Sunset Green Restaurant & Bar

Whether you like golf or not, visiting the Sunset Green Restaurant & Bar at Split Rock Golf Course one of the best ways to have a casual drink or a fine meal. The reason for that is the view—it’s totally breathtaking. Watching the sunset through a glass of scotch is the kind of experience one longs for on a vacation. Not to mention the immaculate golf course stretching as far as the eye can see. When you ask for a view for your dinner, nothing beats that. You can sit at the patio or inside the restaurant and still get great views.

Event Food Package

Speaking of golf, since Sunset Green Restaurant is on a golf course, many events are being held throughout the year. During those events the restaurant offers its event food packages. The food packages range from $18 to $30 per person. Each package includes different dishes. The lowest package offers hot dogs, grilled sausages, and chicken, while the top package offers beef tenderloin, salads, and assorted desserts. But if food packages are not your thing, you can always try the special menus.

Special Menus

Other dishes on the menu might be tempting, but the special menu is always something that’s worth exploring. Take the Sunset Chicken, for example. This exquisite dish includes cherry tomatoes, white wine, baby spinach, and lemon butter sauce. As the name suggests, it’s the kind of meal you order after you’ve downed your sunset-drenched scotch. Penne Vodka, on the other hand is one rich dish that will overwhelm your taste buds. The homemade vodka sauce over the penne pasta is surprisingly delicious and makes one wonder how come it’s not on every menu of every restaurant.

Signature Dishes

At Sunset Green Restaurant & Bar, you can always give the chef’s signature dish a try. Chef Jan Pulings has a surprise or two for you and you can always give them a try either because you like to feel special or you’ve already tried everything else on the regular menu. Prices are reasonable, even for large plates like Baby Back BBQ Ribs and Seafood Burrito Bowl.

The Sunset Green Restaurant is a unique place to enjoy a drink and a good dinner. Between the fine food and the great views of the mountain and the golf course, your senses are in for a wonderful treat. Call us to book your vacation home in Lake Harmony.

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