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One of our favorite parts of any vacation is having the opportunity to taste the foods that are special to the region we are visiting, and when your annual getaway brings you to the Poconos, a visit to the Terra Cotta Cottage is highly recommended! Open for breakfast and lunch, this charming eatery serves the type of food everyone loves: simple, organic, and filling meals that are created with locally sourced ingredients. Also offering a gift shop that is attached to the café, it’s possible to get in a little retail therapy between bites, a treat that always makes us smile!

Located at 291 Lake Drive in Lake Harmony

The charming cottage that houses the café of your dreams is easily spotted. Constructed of wood and glass, its light paint colors allow it to complement the darker green of the landscape that surrounds it. Inside, wallpapered rooms, farmhouse furniture, and assorted tchotchkes gives the place the feel of your grandmother’s home, making you feel welcomed immediately! Outside a small patio is always crowded on nicer days, filled with folks who come for the food, the good weather, and the ambience! The friendly staff is always smiling and willing to help when it comes time to choose between eggs benedict and the pumpkin-stuffed French toast you’ve been debating over, and reasonable prices fit nicely into even the tightest vacation budgets.

The Menu at the Terra Cottage 

Let’s face it, you don’t travel to seek out meals of wheatgerm or cauliflower rice. The food you want is reminiscent of the food your grandmother was famous for creating, and Terra Cottage Cafe is just the place. Offering hearty breakfasts (the pumpkin stuffed French Toast is a fall favorite on the special menu) and a lunch menu filled with sandwiches and salads made from locally sourced ingredients. Healthy, hearty, and happy, these meals feed the soul as much as they fill your stomach! Offering innovative baked goods, including a cupcake designed to look like a cheeseburger and a tart that looks like a cheerful sunflower, you’ll want to make sure you leave room for dessert—or forget the meal and just come in for one of their sweet coffee drinks to go along with the sweet treat you crave!

Doggy Bags to Go 

Sometimes in our haste to get to the dessert, we don’t always eat all our meal, but that’s ok; your Poconos Mountain Rentals vacation escape comes with a microwave, allowing you to enjoy leftovers for dinner should you choose! Reserve yours today and discover all the reasons our homes are often the highlights of our guests’ getaways.

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