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Every October, movie fans from across the country descend on Milford, PA, for the annual Black Bear Film Festival. Make no mistake about it. This is not a festival for blockbuster movies, and you’ll hardly see any megastar within miles of any theater. In fact, the chances are you’ve never heard of any the movies that feature each year in the festival. For one thing, only independent movies are allowed to take part. And they need to be new, as in never showed anywhere in theaters, Netflix, Amazon, or on TV. The festival organizers have a knack for quirky movies. It’s a different cinematic experience in more ways than one and one of the best Pennsylvania film festivals to visit!

Entertain and Inspire

According to the festival’s brochure, the mission of the Black Bear Film Festival is to “entertain, educate, inspire and celebrate our community with great film events.” Perhaps because of that, this festival isn’t really a competition. The films that show here are not competing for a prize. Rather, they seek an audience who loves to watch, think, debate, and discuss the thought-provoking topics in the movies. It’s also an opportunity for the town of Milford to celebrate its natural beauty and historic locations, many of which have been the setting for numerous movies.

Film Submissions

The festival board accepts films from all over the world and in different categories. The age category specifies that the movie should focus on youth and college life. Local films need to be produced in the state of Pennsylvania. The length of the movie also determines its category. If runtime is under 50 minutes, it’s considered a short film. Above that is a feature length. Submissions are open from January of this year, and since they’re still open, the list of movies taking part hasn’t been released yet.

Tickets and Dates

Buying tickets for the Black Bear Film Festival is a straightforward process. You can do so online or in person. Just head over to Milford Theater at 114 E Catherine St. and purchase any number of tickets you need. Tickets come in different categories and different prices. Gold Passes cost $150 and allows you access to the gala and opening night movie, as well as all movies and special panels. Gala tickets alone cost $75, while a single movie ticket costs $10.

Book a Stay to Visit the Black Bear Film Festival

The Black Bear Film Festival is a hub of independent movies in Milford, PA. Plan your visit this fall by booking a stay in one of our amazing vacation rentals and make sure you don’t miss out on this great cinematic event! Browse through our rentals today!

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