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Moyer’s Country Kitchen

Growing up, we came to expect our meals to be hearty, filling, and flavorful, and our mothers, grandmothers, and even aunts and other relatives knew exactly how to feed our starving stomachs and hungry souls! Large plates filled to overflowing with country fresh meats and produce, home baked desserts that made store bought goodies pale in comparison—every dish was spiced with love and each bite tasted of pure joy. Today we are more aware of calories and the dangers of overeating, but that doesn’t mean we don’t stop by grandma’s house for a cheat day every now and then, and although your grandmother or mother probably doesn’t live in the area, when you feel the need for that soul satisfying country food of your own youth, a visit to Moyer’s Country Kitchen is highly recommended!

Located at 965 PA-940 in Pocono Lake

Open every day of the week except Wednesdays from 7AM until 3PM, Moyer’s Country Kitchen even bears a resemblance to the brick ranch homes that were so popular in the 50s. Stepping inside is like taking a step back in time; you’ll find checkerboard pattern floors in black and white, a wood paneled bar in the center of the café, wood tables scattered throughout, Formica countertops topped with menus, aluminum napkin holders, and all the condiments necessary to spice up your meal or sweeten your drink just the way you like it. The quiet chatter of happy diners punctuated with bursts of laughter or cries of delight are all the atmosphere music you will need. The star of this show is the food, and as you watch the meals being brought to the tables, you will soon see why!

The Menu

Billing themselves as the “Home of the German Pancake,” Moyer’s Country Kitchen doesn’t serve haute cuisine. Its breakfast menu is filled with three-egg omelets stuffed with your favorite fresh vegetables, meats, and cheeses. Here is where you’ll find kielbasa on the menu, and of course those famous German pancakes that you probably wouldn’t think of eating on a normal workday, but on vacation there should be no hesitation! Fill it with apples or top it with white chocolate and add another special memory to the bank of ones garnered during your unforgettable Poconos getaway—that time when you tasted the best dish ever made! Their lunch menu features more of the dishes we all remember fondly, including cheesesteak sandwiches made with beef or chicken, mushroom and swiss burgers, and chicken fingers that go perfectly with their homemade ranch dressing.

After the Country Food

What’s the best way to celebrate a hearty country meal? Well, when you’re in the Poconos, an expedition to Big Pocono State Park is the perfect “dessert!” Sweet and offering no fat or calories, as you explore the hills, valleys, and trails of one of the most beautiful spots on Earth, your trip to the Poconos will only be complete when you have visited this park. Closed from December through the first week in April and offering an entrance on Camelback Road in nearby Tannersville, Big Pocono State Park is popular for the many outdoor activities that can be performed within its boundaries. Hike along 8.5 miles of trails and picnic at the high points on provided tables, or along the trails with blankets you’ve carried in; you may not be up to a picnic after a big meal at Moyer’s Country Kitchen, but when you hike to the top of Camelback Mountain, sitting at one of the tables with miles of the Pennsylvania landscape spreading out before you will be one of the highlights of your Poconos journey!

Bring your binoculars and watch for wildlife or rent a mountain bike from one of our sports stores and ride along the South Trail and the North Trail Lower Loop. Bikes can be ridden on all hard surface roads but are prohibited on the Indian and North Trails. Horses are also permitted on the same trails, so don’t be surprised when you come across a rider and his steed during your own ride!

Poconos Travels 

The Poconos span an area that reaches out over 2500 square miles, but we are still a region of small towns connected by highway, giving visitors miles of scenery to explore without feeling overwhelming. Hopping into your car to explore the colorful villages and towns will fill many minutes of your stay, and when your travels take you to Stroudsburg, you might want to plan on spending the day enjoying its charms! Take a walk on cobblestone sidewalks in the downtown area, admiring the shops, stores, and buildings that dot the landscape. Borough Hall, home to town offices, is a charming brick building with its clock in a bell tower announcing the time with Roman numerals; it simply begs to be photographed, as do many of the other structures in the area. To see more and learn about the history of this small town, hour-long walking tours of historic Stroudsburg are offered by the Monroe County Historical Association.

Country Living at Moyer’s Country Kitchen

Once you’ve had your fill of country food, it’s easy to return to country life for more rest and relaxation. Our Pocono Mountain Rentals summer escapes offer a relaxed lifestyle that’s both comfortable and stylish. Reserve yours today!

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