With its breathtaking scenery, a wide array of fun and intimate activities, and weather just begging to be cuddled in, the Pocono Mountain area is the perfect place for a couples’ romantic getaway. And what better a place to enjoy the splendor of the area in than the Poconos romantic cabins offered by Poconos Mountain Rentals!  Hold your special someone close by a roaring fireplace, watch the sunset from your personal patio, and enjoy the time of your life, with the love of your life: browse our available Poconos cabins for couples below!


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The Right Atmosphere

Of course, your romantic vacation needs to have all the accessories that create the right atmosphere and put your and your partner in the right mood. This includes everything from the location to the design, decor, amenities, and even furniture. And if there’s one thing that all our Poconos romantic cabins share, that is their romantic location and stunning surroundings. Look out any window in your cabin and you’ll find beautiful landscapes greeting your eyes. Untouched beauty that makes you feel you’ve gone back in time to an era where you could travel for miles and all you see around you is uninterrupted panoramic scenes and nature at its best. But we go a step further. We bring the outdoor beauty indoors as well. That’s right. Your cabin reflects the natural beauty of the area to create a romantic atmosphere inside.

Amenities for the Amorous Couple

We know that your idea of a romantic vacation is all about spending as much time with your partner as you can enjoying the amenities of the place and the attractions outside. And with that in mind, we made sure that our Poconos cabins for couples have all the amenities that you need. We’re talking about hot tubs to relax and destress after a long day taking part in the Poconos adventures and attractions. Unwind and leave the cares of the world behind. And with the whole house sound system, you can play romantic tunes and enjoy the music even while you’re in the hot tub. All bedrooms have a TV so you can watch your favorite shows from the comfort of the bed. Other amenities that many of our romantic cabins have include pool tables, outdoor firepit, Weber gas grill, game room bar, and much more. 

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Having a romantic cabin out in the woods sounds like the perfect idea for a great vacation, but eventually, you’ll need to go out visit the parks and attractions. You will also want to spend your evenings sampling the nightlife, which means you need to be close to the hotspots and vibrant places in the area. The Poconos is known for its sumptuous cuisines and the dining experience here is something to look forward to. Our romantic cabins are situated near the best restaurants in town. This accessibility means you will never get bored or wonder what to do in an evening when you’re only a short distance away from all the local attractions.