Activities in the Poconos for Adventure Seekers

Almost every family has at least one person who likes to push their limits. Not satisfied with the sedate and tranquil, every adventure must be practically death-defying to be worthy of the experience. If there is someone like this in your family—perhaps YOU are the thrill seeker—this guide to daring, outdoor activities in the Poconos will ensure that your Pocono explorations are ones that thrill, and when you choose Pocono Mountain Rentals, a little pampering at the end of an exciting day will always be appreciated!

One Stop Adventure Spot

Parents are always surprised at how their children are so unalike even though they have been raised exactly the same, and when traveling these minor differences can become major obstacles unless you visit Camelback Resort! Offering a variety of daredevil experiences that include a mountain coaster that reaches speeds of up to 25 miles per hour, there is destined to be something here that appeals to every member of your family. The Soaring Camel, a 4000-foot-long zip-flyer, is the longest zipline in Pennsylvania, and the scintillating thrills experienced will surely make your heart skip a beat! In the winter, Camelback Mountain is a popular ski and snow tubing spot, adding an extra boost to your adventure-seeking ways!

Paintball Asylum, 145 Camelback Road in Tannersville

Taking paintball to new levels, Paintball Asylum offers a variety of packages guaranteed to keep your thrill-seeker on his or her toes! And if your daredevil happens to be of smaller stature and younger age, their young guns paintball experiences promises adventures that will inspire happiness for your young offspring but will also satisfy mom’s need for safety. A speedball field and a selection of fields that have names such as Dead Man’s Alley, the Eliminator, and of course, the Asylum, will satisfy all adventurers who play there!

Pocono Outdoor Adventure Tours, 1234 Long Pond Road in Long Pond

Your thrill-seeker’s journey would not be complete without a visit to Pocono Outdoor Adventure Tours; it has adventure in its name, so you have to know it is going to be exciting!  Take a UTV tour through the woods, exploring the rugged beauty of the Pennsylvania landscape, and get your adrenaline pumping as you ride or drive! Just remember: This adventure takes you along dirt roads that can be muddy, and you WILL get dirty, so plan accordingly! Make your reservations in advance on their website and prepare to be thrilled!

Stock Car Racing Experience, 105 W Family Boulevard in Blakeslee

If you aren’t first, you will be perfectly happy to come in any place when you find yourself behind the wheel of a vehicle with a whole lot of horsepower under the hood! The Stock Car Racing Experience allows you to see how fast you can go as it offers a variety of adventures designed to make your daredevil heart beat a little faster! Drive a stockcar with 600 horsepower around the track (all experiences begin with an hour training session for safety), ride along with an experienced driver as they push the pedal to the metal, giving you a true example of what they do every day, or explore the limits of your own car on the 2.5-mile track that is known all over the nation! Have you ever really pushed your car beyond the speed limit? How would you like to push it even further? There are no speed limits on this race track and your car is tired of sitting on the sidelines while all the other cars go fast! You can also rent an exotic car or, if you prefer your adventures to stay on the smaller side, the Team ProKart race experience allows you to drive at speeds up to 59 miles per hour on an electric go kart.

Big Adventures Drum Up Big Appetites

When the adrenaline rush has faded and it is time to fill your stomach, the options available to you in the Poconos will definitely be up to sating any size appetite! From plate sized pancakes served at Compton Pancake House (110 Park Avenue in Stroudsburg) to all the meat your carnivore heart can handle at the Original Baileys (1224 Pocono Boulevard in Mt. Pocono) the epicurean landscape of the Poconos is up to any challenge you can toss its way! Enjoy the food served at a Lake Harmony favorite, Piggy’s, located not far from your cozy escape at 16 N Lakeshore Drive! Serving the comfort food that fills the empty spaces in your stomach while feeding your soul, there is no such thing as a small meal at this local hot spot, but you can definitely enjoy leftovers in the comfort of your rental home! Discover the healthy delights of food straight from the farm when you visit Native in Honesdale. Offering a menu that is as happily healthy as it is naturally delicious, the chef owner has made his name in the Poconos after getting his start in Philadelphia!

A Little Coddling Is Always Appreciated

After a long day of daredevilry and thrill-seeking, the sight of the front door of your vacation home away from home is one you will definitely be ready for. A little coddling is always appreciated no matter how much of a risk-taker you are, and our properties are designed to pamper and spoil—reserve yours today!

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