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We love to find a restaurant that we can claim as ours, the kind you walk in and immediately feel as if you are home, and Boulder View Tavern in PA is definitely our kind of place! Open every day of the week, their hours vary from day to day: Monday through Friday, 4-10 PM; Saturday, noon until 9 PM; and Sunday they are open all day, from 9AM until 9PM. Moderately expensive, their happy hour specials can really help lower your bill, but overall prices range from $12 to $27. Portion sizes are large, so smaller appetites can easily share a single plate.

Located at 123 Lake Harmony Road in Lake Harmony

Resembling a mid-century modern cabin, the appeal of the Boulder View Tavern in PA is immediately apparent and its location on the shores of Lake Harmony adds to its charm! Offering breathtaking views and a massive patio section right on the lake, there’s nowhere we’d rather be on a beautiful summer’s day than right here. Inside, the décor is clean and simple, featuring wood chairs and tables topped in aluminum and a large stone fireplace in the center of the room, but it’s the floor-to-ceiling windows offering unobstructed views of the lake outside that are most definitely the visual focal point of the space! Guests are often observed halting with fork in mid-air as they gaze at the sun setting over the lake in a blaze of fiery colors—and who could blame them? That view is worth millions of dollars!

The Menu at Boulder View Tavern 

In a place with such a magnificent setting, you might expect that the meals served here would be in the haute cuisine territory, but you would be wrong. To us, the major part of its appeal is the down-home pub and country food they serve—meals that could have come straight from you mom’s kitchen! From the basic cheeseburger created from Certified Black Angus Beef, to the Honey Garlic shrimp, every meal tastes as if it were made just for you. Also offering creative twists to old classics, their beef burger tri blend is made with a blend of short rib, chuck, and brisket, while their Santa Fe Chicken Flatbread lassos the southwest with a combination of flavors that will have your taste buds whimpering in glee. Chicken, corn, black beans, onions, cheddar cheese and a chipotle ranch drizzle…need we say more?

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When you open the door to your vacation escape, the last sip of wine still ripe on your lips and your stomach pleasantly full from your Boulder View Tavern meal, the good times will continue. Kick off your shoes, climb into your comfy pajamas, and relax with another glass of wine before heading to our master bedroom retreats. Reserve your piece of paradise today!

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