Not all vacations are group gatherings with kids and grandparents and maybe even the family dog. Some getaways are ones we take for ourselves, learning as we go along what it takes to make us happy. We eat at restaurants we have chosen, visit the attractions that draw our attention, and revel in the peace and quiet that accompanies a solo visit. If this is your first solo venture, however, it may take some time to get adjusted to solely doing what you prefer; you may not even know what interests you most! But that’s ok. This guide to Poconos lodging for solo travelers will help you with what could potentially be the most difficult part of the decision-making process: choosing a vacation hideaway that suits just you!

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Best Places to Stay in the Poconos for Quiet Luxuries

It’s the quiet luxury of a Pocono Mountain Rentals vacation escape that will capture your attention first. Some of the best places to stay in the Poconos for solo travelers are located at the edge of the trees, some are situated on the banks of Lake Harmony, and all offer the feeling of arriving home. Fully equipped kitchens allow our solo guests the choice of creating the dishes they love most, providing a space that is cheerful and bright and takes the chores out of meal making. Living areas with fireplaces and big-screen televisions are comfortable spots in which you, the solo traveler, can choose to watch the big game with the volume turned up high and no background chatter to distract. Sitting out on the deck after a long day of solitary adventures may turn out to be your favorite activity as you enjoy your favorite beverage, watch the sunset over the horizon, and let the quiet sounds of nature lull you into a peaceful state of mind. And when the moon is high in the sky, casting a glow over the landscape, escaping to the tranquil bedrooms for a night of deep sleep and happy dreams is an experience you’ll enjoy even more knowing that no one will hog the blankets; this bed is soft, comfy, and all yours!

Entertainment at Home

Travelers love to explore, but when staying in the Poconos in one of our luxurious rentals, you may find yourself wanting to take a day at home, and we’re perfectly fine with that! Enjoying your favorite beverage in front of a roaring fire while you read that book you’ve been dying to get into is probably going to be one of those moments you remember most fondly when you return to the hustle and bustle of real life. Many of our properties come with fire pits in the backyard, and while you may think building a fire is too much work when you’re the only one here to enjoy it, we say think again! Sitting out under the velvety night sky with the flames of the fire warming you is an experience all visitors should try at least once during their stay.

Another outdoor activity highly enjoyed by guests at our Poconos lodging is a leisurely soak in the hot tub, often placed within sight of the firepit. The bubblers in these outdoor tubs are strategically placed to provide relief to muscles that may be aching from that hike in the mountains you participated in earlier, and the serenity of the night will help to quiet your mind. Barbecues on the deck allow you to grill up the fish you caught yourself, but there’s no need to go back inside if you don’t want to! Our outdoor decks come with patio furnishings for relaxing or dining, and more than a few have outdoor fireplaces to help keep you warm on chillier nights, whatever the season! Game rooms with pool tables offer fun ways to get you back in practice. Your friends and family will be so surprised when you get back home and beat them soundly at their favorite sport!

Solitary Adventures

As much as you’ll love the charm of your vacation hideaway, getting out and exploring the wonders of the Poconos will be an adventure you will never forget. Our region is home to hiking trails for active travelers and wine trails for those who prefer the only walking they do to be from the car to the barstool! Visiting museums in this historic part of the nation is fascinating and educational; the Old Jail Museum in Jim Thorpe explores why crime never pays, and the Asa Packer Mansion Museum built-in 1852 offers a peek into the lives of the Pennsylvania upper crust. A juicy steak and a beautiful view can be found at the Garlic Steakhouse in Stroudsburg; their outdoor seating area is a popular choice for solo travelers and large groups alike.

Culinary Explorations

Just because you’re traveling alone, it doesn’t mean you won’t ever want to go out and dine! Solo travelers are the most confident of all our guests, and they know the fun of relaxing with a good meal as they read, scroll through their social network sites, or watch the people around them. Enjoy a leisurely drive through the Pennsylvania countryside and stop for a quick sandwich at 507 Country Store in Tafton or laugh at the antics of hibachi chefs at Desaki in Swiftwater. Whatever you crave can be found in the area, especially if you’re willing to drive a little!

Your Home Away from Home

When you choose Pocono Mountain Rentals, you may be a little reluctant to leave your Poconos lodging at the end of your stay! Reserve your solo trip to the Poconos today. Check out the top winter events in the Pocono Mountains that you can enjoy with your friends and family!