neighbors Silverthread Falls, which doesn’t quite match it in height at only 80 feet but adds a stunning extra to the overall Dingman Falls experience.

Dingmans Falls Visitor Center

When visiting Dingmans Falls, a stop at the visitor center is a good idea to get the most updated information on the area and pick up some fun extras along the way! From important park information to souvenirs and a book store available, the visitor center is a hub of knowledge on surrounding nature and can help you share your incredible experience with loved ones back home. When visiting, be sure to get an early start on your adventure. The visitor center is a great place to leave a vehicle but often fills up fast on the weekends.

Accessing the Falls

Whether you’re looking to experience Dingmans Falls on a solo hike, or you’re traveling with the whole family, you’ll be pleased to know this natural wonder is extremely accessible. A smooth boardwalk guides your way from the visitor center to the base of Dingmans Falls. Along the way, you’ll have the opportunity to encounter a variety of gorgeous greenery including rhododendron shrubs and hemlock trees. Where the boardwalk ends, the stairs begin and if you’re up for the climb, a view from the top of the stairs offers visitors a bird’s eye perspective on the falls. No matter where you choose to view these captivating cascades, you’re going to make memories that will last a lifetime.

This Poconos Waterfall is Waiting for You

When you’re looking for a stop in the Poconos that’s so beautiful it takes your breath away, make sure to schedule a stop at Dingmans Falls. Naturally compelling and impressive in its sheer height, you’ll be happy to make your way towards this icon of outdoor wonder. Contact us today to make sure you’re making the most of your trip to the Poconos with a stop at Dingmans Falls!

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