Just as couples that have been together forever start to look like each other, names have a way of shaping the person or thing to which they are attached. Young Tiffany may grow up with an affinity for jewelry, and life in Lake Harmony is known to be harmonious and sweet, making it the perfect place for your Thanksgiving getaway! If you haven’t thought that far ahead or even decided that you wanted to travel for the long weekend, now is the time you should start turning your thoughts towards both. A stay in one of our Lake Harmony vacation homes is guaranteed to be the best way to start out the holiday season!

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Charm and Style at Our Homes for Rent in Lake Harmony PA

Not all our Lake Harmony vacation rentals will be within sight of a lake, but whether they are tucked away in the trees or perched on the shores of the tranquil Lake Harmony, your Thanksgiving stay promises to be as serene as the views that are available from every window in our warm and welcoming homes. The leaves on the trees will have fallen by Thanksgiving, and chances are there may be some snow on the ground, creating a starkly chilled landscape, but inside all is warm and cozy. Maybe you’ll have a fire going in the fireplace, should your property have one, or maybe the heat from the stove as you create a Thanksgiving feast is more than enough to keep everyone warm. It will bring a happiness to your soul as you watch your teenage son put aside his phone to watch dad beat the high score on the video arcade game found in some of our properties, and when your daughter comes to join you in the fully equipped kitchen, asking serious questions about how to make your special stuffing, your world will be complete. The charm and style of our homes is designed to bring families even closer together, and even the most difficult will find it hard to resist!

Designed for Your Comfort

The holiday season is just beginning, and you know how much stress and activity you have in store for you. Isn’t it nice to take this time to relax and be pampered in Lake Harmony vacation homes designed specifically for your comfort? Offering fully equipped kitchens filled with high end appliances and designed around granite countertops and custom cabinetry, for those who think of baking as a hobby that relaxes them, these spaces will be everything you dreamed a kitchen could be. And if your hobby is eating, well, the dining areas offer the elbow room you may not have at home. Sit down and dig into the feast prepared by the cook in your family or by the friendly deli people at Ahart’s Market in nearby Blakeslee.

Living rooms come with comfortable furnishings and walls of windows that let in the beauty of the Poconos landscape. The bedrooms feature soft beds and décor designed to allow occupants to drift off happily into a deep sleep every night of their stay. Feeling lazy and don’t want to get out of your sweats or jammies? Game rooms with poker tables, pool tables, and the aforementioned video arcades are available in many of our homes and will keep you entertained for hours. If you still have to get work done over the holiday, many of these rooms make for a comfortable office. Outside hot tubs and firepits allow you to enjoy the beauty of the Poconos and stay warm at the same time; the romance factor is included at no extra cost!

Don’t Let a Little Chilly Weather Keep You Inside

Nothing is more peaceful than a walk through the trees, or even around the lake, on a day when the sun may be shining but the chill in the air shows with each breath you take. The quiet of the day, punctuated by cheers and cries of football fans echoing from homes nearby combine to create a scene which you will be eternally grateful you witnessed. Needing more than just a walk to counter the effects from the tryptophan of your turkey dinner? A hike to Hawks Falls could be just the thing, offering exercise and stimulation; a family picture taken with the falls in the background will make the perfect Christmas Card photo! Speaking of turkey dinners, for those seeking a meal created by others, many restaurants in the area will be offering delicious feasts; Boulder View Tavern’s Thanksgiving Buffet, held at 123 Lake Harmony Road, is one of our favorites!

After the Feast

Thanksgiving is only one meal, and when the sun sets on your festivities for the day, don’t be sad; for every ending there is a new beginning, and it’s only a few short hours until the sun rises on the start of your Christmas celebrations! From Black Friday shopping at The Crossings Premiere Outlet Mall in Tannersville or The Emporium of Curious Goods in Jim Thorpe to tree lighting ceremonies in various towns throughout the Poconos (downtown Stroudsburg has a very nice ceremony from 5 to 7PM on the Friday after Thanksgiving), there’s almost too much to do this holiday weekend, but we have faith in you and think you can handle it!

Don’t Wait Too Long

Our Lake Harmony vacation homes for rent in Lake Harmony PA are a hot commodity during the cold months. Call us to book yours today to ensure you have a wonderful Thanksgiving getaway!