When visiting the Poconos, you will have access to all kinds of unique attractions found nowhere else. This includes the Frazetta Art Museum, a local art museum that focuses on the incredible works of Frank Frazetta, a renowned artist who has created iconic fantasy artwork. While most of our own experiences in the realm of fantasy comes from movies and books, Frazetta’s fantasy artwork is a spectacle to behold. Take a look at what you will find with a visit to the Frazetta Art Museum:

Family Run Frazetta Art Museum

The Frazetta Art Museum is unique in that it is still run by Frank’s family. Specifically, his son and his family continues to manage the museum and even provide tours. The Frazetta Art Museum is located right next to a lake, providing incredible views. The museum sits on 67 acres of beautiful scenery and is where Frank Frazetta completed most of his artwork. You can browse the 37 original oil pieces Frank Frazetta completed along with countless pencil and pen works. Personal items such as Frank’s camera collection and art equipment are also on display, helping you truly understand his monumental work. The museum still stands the way it did when first purchased back in the 1970s for authenticity. You will truly marvel at all the incredible artwork here in the museum!

Gift Store

There is nothing more special than bringing a loved one a unique gift from the Frazetta Art Museum. The museum features a variety of gifts you can purchase during your visit. This includes vinyl art prints, puzzles, phone covers, and more, all featuring the unique artwork of Frank Frazetta. All items purchased at the gift shop help the museum stay open and at an affordable rate for all future guests.

Finding the Frazetta Art Museum

You can enjoy a trip to the Frazetta Art Museum found at 141 Museum Lane in East Stroudsburg. The museum is open Thursday through Sunday from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. While the museum remains open during the winter, it is recommended to call ahead before visiting to ensure the roads are clear. Dial 570-242-6180 for any questions you may have.

More Fun in the Poconos

The Frazetta Art Museum is just one of the many incredible attractions you can enjoy when visiting the Poconos. Reserve one of our exclusive vacation rentals in the area so you can be close to the Frazetta Art Museum and so much more. Contact us!