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We all like to drive a little faster than we should—sometimes a lot faster—because speed is fun. Zipping along the curves, imagining we are in the Indy 500, the fantasy of speed is a fantastic one, but not one that is safe or affordable. Those tickets add up, and for those of you who have long decided to get your speed fix from watching races instead of pretending to be a racer, the Pocono 500 Raceway Weekend Event offers the perfect opportunity to plan a vacation to our neck of the woods! Also known as the ABC Supply 500, this celebration of fast cars and their drivers will be held August 17th and 18th this year and promises to offer an exciting experience all race car fans will love!


Located at 1234 Long Pond Road in nearby Long Pond

Free things are always great, especially when vacationing. No matter how carefully you plan, there are always unexpected costs popping up, and we are happy to be the bearer of good news in this case: Kids get in free on both days of the Pocono 500! Basic ticket prices start at $25 per person for adults and get you General Admission for 100 and 200 levels, but if you want the extras, expect to pay more. Shaded and cool on level 300, complimentary food services offering beverages as well will require Terrace Club tickets, and for those who want to experience luxury as they watch the colorful cars speed around the track, the Sky Box tickets are for two days in a climate controlled environment and include pit/paddock passes for the ticket bearers. Also offering a variety of other ticket types, the Tricky Triangle pass may be the most affordable option for larger traveling groups, offering four 100 level tickets, four hotdogs, and four cokes for only $125 total! Whichever tickets you decide to purchase, we think there’s no better way to spend an August weekend. Fast cars, sunny skies, and all the concession foods you normally bypass guarantees this weekend will be a memorable one at the Pocono 500!


Experience The Pocono 500

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