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Choices are important in life, and because pizza is such a personal choice, your Poconos getaway offers more than just one restaurant in which to find the pie of your dreams! Gagliano’s Pizza in Albrightsville, PA, open every day of the week from 8:30 AM until 9:00 PM, is one of those choices. Offering a variety of pizzas, entrees, and sandwiches available for takeout or eat-in, it’s a popular addition to the culinary landscape of the Poconos. And because it also offers reasonable prices, it fits easily into the tightest vacation budgets!

Gagliano’s Pizza in Albrightsville, PA, Located at 2809 PA-903

The simple brick structure in which Gagliano’s is housed doesn’t do justice to the culinary treats found inside, but the owners know that their food is the star of the show. The interior is decorated in standard pizza joint décor, minus the red checked tablecloths often found in pizza parlors. It consists of round tables with wood chairs, Italian art on the walls, and flowers on the tables. But it’s not the décor you are here for, it’s the tastes that go along with the aromas that greet you before you even walk in Gagliano’s Pizza in Albrightsville, PA, front door!

The Menu

The simple décor may not prepare you for the extensive menu found at Gagliano’s Pizza in Albrightsville, PA. Covering everything from pizza to seafood to baked dishes and classic entrees, guests unsure of what they are in the mood for should settle in for a good read. Gourmet stuffed pizzas include the Bacon Cheddar Cheeseburger and Tippy’s Special, which comes loaded with meatballs, sausage, pepperoni, and extra cheese. The menu reads like the great American novel of good taste, offering something delicious for appetites of all sizes and tastes, including a rich and hearty lasagna, shrimp parmigiana over spaghetti, veal marsala, pizza steak sandwiches, and appetizers that include onion rings and calamari. Their calzone and stromboli segments of the menu are popular with hearty eaters and even includes a veggie stromboli sure to please the vegetarian visitors, as will the eggplant parmigiana roll; the flavors in both dishes are so rich and savory even die-hard carnivores won’t miss the meat! The dessert menu, while small, hits all the important points of a classic Italian dessert. Cannoli, cheesecake, ice cream bars, and tiramisu ensures every dinner ends on a very tasty high note!

While You’re Here

After a big lunch or even early dinner at Gagliano’s, chances are you will be ready to walk or hike off all those extra carbs, and the town of Albrightsville offers many opportunities to do so! Graystones Preserve, not to be confused with Greystone’s Nature Preserve in New York, is located at 614 Graystones Jeras Road, offers hiking trails that traverse the area as well as quiet and peaceful places to try your hand at trout fishing. If you choose fishing, it may not be a lot of exercise, but we feel the quiet beauty of your surroundings is as beneficial to your health and well being as a hike through the hills of the Preserve would be.

Daredevils will want to test out the local ATV scene with a visit to Pohopoco Tract ATV trail found at 167 Tower Road, still in Albrightsville. Rent an ATV from Poconos ATV Tours in Mt. Pocono or use your own if you traveled by car and brought your family’s vehicles along for the ride! Offering 14 miles of muddy fun, this special trail is only open in the daylight hours from Memorial Day to Labor Day, so plan accordingly, if this type of adventure appeals to your inner thrill seeker.

Can’t Skip This Scenic Attraction

The hike to Hawk’s Falls, accessed by the Hawk’s Falls Parking Area located off 476 in Albrightsville, is amazingly beautiful and just demanding enough to make you feel as if you earned that pizza you are about to consume at Gagliano’s! As you stroll through the woods, you’ll come across clear pools that will look extremely refreshing, but remember, no swimming is allowed. The green of the trees provide shade from the summer heat, providing a colorful contrast to the intense blue of the sky ahead. This is a popular trail, so it’s more than likely you’ll run across other like-minded individuals during your trek, but the moments in between when the woods seem to close in around you and it’s just you and your family and the breathtaking scenery will make you feel as if this natural attraction was designed just for you! And when you reach the falls, the green intensifies, but the world opens up and you find yourself wishing you never had to leave. The rush of the water tumbling over rocks into the clear waters below, the moisture in the air, and the sense of peace and serenity is yet another reminder that this journey to the Poconos was the right one for you!

So Full and Satisfied

Because they offer delivery within a 5-mile radius, if your Pocono Mountain Rentals home is located in the sweet zone, you won’t even need to get out of your pajamas to enjoy the meal! Our properties are designed to make our guests feel at home, whether they are sleeping soundly through the night or are enjoying a delicious takeout meal from their new favorite pizzeria. Reserve your stay with us today!


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  • Recurring daily
  • Time:  Schedules Vary By Day
  • Price:  See Website For Pricing
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