Whether you come to the Poconos because it’s a family tradition or you’re just discovering it for the first time, one thing is for sure: You’ve come to the right place! This all-year-round vacation destination has got it all—nature, outdoors activities, small-town charm, and lots and lots of activities to enjoy for the whole family. And every season brings its own distinct flavor, one of the top reasons to visit the Poconos. So the real problem really is how to squeeze so many activities and attractions in the duration of your vacation!

Fall Festivals

If you time your vacation in the fall months between September and late October, there’s plenty to enjoy. The weather is a bit chilly but pleasant enough outdoors to hit the hiking trails, including the Shuman Point Hiking Trail and the waterfall hikes. Back road tours are also available that offer rare glimpses of the fall foliage in the area. And since fall is the harvest season, you can expect a lot of fairs and festivities celebrating the harvest. From the Hawley Harvest Hoedown with its hot cider tasting, contests, and live music to wine tasting events at the various wineries in the Poconos area.

Winter Adventure

Come visit Poconos during winter and the mountains get more than their fair share of snowfall. Even before the heavy snowfall in late November and the cold temperatures in January freeze it for the rest of the winter, people flock to the area to enjoy Nordic skiing and all the adventures that facing the cold snow brings with it. Skiing is the top winter sport around here and plenty of resorts make sure to open the season by December 1st. So pack your gear, stuff in all your slope clothes, and make sure you’re in good shape physically before you hit the ski trails.

Summer Fun

Once the weather warms up enough for the snow to melt, a different kind of thrill-seekers arrives in town. They are the summer lovers of everything outdoors. They come here to indulge in kayaking, fishing, canoeing, and swimming. Others have their sights on the whitewater sports around here. And for some, the paintball adventure is good enough for them. June, July, and August are the peak months for tourism around here, so you can expect the area to hold nothing back with regards to fun, activities, and entertainment.

The Top Reasons to Visit the Poconos: Fun, Fun, Fun!

To visit Poconos is a great idea for all seasons. Any time you come here, nature will look as astonishing as ever. For more information about the different attractions in the area and to book your vacation rental, call us today.