Plan a Girls’ Getaway to the Poconos

There aren’t too many certainties left in today’s world, but the one truth that never lets us down is knowing that our girls will always be there for us! Even after forced quarantines and social distancing, the women in your tribe have been there on Zoom, making you laugh when you feel like crying, and now that the borders are opening up once again, it’s time to show them how grateful you are with a girls getaway to the Poconos! Pack your bags, grab a supply of masks to match every outfit, and head out to your Pocono Mountain Rentals cozy hideaway for some quality time spent with your favorite people. This guide will ensure every minute is filled with fun and laughter!

Antler Ridge Winery, 900 Walnut Avenue in Jim Thorpe

The perfect recipe for a great girls’ getaway always starts with wine, and Antler Ridge Winery is just one of many places you will find your favorite grapes! Offering tasting rooms that are open Thursday through Sunday, they also offer shipping to your home should you find a new wine that you simply can’t live without once you’ve returned to real life!

Sisters Salon & Spa, 2 Fork Street in Mt. Pocono

Your girls have been by your side every step of the way, and you can’t help but think how nice it would be to show your appreciation with a little extra spoiling. Sisters Salon & Spa offers a variety of services, including hair care, skin care, massage, and other pampering treats, and with a name like that, where else would you want to take the girls you love as much as sisters.

Hawley Silk Mill, 8 Silk Mill Drive in Hawley

When you and your traveling companions decide to go on the hunt for something pretty you can’t live without, a visit to the Hawley Silk Mill should be the first stop on your girls trip to the Poconos! Hosting a variety of shops and restaurants, the red brick building in which the stores are housed have been a Hawley tradition since they first opened their doors back in 1880. Its time as a silk factory is just one of its many transitions, but we have to say the women in our lives are smitten with its current purpose; the Looking Glass Art Gallery is one of our favorite places, but every space in the silk mill offers something special!

Yeti Watersports, 100 Moseywood Road in Lake Harmony

Outdoors adventures in the Poconos are made that much sweeter when shared with the women who have stood by you without fail and Yeti Watersports offers a variety of ones to enjoy! Rent kayaks (available in both single and double sizes!) and explore the waters of Lake Harmony. Pedal boats are also available for those who are intimidated at the hand eye coordination needed for kayaking, allowing you to enjoy the afternoon without having to exert too much effort. Spend some time working on your core strength with Yeti’s Stand-up Paddleboard Rentals or take a scenic boat tour, exploring the beauty of Lake Harmony aboard a 24-foot pontoon boat! And because having choices is important in a great girls’ getaway, the fun continues with canoe rentals and powerboat tube rides, both of which are also offered by Yeti’s Watersports. Finish up your day with a taste tour back in time when you enjoy a colorful snow cone from the concession stand on the dock; this summer adventure will be one you will not soon forget!

My Grandma Baked a Cookie, 906 Route 940, Liberty Plaza in Pocono Lake

For the sweetest of experiences, this sweet spot is one of the most popular ones in the Poconos. My Grandma Baked a Cookie is home to some of the best tasting cookies in the entire state and your girls’ escape would somehow be incomplete with a taste! Offering a Christmas shop at the holidays, their Chocolate Bourbon Pecan has sweetened the tables of local residents for as long as we can remember. If your girls’ getaway is a precursor to the big event, the wedding cakes featured at My Grandma’s are stylish, beautiful, and delicious, and their celebration cakes will make a welcome addition to your dining table!

The Pennsylvania Dutch Chocolate (more commonly known to non-Pennsylvanians as German Chocolate!) is designed to be the perfect match for any chocolate cravings and their Gingerbread cakes with Brown Sugar Bourbon Frosting offers a taste of Christmas every day of the year! Finally, for those who become completely enamored with the wares served here, you will not have to worry about coming all the way back to the Poconos every time you have a hankering for cookies. Their online store allows you to have your favorites shipped to your home, no matter where in the world you live!

Time Spent with Friends

The time you spend with your friends in one of our Pocono Mountain Rentals vacation escapes will bring you memories that will last a lifetime as you talk, laugh, and even cry in spaces designed to pamper and spoil. Reserve yours today!

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