Thanksgiving is a holiday that’s supposed to be about being thankful for everything you have and everyone in your life, but sometimes it’s difficult to be thankful when you are cleaning, cooking, hosting cranky relatives, and then cleaning again, which is why we think you should do the holiday differently this year. This year should be spent relaxing in one of our Poconos Thanksgiving rentals! Just you and your immediate family, enjoying a quiet and peaceful time together as you find devote your attention to each other against the breathtaking Pennsylvania landscape—it doesn’t get much better than this!


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Our Holiday Homes

To be honest, there really isn’t any difference between our Poconos Thanksgiving rentals and our everyday rentals; they are all spacious, bright, and cheerful spaces guests fall in love with, but at the holidays they do seem to attain an added glow. The kitchen becomes a space to create a feast and laugh and chat with your teenagers, while watching holiday movies in front of a roaring fire in the living areas becomes a magical experience. Happy dreams are the only ones accepted in bedrooms that are designed to ensure a sleep so deep you’ll wish you could recreate it at home! Hot tubs on the back porch of many of our rentals become the meeting place at night. As the steam rises into the cold night, millions of stars blink down on you, and aside from your own conversation, the silence makes you happy that you decided to do Thanksgiving a little differently this year.

Let Someone Else Prepare Your Feast

The kitchens in our homes are fully equipped, but that doesn’t mean you have to prepare the feast yourself; you’re on vacation too, and there are plenty of places in the Poconos offering Thanksgiving meals that will be prepared, served, and cleaned up after by other people! The Dock on Wallenpaupack at 205 Route 507 in Wallenpaupack offers a family style feast with all the trimmings for far less than you would pay for the ingredients if you were to make it yourself!

It’s Time For a Poconos Thanksgiving

When you are back in your fabulous Poconos Thanksgiving rentals escape, you can take a brisk walk around the neighborhood to help feel less guilty about all the food you just consumed!
Thanksgiving is just a few short weeks away; contact us to reserve your holiday escape today!