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Who doesn’t like dancing? Whether as a performer or as a spectator, dancing is a delight in and of itself. Long before humans invented a common language, they used their bodies to communicate and express feelings, emotions, and ideas, which is what Dancefest Milford still aims to do. Its mission is to help aspiring, as well as experienced dancers, find a venue to express their art and their skills. The event is located at 256 Route 6 and 209, Milford, PA 18337. It will be held between May 17th and August 23rd this year. Ticket prices vary according to the event. The gala reception ticket costs $50, while the festival ticket costs $80. Main stage performances cost $40 but are only $20 for students. It’s also one of the best Pocono Mountains tourist attractions!

Main Stage Performances

Every year Dancefest Milford features a wide variety of dazzling and thought-provoking performances and workshops. But this year’s organizers have outdone themselves in the amount of diversity in the performances being offered. Some of the dance companies that will feature this year on the main stage include David Parker & The Bang Group, which is a rhythm-driven contemporary dance company from New York. They specialize in creating music while they dance. The effect on the audience is always profound and tantalizing at the same time. Tina Croll Dance Company will also feature this year. Their performances were described by Village Voice magazine as “powerful and provocative.” Another dance company is Hanna Q Dance Company. It is also based in New York and their work can be summed up as “bursts of passion and athletic expression.” The Main Stage Performances will be held on Saturday, July 13th from 2:30pm-6pm. It’s on a separate venue located at Delaware Valley High School, Auditorium, 256 on US Route 6 and 209 Milford, PA.

Other Performances and Workshops

Not only do you get to watch great performances during Dancefest Milford, but there are workshops that you can take part in. Fairy Tale Dance Workshop is free to attend. It will be held on Saturday, May 18th between 10.30 am and 11.30 am. The performers will dance and sing a fairy tale that is chosen by a member of the group. Also, there will be performances open to the public to take part in at different locations in Milford. These will include outdoor and indoor performances in different dance styles. You’ll get Mexican folk dance, contemporary dance, and modern dance.

Book a Stay to Experience Dancefest Milford

Dancefest Milford is a great opportunity for you to watch some of the most amazing dance companies performing their latest creations live in front of you. It’s fun for the whole family. Contact our reservation specialists at Pocono Mountain Rentals to book your stay and enjoy this great event. Browse our rentals today!

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