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Promised Land State Park

Though its name may be an ironic title given by the Shakers (who were disappointed with the rocky, inhospitable soil that the land had to provide), Promised Land State Park has since regrown its forests into a beautiful, scenic spot for visitors to experience the natural beauty of the Poconos’ diverse woodland habitats. Read on below to learn more about why you and your guests should visit Promised Land State Park and see how it came to live up to its name!


A Gorgeous Forest Area in the Poconos

Promised Land State Park extends over the course of 3,000 acres on the Pocono Plateau, encompassed by nearly 12,500 acres of the Delaware State Forest. Here, you can enjoy exploring the thick swathes of forests over miles and miles of hiking trails, as well as boating, kayaking, and fishing in the two lakes within the park. Wildlife watching is also popular here, with the Wildlife Observation Station allowing visitors to view an eagle’s nest. Additionally, the Masker Museum is located onsite, allowing you to mix in a bit of the natural and cultural history of the park with your outdoor adventures.

In the Colonial Era, the Shakers found the terrain within what is now Promised Land State Park to be useless for farming. Instead of settling the land, they sold it off for lumber and timber, which nearly led the forests to become wiped out. Fortunately for today’s visitors, the land was restored during President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s widespread public works project during the Great Depression.

Like most Pennsylvania state parks, Promised Land State Park is open year-round, from dawn until dusk. However, day-use areas close at sunset. Portions of the park are open seasonally, such as overnight areas and the beach.
You’ll encounter Promised Land State Park at 100 Lower Lake Rd., Greentown, PA 18426. The park is best accessed from either Highway 80 or Highway 84. You can also learn more by calling (570) 676-3428, by emailing promisedlandsp@pa.gov, or by speaking with one of our representatives at Pocono Mountain Rentals.


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