Chat-n-Chew Café

For a casual day spent idly shopping or just soaking up the charms of small-town life, a casual dining place like Chat-n-Chew Café is in order. The atmosphere is comfortable, the service is great, and every order is served with a smile. If that sounds like the kind of place you’d like to have breakfast or lunch in, you’re not alone. For many visitors and locals, this is a fixture of their day. The day just wouldn’t be the same if they don’t start it with a delicious breakfast at Chat-n-Chew Restaurant.

Breakfast and Lunch

Get your morning on the right track with a nice breakfast at Chat-n-Chew Restaurant that gives you energy and sets the tone for the rest of the day. Eggs and omelets feature heavily on the breakfast menu. And if you’re wondering how many omelets are served there, why, just take a look at the menu. From the normal cheese omelet to the Mediterranean, you will make way through the Dutch omelet, the Italian omelet, the Monterey and the Cape Mary. Obviously, there are lots. For lunch, you get to choose between sandwiches, wraps, burgers, and steaks. Don’t overlook the grilled specialty sandwiches; they deserve some of your attention, too.

Just Like Mom’s Cooking

We all have a special place in our food memory for our own mom’s cooking. For us, her cooking was unique and was simply the best. Chat-n-Chew Café pride themselves on their ability to bring back those fond memories of the great food your mom used to cook. They cook their food the old-fashioned way, right behind the coffee bar, so you get all the delicious sounds and smells of sizzling burgers and bright sunny side ups. See if that doesn’t take you back to the good old days of mom in the kitchen and add a dash of wistfulness to your meal.

Messy Mike Breakfast Sandwich

This one deserves its one entry here. Mike seems to have a lot of say in the kitchen, because we counted at least three dishes named after him. But the Messy Mike is the most famous and the one the waitress will suggest to you with a beaming smile. It’s a bagel or kaiser grilled like they do in New York and topped with two eggs, your choice of meat, and a load of fries and cheese. Your diet will have to wait.

Get your vacation at Lake Harmony on the right track by having your breakfast or lunch, or both, at Chat-n-Chew Café. For more information, call us today, and don’t forget to book your stay in one of our lovely vacation homes!

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