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In our humble opinion, pizza is the universal food, and although you may taste some that are less incredible than others, a bad pizza does not exist! In the case of Brother Bruno’s Pizza, however, they serve the pizzas to which other joints aspire, and when you’re staying in the Poconos, you should probably plan on eating at least one meal at our favorite local chain! Open weekdays from 10 AM until 10 PM and weekends from 10 AM until 11 PM, this spot inexpensively priced and offers the best pizza in the Poconos, making it the perfect dining spot for vacation budgets of all sizes!

Three Locations to Serve You Best


The Poconos is a large area, and although it would be worth it to drive a little further for a slice of heaven, because Brother Bruno’s has three locations in the area, you’ll be able to get that first bite in your mouth a lot sooner! Each location offers a casually delicious space to enjoy pizza and pasta and the company of your favorite traveling partners! The red and white tiles in the Mt. Pocono location appeal to our sense of whimsy, but each spot offers something to talk about style wise; the food is equally delicious in all three joints! 739, 6134, 123 Village Center Drive in Hawley and 984 N Sherman Court in Hazleton are the addresses of the other two; check them all out or stick with the one that is closest to your front door!

The Menu with the Best Pizza in the Poconos


Let’s face it, pizza is the perfect meal for families who can’t agree on anything! Strong personalities have strong ideas of what should be on the pizza, and the ability to buy one or more pies and even splitting the toppings on the dish has saved many an argument over the years. Brother Bruno’s restaurants in Mt Pocono PA, are known throughout the Poconos for being a busy family’s go-to dish. Gooey, rich, and topped by heavy hands, even their plain cheese is something to write home about. Also offering calzones stuffed with your favorite meat choices, salads created with fresh and local ingredients, and pasta dishes that taste as if your Italian grandmother is back in the kitchen creating magic with each ingredient she adds, there’s something for everyone to love! Appetizers such as caprese bruschetta, pizza muffins, and mozzarella cheese sticks bring even more substance to a menu filled with hearty dishes you’ll love. Ice-cold beer is served as well, because what goes better with pizza than your favorite brew?

Building an Appetite


Hungry guests are always happy guests at Brother Bruno’s, and if you’re looking for ways to build up your appetite, there’s no shortage of things to do near all three of their locations! Explore the beauty of our Pennsylvania landscape with a visit to Kurme’s Preserve in Cresco (approximately a 6-minute drive from Mt. Pocono). Offering 400 acres of oak and other trees and an untouched and unspoiled natural beauty, the hiking trails found here are perfect for building up an appetite or walking off the extra pizza calories!

In Hawley, Pennsylvania, this small town is known for Silk Mill Drive, a scenic street filled with quaint boutiques and classic art galleries. Pick up a souvenir for your dog sitter back home or seek some art for the walls of your office. After spending a few hours here you’ll be more than ready for a slice of the gooiest pie that Bruno’s has to offer! And although the old time charm of the Laurel Drive-in in Hazelton no longer exists, the charm of the town will have you reluctant to leave!

Attractions You Shouldn’t Miss After Eating the Best Pizza in the Poconos


Just as Paris has the Eiffel Tower, Arizona has the Grand Canyon, and New York has the Empire State Building, every place you visit in the Poconos has something that makes it stand out. Even if that landmark isn’t as well-known as the three we just mentioned, they definitely are worth visiting! In Mt. Pocono, a visit to the Mount Airy Casino, 312 Woodland Road, will be the highlight of your getaway, especially if you win big! Make it a date night with dinner at Bruno’s and a show followed by some time on the one-armed bandits at the casino! In White Mills (4 miles from Hawley) the Dorflinger Glass Museum at 55 Suydam Drive offers a quiet adventure that sparkles brightly! The pieces inside are a stunning testament to the staying power of great art and the grounds upon which the museum sits offers plenty of breathtaking vistas and opportunities for moments of quiet reflection. For our daredevil visitors, the only thing that will satisfy your restless soul is a visit to Above the Poconos and the opportunity to try your hand at tandem skydiving! Located at 5159 Old Airport Road in Hazle Township (4 minutes away from the Bruno’s in Hazelton), all it takes is a phone call before you are free falling!

Bring the Leftovers Back Home


If there happens to be too much food, who is going to mind? Eating leftovers in one of our fully equipped kitchens is one of the great small moments in life! Reserve your vacation home with Pocono Mountain Rentals today and enjoy a slice or two in comfort and style at one of the best pizza restaurants in Mt Pocono PA!

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