The Old Jail Museum 

People visit the Poconos Mountains in Northeast Pennsylvania largely because of the incredible natural beauty. But this area is also fun to visit because of its incredible history, from the stories of Native Americans to those of this country’s earliest European settlers. There are few better places for immersing yourself in this history than at the Old Jail Museum in Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania just a few miles south of Lake Harmony. An experience here is sure to be one of your most memorable during your time in the area.  

A One of a Kind Experience

The history of the Old Jail Museum is one that goes back to when it was first erected in 1871, a very tumultuous time in this country and area in particular. It is famous for the hanging of seven Irish coal miners along with many others in the late 18th century. The structure is a magnificent one, resembling a two-story fort overlooking the town. Inside, you will find around 72 rooms, including 27 cells, a dungeon, the gallows, a kitchen, the warden’s headquarters, and more. This magnificent building is almost beautiful, but the creepiness and grim aesthetic of it all are certainly its prevailing qualities.

Its days as a prison are over, but since 1980, it has served as a one of a kind experience for many visitors of the area. You can delve into this creepy history by taking advantage of the Old Jail Museum’s many tours. Throughout these tours, you get to see the amazing features of the prison up close and personal, as well as learn unique pieces of history and information from the prison and the town in general. You also get to learn about the ghosts that haunt this prison to this day. Do not worry, though; they are friendly ghosts!

It is hard to get enough of the amazing outdoors of the area, but a trip to Old Jail Museum in Jim Thorpe provides a refreshing break from the usual proceedings of a Pocono Mountains vacation. Make this experience a part of your next trip here and it is sure to be one of your favorites of the vacation. Pocono Mountain Rentals has fantastic vacation rentals close to the museum, so make sure to book today to start planning your vacation! It takes a short drive to get here from Lake Harmony, but it is totally worth it. Find this incredible place at 128 West Broadway in Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania. For more specific information regarding their services and their hours, call them at (570) 325-5259 or email them at

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