Pocono Snake and Animal Farm

The Poconos is home to an endless and diverse array of wildlife. In this wooded oasis, animals inhabit and thrive in a variety of ecosystems ranging from mountain to river and the many waterfalls in between. However, those who come to the Poconos won’t want to miss a stop at the Pocono Snake and Animal Farm for an up-close look at local wildlife right alongside their exotic counterparts!

A Wild Adventure Away

The Pocono Snake and Animal Farm is a household name in the region. Family run for over 40 years, this well-loved establishment in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania houses and cares for an impressive variety of animals from all over the globe! Visitors can roam the facilities in an hour’s time making this stop perfect for family’s traveling with small children, short attention spans or those who have a full to-do list in place for their day of adventure. Open year-round, the Pocono Snake and Animal Farm is always ready to welcome guests in the name of immersive animal education.

Where Wild Things Roam

A trip to this Pocono Animal Farm is an exciting and up-close experience with animals. Many of the animals and reptiles in residence were once exotic pets that outgrew their previous owners and needed a safe place to continue to grow and thrive. This intimate look at nature allows visitors to interact with and view animals such as bears, lemurs, pythons, armadillos, and leopards!

Adoring Animals

A big part of connecting with nature is connecting with creatures big and small. In the name of hands-on connection, the Pocono Snake and Animal Farm invite visitors to feed animals and experience that one-on-one relationship for themselves. Guests have the opportunity to bottle feed pigs, monkeys, goats, and even a black bear! The facility takes sharing animal knowledge a step further by providing a full-fledged activities program presented as educational entertainment. From school trips to presentations and on-site demonstrations, the Pocono Snake and Animal Farm has become an example of how a community can work towards long-term change for their animal other halves.

The Creature Connection at the Pocono Snake and Animal Farm

Where creatures are cared for with compassion and opportunities to connect with the wild abound, the Pocono Animal Farm is at the top of the must-try list. Whether you swing by for a stroll through or come with visions of bottle feeding your furry friends, it’s a place worth taking time to experience. Get ready to take your getaway to an exciting and exotic new level. Contact us today to begin planning your next wild vacation to the Poconos.

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