Your Poconos vacation is destined to be filled with breathtaking views, exciting adventures, and the opportunity to relax and rejoice in the quiet beauty of our verdant landscape. The skies are clear, smog is something left to big cities with no heart and because we at Pocono Mountain Rentals understand the importance of protecting our natural resources, we are in the process of doing more to help the environment. Many, if not all, of our Pocono vacation rentals, are soon going to be offering chargers for your Electric Vehicle, ensuring that you can continue to do your part to reduce your carbon footprint while still enjoying all the comforts of home!


The Natural Beauty of the Poconos


Much of your time in Pennsylvania will be spent outside, no matter what season you are visiting. Winter months with blankets of snow draping the mountains, spring seasons that offer the promise of budding plants and flowers, summer days that stretch out before you in a long and beautiful array of minutes, and the fiery beauty of a perfect Fall day. The formerly green trees will be dressed in their autumn finest, featuring shades of crimson, plum, and gold and the sky will be clear and blue as you take deep breaths of the clean air and revel in Mother Nature’s most perfect landscapes. All of these clean living and scenic views couldn’t exist without the careful attention we pay to keep our environment pristine and the EV Chargers are just one more way of doing so. Hook up your Tesla overnight, let it charge, and sleep deeply in our cloud-soft beds, relaxed in the knowledge that your trusty rental will be ready and waiting for whatever adventures you have planned the next day!


A Drive-thru at the Poconos


Today’s electric vehicles can take you much further than the earlier ones, some offering a drive of up to 350 miles before needing to be charged again, ensuring you can explore the scenic bypasses of the Poconos without fear that you will end up stranded and out of power on the side of the road. The Rim Road at Big Pocono State Park is one of our favorite drives, taking families through some of the Poconos’ most breathtaking landscapes, offering views you will never forget. There’s even a paved road that takes you around the mountaintop offering panoramic views of the pristine and achingly beautiful park countryside. The Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area offers another wonderful drive and although you won’t be able to get through all 70,000 acres on one charge, you can pick your favorite segment and return the next day for another scenic adventure, again, secure in the knowledge that your car will be fully charged once more!


Charging Stations in the Poconos


As the world is becoming more aware of the benefits of electric vehicles, more places are offering charging stations, and even though their surroundings won’t be as comfortable or stylish as our Pocono Mountain Rentals escapes, they can still come in handy on days when you maybe drive a little more or if you forgot to recharge the night before. Lake Harmony provides a 24-hour charging station at the Ursus Chalet, there’s one in the Walmart in East Stroudsburg, and Jim Thorpe offers 2 for the use of the public. Milford offers a specific Tesla charging station at the Hotel Fauchere and a Super Charger station can be found in Tannersville. The numbers may be small, but we think it will only be a matter of time before charging stations will be available in nearly every town in the world and Pocono Mountain Rentals is determined to be a trend SETTER, not a follower, by offering EV charging stations in our properties!


The Beauty of it All


As you zip about the idyllic countryside of the Poconos, marveling that one state could harbor all this beauty you may forget that you are driving an electric car, until, that is, you drive by the gas station after gas station posting prices that are reaching, and in many cases, surpassing, 5$ per gallon. Smiling to yourself at the thought of how much money you are saving, perhaps you will use the saved funds to buy dessert at dinner, purchase souvenirs for the kind lady watching your doggos back home, or simply pocket the extra to put it towards a second unforgettable Poconos vacation!


Come Home to Comfort


The best part of every day will come in those moments after you have pulled into the garage of your Pocono Mountain Rental sanctuary, attached the charger to your electric car, and walked into the beauty of our homes. Sleep late in comfortable beds, enjoy barbecues on the back decks, and lose yourself in the beauty of the countryside that surrounds you every minute of your stay; reserve your favorite Pocono Mountain Rental escape today!



Summer in the Poconos is an idyllic season, one we look forward to with great anticipation all the rest of the year. The trees and flowers in full bloom give the region a verdant appeal, the mild weather has us spending as much time outside as possible, and the Great Taste of PA Wine Festival offers a chance to celebrate its wonders with good food, great wine, and live entertainment! We at Pocono Mountain Rentals have definitely marked the date on our calendars and if your vacation journey brings you our way the weekend of June 18th and June 19th you can plan to spend your afternoon hours enjoying all the food and wine you can eat or drink. Taking place at the Split Rock Resort in Lake Harmony, summer shines brighter when you spend your daylight hours enjoying the fun offered by this wonderful festival and designated drivers can get in for half price.


The Details


This is the 31st year the Great Taste of PA Wine Festival has returned to our doorstep and every year it just seems to get better. Admission costs are $30 for adults, $15 for children 3-12, and $15 for designated drivers. Designated drivers will receive a special wristband and will not be permitted to sample or purchase alcohol, but because there is also delicious food available and a variety of vendors selling arts, crafts, and local wares so we doubt they will feel left out! Live entertainment promises to offer the best of local performers, playing the music you love and enhancing the tranquil ambiance the festival provides! Children’s activities will also be offered to ensure that any Pocono Mountain Rentals families traveling with their littles will get to attend.


Life is too Short to Drink Bad Wine


The best Pennsylvania wineries all agree; that life is too short to drink bad wine and this fun festival celebrates the best wines we offer! Over 20 Pennsylvania wineries are scheduled to appear offering samples of their wares, including Hungry Run Wine Cellars, Malacari Winery, and Stone Lake Winery. Spend a pleasant afternoon sipping and sampling and when you find the wines you love most you can purchase a bottle or three to enjoy in the comfort of your Pocono Mountain Rentals vacation sanctuary. Many of these wineries even offer online shops, so you aren’t forced to come back every summer to purchase more of your newest obsession, but we aren’t going to complain if you want to make the festival an annual tradition. Revel in a fine red, savor the crisp flavors of chardonnay, and remember anew why the rose has always been your favorite; there are no sour grapes at the Great Taste of PA Wine Festival!


Then we Eat


Although a day of wine and sunshine promises to be a very fine one indeed, it would somehow be incomplete without food, but that is not something you need to worry about during your visit to the festival! 9 different food vendors will be providing sumptuous foods that include hot dogs, pizza, and a Pennsylvania specialty Pierogies that will speak to your soul! Banana desserts, Barbecue Treats, and fresh crab cakes that are filling and sweet are among some of the other foods you will find at the Great Tastes of PA Wine AND Food festival, ensuring that every bite you take will be your favorite!


All the Things you Won’t be able to Live Without


And then comes the merchandise vendors, selling a little bit of this and a whole lot of that and offering up all the things you never knew you couldn’t live without until you found yourself standing at the tables, holding their marvelous arts and craft pieces in your hand. There’s just something about a sunny summer day in Pennsylvania, spent sipping, savoring, and shopping for special things that will make your life even happier. Food products such as cheese, chocolate, and jerky are all hand-created to make your stomach smile and the scented products that include Aroma Therapy Putty and Scentsy displays will make your day feel brighter. Also selling products to spoil your dogs, jewelry to spoil the men and women in your life, and clothing, cigars, home items, and so many more wonderful items that will fit nicely in your suitcase (and if not, buy another bag to check at the airport!) the most difficult of your shopping expedition will be limiting your purchases to just 1 of everything you love!


The Celebration Continues


Come home to the comforts found in our Pocono Mountain Rentals and continue celebrating the wonders of wine! Toast the sunset from expansive decks that look over the landscape, sip as you read the latest bestseller in deep tubs designed for soaking, and raise your glass to the comforts of cloud-soft beds; reserve your favorite escape today!





The vacation property rental business all over the world is a capricious one in which you never know what each month will bring. Obviously, during the high season, it can get a little crazy and during the offseason, we tend to do all the things we put off until things quieted down once again. The last couple of years offered unprecedented challenges, not just for us, but for people all over the world, but we at Pocono Mountain Rentals, instead of letting it get us down, we simply did what we always do; we put in a little extra elbow grease and gave many of our properties, including the family favorite Snowcap, a makeover! Life is returning to normal and the busy season is building up again so we thought we would feature the reveal of the Renovation of Snowcap if you love it (like we are sure you will!) you can click the book now button and make it yours for your upcoming Pennsylvania escape to the Poconos!

The Major Components are Still the Same

Obviously, we didn’t go crazy with the renovation; Snowcap still offers 7-bedrooms, 4-bathrooms, and room for up to 22 guests to live together comfortably. Step inside the open concept floor plan of this spacious home and you will still be awestruck by the wall of windows that frame the beauty of the landscape, maybe even pinching yourself to see if it’s all real! You may notice, however, that new home smell that accompanies even a renovation, mostly due to the crisp coat of paint that covers the walls. The sofa may be new, but we promise it will be just as comfortable and nappable as the old and the dining room will still offer a welcoming ambiance and a subtle invitation to gather around the table that centers the space and have a little family fun. Outside the decks are still furnished with rustic tables and chairs, but a good washing and perhaps the addition of a board or two to replace ones that were starting to fall apart will be noticeable. Are there new pendant lamps hanging over the breakfast bar of the kitchen? Quite possibly, but if not, then there was nothing wrong with the old ones! Televisions have their own natural shelf life, so ones that aren’t working at optimal quality will have been replaced ensuring your downtime will be filled with some quality television watching moments. New artwork spread throughout the property will feature cabin chic topics that reflect the beauty of the Pocono landscape; a mountain landscape perched over one of the many beds, a sign that reminds us all that love never fails, and a whimsical portrait of a deer that hangs over the fireplace in the dining area are just a few examples of what you will find during your examination of Snowcap. New carpets in the bedrooms feel soft beneath bare feet but the wood floors found in the public spaces needed nothing more than a good cleaning, so there was no change there. Dramatic accent walls, also in the bedrooms, provide an exciting contrast to the artwork hanging over the beds while also giving the room a cozy feel that is tranquil and warm. Nights spent in the beds that lounge against the walls promises to be ones filled with deep sleep and the happiest of dreams!

A Refreshing Change

The point of the reno of Snowcap wasn’t to overwhelm returning guests with too many changes; in an ever-changing world, it is important for some things to stay the same! This special home has always been a welcoming one, inviting guests to feel comfortable and at home during their Pocono adventures, but now she just offers a little extra shine! Sit out on her deck and enjoy awe-inspiring views as your chief grill master prepares the evening meal (the outdoor fireplace will keep you warm on cooler evenings.) Soak in the hot tub under the ethereal glow of a full moon or spend an evening playing pool at the table located on the bottom level. The large television in the game room will make you feel as if you have courtside seats at the big game and the sofa placed opposite the screen may even be a tad more nappable than the one upstairs! The more things change after the renovation the more they stay the same and as you fill your vacation minutes with comfortable adventures and exciting luxuries, the magic will linger with you long after you have returned home to real life!

Come Home to Snowcap

There’s no mystery behind the magic of Snowcap; her beauty and charms reflect the beauty of her Pennsylvania surroundings. Contact us reserve this sweet home today and fall in love!


Just when you think your Poconos escape in our Pocono Mountain Rentals Skye View dream home couldn’t get any better, we go ahead and prove you wrong! This beautiful property still offers 7-bedrooms, 4-baths, and room for up to 22 people to enjoy a vacation like none other, and the game room, hot tub, and deck that spreads out across the back of Skye View offer extra hours of entertainment, with the views staying just as awe-inspiring as they have been. But no matter how much care we take with the property you can’t wait to inhabit, life marches on and renovations must be made. This guide to the renovation of Skye View, one of our more popular larger homes, will give you a sneak peek into your future vacation shenanigans and all the cozy comforts and luxuries that will make this Pocono vacation rental one you will never forget!

The More Things Change

We can’t help but get excited at the changes Skye View has gone through during its renovation period. New sofas that retain the comfort of the old but without the impressions of all the bottoms that have rested on them before. New carpet that gives the home the smell of a brand new property, and artwork that provides a style that shines bright. Fresh paint revives the spirit of the home and reflects the beauty of its natural surroundings. And little details throughout all work together to create spaces that are comfortable to live in while remaining functional at the same time! Smart Televisions provide entertainment and allow guests to watch their favorite streaming shows and because they are placed in all the bedrooms, everyone can fall happily to sleep 10 minutes before the ending of the shows they watch most! (But because they are smart TVs you can tune back in right where you drifted off!) Bears march through the bedrooms, but before you start to worry and hide your children behind you, remember it’s just a part of the new artwork that adorns the walls of Skye View! New shower curtains in the bathrooms may not be any more exciting than the new quilts that drape over the beds but are a necessary part of any renovation. And although the deck furniture may be the same pieces we have always had, they receive a refresh of their own and are ready once again to serve as places to rest, relax, and soak in the breathtaking views of the Poconos.

The More Things Stay the Same

Napping on the velvety soft plushness of the sofas found in both living areas, whipping up your favorite cocktails in fully equipped kitchens stocked with updated appliances, and showing off your inner pool shark to youngsters who don’t realize that you had a full and interesting life before they entered the pictures are just a few examples of the things we hope never change in our Skye View escape. Family is important and this charming property offers beds for up to 22 aunts, uncles, cousins, and siblings, ensuring that there will always be laughter ringing through the rafters, excited whispers of secrets shared, and yes, the occasional squabble or two; you have known each other forever, of course, you won’t always get along! The hot tub under the deck will be the most popular spot in the house and the outdoor fireplace on the upper deck will be where marshmallows are roasted and ghost stories are told during chilly Pennsylvania nights. Cousins that don’t see each other very often will form lifelong friendships when they share the loft sleeping space with a twin bed and trundle and sisters who may have pulled each other’s hair and tattled during their formative years will discover that, as adults, they really do like the people they have become. Whether you are sharing a glass of wine on the deck, sharing kitchen duties in the spacious kitchen, or are sharing a bedroom once again, you realize that your sister always has your back! Separate living quarters and enough bedrooms for guests to retreat to after a long day of peopling will help retain the peace and morning coffee breaks will ensure that energy levels stay high no matter how many adventures you share. The more things change with our renovations, however, the more they stay the same as you spend your annual getaway with those you love most!

The Vacation you will Never Forget

The magic of the moments spent in the shelter of Skye View will linger in your heart for years to come and as you stare upon the faces that are nearest and dearest to you, we can already see the wheels turning in your head as you start making plans for next year’s getaway! Skye View turns from house to home when your family steps inside; contact us to reserve it today!

Are you dreaming of an adventurous vacation to the Poconos Mountains? Are you looking for some fun events to add to your plans during your trip? We’ve put together some of the best ones in the region – they’re sure to be a hit!

The Poconos Mountains offer you hundreds of activities and events every year. Holiday celebrations, music, and food festivals are the usual Poconos Mountains events they celebrate in superb ways! Additionally, the Poconos Mountains have several exciting events like whitewater rafting, ski season events, and NASCAR races.

Here are some March events Poconos Mountains has to offer:

Local’s Night – Coming in for a staycation? Enjoy your ski experience every Thursday night at the Shawnee Mountain Ski Area, where lift tickets are discounted.

Sugar Shack Scramble – Join PEEC (Pocono Environmental Education Center) for a hike through the woods to the Sugar Shack and enjoy pancakes with fresh maple syrup and hot cocoa!

Venture in the Vineyard – Hosted by Naturfi, join them as they take a venture through the vineyard at Mountain View Winery! Set off on a snowshoeing adventure and traverse the trails through the vineyards that you’ve never experienced before. Experience the beautiful landscape and then enjoy the fire pits with a free flight of wine!

Guided Tours – Every weekend, enjoy this special event at Pocono Organics. Take a tour of their greenhouse facilities! Learn how regenerative organics are shaping the future of agriculture.

Camp Hidden Falls Tour – every 20th of March. Join PEEC to explore the property and see how many waterfalls they can find.

Outdoor Adventure Day – Hosted by Franklin Township Volunteer Fire Co., join them for a fun day outdoors activities packed with games, raffles, food, contests, kids crafts, and many more. And, enjoy Stalingrad XVI – a skirmish paintball game inspired by the historic WWII scenario.

Shawnee Mountain’s Bigfoot Snowshoe Race – on March 6 at Shawnee Mountain Ski Area, take a grip of your snowshoes and race to the top of the Mountain!

Are you looking for some music and food festivals? Then, you will LOVE these delightful events!

Live and Let Die The Music of Paul McCartney – Join Tony Kishman, a singer and recording artist, for a full multimedia experience celebrating the music of Paul MacCartney.

Jazz Nights: Silvano, Bakithi, and Danny – Grammy-nominated jazz pianist, composer, and producer Silvano Monasterios will perform with other famous musicians at The Stabin Museum on March 4, 2022.

Monroe Winter Farmers Market – This lovely market offers you products from local farmers. Enjoy fresh quality produce, loaves of bread, meats, preserves, flowers, and much more.

Brew & Chili Fest at Country Junction – come and spend your day at County Junction! Try the area’s best microbrews and taste their finest local homemade chili.

So what are you waiting for? Make your plans with us and get ready to enjoy one of the most unforgettable vacations!

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There is something special about a vacation. You can leave the daily routine of life and explore a new area with lots of enthusiasm. It is fun to participate in exciting activities and visit special tourist attractions. It is also an excellent opportunity to spend quality time with family and friends. You can pick a vacation rental home and stay together for a truly relaxing vacation experience.

With respect to weather, if you are eager to participate in snow-based activities, you can visit the gorgeous north and northeast. One such destination that is known for skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, sledding, ice skating, and such fun activities is the gorgeous Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania. As a natural playground laden with a thick cover of snow, the Poconos have so much to offer. There are plenty of ski slopes, resorts, and trails where you can enjoy a wide range of activities. Whether you are a beginner or an expert in skiing, you can easily find the right level of trails and slopes for your adventure.

Besides the winter activities, you can relish gourmet food at various restaurants and food joints. It is famous for some exciting cafes and bars where you can spend a great time with your folks. There are many indoor recreation centers for children and adults for activities like mini-golfing, arcade games, play areas, bowling, and much more. If you prefer mild and pleasant weather and would like to skip the cold, you can visit the Poconos during spring. The spring season is another excellent time to enjoy plenty of outdoor activities. With numerous national parks and hiking trails, the spot is perfect for hiking, biking, and wildlife and bird watching, and photography. You can hike and capture incredible scenic views in the area. You can also enjoy activities like fishing, golfing, white water rafting, swimming, and horseback riding. Read our ultimate guide to Poconos Mountains winter and spring below and plan the perfect vacation experience!

person walking a snowy trail

Enjoy a Winter Vacation

With so much to do during winter, you can easily expect to enjoy the experience to the fullest. Plan a trip during the winter season to enjoy the fresh cover of snow. You can also participate in holiday special events between Thanksgiving and Christmas. You can enjoy the festive decorations, Christmas trees, and beautiful lighting all over the area. Spread over a large area of over 2400 square miles, the Poconos area is a central hub for plenty of snow adventures. One of the most popular activities is cross-country skiing. You can choose the natural trails in the numerous state parks or pick a ski lodge with well-maintained trails. You can also enroll in training sessions to understand the basics of skiing, before enjoying the adventure on your own. Besides skiing, you can explore the pristine landscape through snowshoeing. You can enjoy breathtaking views during sunrise and sunset.

The next Poconos Mountains winter activity that can entertain every member of the group is snowmobiling. There are a variety of snow lanes ranging from steep slopes to family-friendly gentle ones. You can enjoy galactic snow tubing at Camelback Mountain. This large snow tubing park has more than 40 lanes for unlimited fun and adventure. If you visit in the evening, you can enjoy the beautiful LED illuminated lanes. Another spot that has many lanes for snowmobiling is the Skytop Lodge. You can head to the Pocono Outdoor Adventure Tour for a unique ATV riding experience. It is fun to explore the landscape on an all-terrain vehicle. You can explore the forests, mountain ranges, slopes, and much more while enjoying a fun ride on the ATV. If you are looking for a family-friendly activity that can entertain kids, you can visit the beautiful Daisy Field Farm for a fun-filled day. Here, you can enjoy horse-sleigh rides and explore the area. In the end, you can relish gourmet food and participate in a bonfire for an enjoyable day.

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You cannot miss the unique winter activity of ice skating. There are plenty of ice skating rinks all over the area. Whether you are an expert or just starting to move over ice, you can definitely have a great time on the rink. You can head to various state parks such as Promised Land, Hickory Run, Tobyhanna, and Gouldsboro. For a formal experience at a spot that offers ice skating rental gear, you can visit the popular Skytop Lodge.

After enjoying the outdoor activities, if you are eager to spend time warm indoors, you can still take advantage of plenty of options. First and foremost, you can head out for a joyous picnic at any of the indoor waterparks. Visit one of the largest indoor waterparks at Kalahari Resorts and Conventions where you can find swimming pools, water slides, splash parks, flow rivers, and much more. Few other spots include Great Wolf Lodge, Split Rock Resort, and Aquatopia Indoor Waterpark at Camelback Mountain. For more indoor fun, you can enjoy activities like paintball, bowling, indoor go-karts, arcade games, and many more options.

chipmunk in flower field

A Springtime Delight

If you are excited to enjoy the flower blooming season and spend time in the outdoors, you can choose the spring season for your next vacation in the Pocono Mountains. You will experience warmer weather and plenty of sunshine to spend a day outside. Capture beautiful photographs of the colorful flowers and green landscape during spring. One of the best springtime activities includes hiking. You can admire the picturesque landscape of mountains, trees, waterfalls, streams, and birds in the various state parks. There are more than 126 hiking trails in the Poconos Mountains. You can visit the popular Beltzville State Park that has more than 15 miles of trails that pass-through forests, mountains, valleys, and fields. Another popular spot is the Browns Hill Preserve where you walk within the woods. You cannot miss the 130-acre nature preserve called Austin T. Blakeslee Natural Area. This spot is popular for biking, hiking, fishing, picnicking, and enjoying the numerous waterfalls in the area. There are many trails for bikers. You can enjoy the scenery and biking at famous spots like Lehigh Gorge State Park and Prompton State Park. With more than nine state parks and two national parks in the Poconos area, you cannot run out of options for your biking adventure. If you would like to rent a bike and other items, you can visit the Edge of the Woods Outfitters. Another popular spot known for its dedicated biking park is the Blue Mountain Resort’s Bike Park. It has more than 26 trails of varying difficulty levels. You can also head to the Delaware and Lehigh National Heritage Corridor that has bike-friendly trails for your adventure. There are different trail segments ranging from easy to difficult that cut through the gorgeous Poconos landscape.

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Do not miss fishing in the Pocono Mountains, as there are plenty of fish species in the different streams and rivers. It has more than 11,200 acres of stocked lakes and over 120 miles of stocked rivers for all your fishing adventures. If you have a fishing license, you can visit the Promised Land State Park. The Big Brown Fish and Pay Lakes do not require any fishing license. The trout fishing season starts in April. If you would like to attend a guided fishing tour, you can visit Ray’s Charter Guide Service or Captain Joe’s Fishing and Waterman Services.

The Pocono Mountains are also famous for horseback riding. It is one of the adventurous activities to admire the landscape and explore the area. You can head to the Bushkill Riding Stables that welcome families and single visitors for a fun-filled experience in nature. Another popular spot is the Mountain Creek Riding Stable.

group whitewater rafting

Poconos spring is also an excellent time to enjoy whitewater rafting in the area. Pocono Whitewater Rafting has multiple options for rafting tours. You can also check out the Adventure Center at Whitewater Challengers. If you would like to attend guided rafting tours with your entire group, there are many different options available.

Explore the Poconos on an all-terrain vehicle. You can rent an ATV or bring your own to the popular Alvin’s Offroad Playground. Another spot is the Pocono Outdoor Adventure Tours, which has multiple options for a fun-filled touring experience. If you prefer a relaxing experience, you can sit in a sidecar to explore the picturesque landscape with the Jim Thorpe Sidecar Tours.

There are plenty of special Poconos spring events and celebrations. During springtime, you may find music and food festivals. You may also find unique events like whitewater rafting days and NASCAR races. The area may also host ski season events in the winter.

Gourmet Food for the Foodies

After all the exciting adventures and power-packed activities, you deserve to enjoy hearty meals at the various food joints. The Poconos has everything from upscale restaurants for a fine dining experience to casual food joints for a quick bite. You can enjoy warm beverages at the various local cafes. And when it is time to celebrate special moments, you can hit the exciting bars for fun cocktails and a variety of liquor choices.

For a fine dining experience, you can head to Andrew Moore’s Stone Bar Inn. This spot is famous for its delicious entrees, desserts, and drinks. It has a nice and warm ambiance with incredible American dishes. For a relaxed and enjoyable dining experience with your group, you can visit the popular Rustic Kitchen Bistro & Bar. It has many large dining rooms that can accommodate large groups. You can relish a wide range of cuisines and recipes. You cannot miss the boutique-style dining room and exciting entrees at the popular Posh. It is known for its widespread entrees and unique cocktails.

Learn More About Restaurants in the Area Here!

If you are in the mood for some global flavors of international cuisines, you can visit plenty of excellent spots in the area. For authentic Italian cuisine, you can head to the Basso Cucina Italiana. Here, you can relish a variety of pasta, meats, desserts, and much more. Another Italian hotspot with gourmet food options is the Trattoria 903. Savor delicious Spanish and Portuguese flavors at the well-known Marco Antonio’s. You cannot miss the traditional paella with unique spices and amazing flavors.

After a tiring day filled with activities, you can find many casual food joints for a quick bite. You can visit the popular Village Diner for traditional American breakfast and lunch. Compton’s Pancake House is famous for its delicious breakfast options. Few other options include the Jubilee Restaurant and The Boat House for more traditional recipes and a relaxed ambiance. If you are looking for an American gastropub for some great food and drinks, you can check out the Stone Row Pub and Eatery or the Breaker Brewing Company.

bedroom with full bed

A Comfortable Accommodation for a Relaxing Stay

You can definitely look forward to enjoying a great trip in the Pocono Mountain region. Whether you head for the skiing season or the beautiful springtime, you can expect nothing but the best. For a comfortable stay, check out the vacation rental options available through Pocono Mountain Rentals. We have spacious vacation homes with an open floor layout. Enjoy social gatherings in the large living room and dining room. Relax in the comfortable bedrooms for a good night’s sleep. You can cook delicious meals in the fully equipped kitchen. Our rental homes have all the modern amenities and facilities for a comfortable stay. Get in touch with us at Pocono Mountain Rentals for a dream home of your choice. We may have spacious villas and homes with facilities like high-speed internet, central air conditioning and heating, in-unit laundry, parking, and all the electronic appliances.

Get in touch with us to book your accommodations at the earliest. An exciting vacation and wonderful adventure await in the beautiful Pocono Mountains!

Ring in 2022 in style in one of the most beautiful places imaginable. Whether you’re looking for a great party and dancing, or if you’re looking for family-friendly events, there’s an event everyone will love to partake in when you visit the Pocono Mountains to celebrate the New Year in Pennsylvania. Happy New Year!

New Year’s Eve Masquerade Ball

A great Masquerade Ball awaits you at The Settlers Inn in the Undercroft. Enjoy live music, delicious farm-to-table cuisine, music, dancing, and so much more. It’s an exquisite way to ring in 2022.

New Year’s Eve Party

Celebrate with Memorytown! The party will be held in the beautiful Heritage Barn, and guests will enjoy an evening filled with music, great food, and a balloon drop. Then, enjoy dancing the night away and a champagne toast at midnight.

Shawnee Traditions – New Year’s Eve Buffet

A delicious buffet dinner awaits you at the Shawnee Inn! From soups, salads, a carving station, a kids’ station, and so much more, it’s a great way to eat your way into 2022!

Enjoy Fine Dining

Delectable delights await you at the fine dining experiences available in the Pocono Mountains. Make sure to make reservations soon as they book up quickly for the holiday. At dinner, you can share stories about 2021 and discuss what you look forward to in the new year over lovely cheers! Whatever craving you have, the mountain’s dining options can satisfy!

Shopping Fun

The year is ending, and it’s time to treat yourself to some retail therapy! Enjoy incredible shopping in the Pocono Mountains. There are a plethora of great local boutiques for you to browse. Visit Downtown, too, where you can find shops, galleries, museums, and so much more. It’s a fun way to celebrate the new year with some unique gifts!

Hit the Slopes

The Pocono Mountains are known for great fun in the snow, and that’s no exception at the New Year. So conquer the slopes with some great tubing and skiing. Whether you’re experienced or a novice, everyone can enjoy the trails surrounding the region.

Check out our Ski-In Ski-Out Rentals Here!

Whatever plans you desire for the New Year, we have the perfect ones for you. So book a trip to the mountains today and get ready for unforgettable memories!

Trying to think of the perfect place to bring your loved ones for a Thanksgiving getaway? Look no further! Gather your belongings, hop in the car and head up to the Pocono Mountains! Leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life behind!

Delight in the visual feast before you in this stunning area. Breathe in the fresh, clean mountain air, and get ready for an awesome holiday! Very little surpasses the experience of driving to the mountains, enjoying the nature surrounding you as you head through the hills.

Why Choose the Poconos Mountains as Your Destination?

First of all, nothing beats the wonderful colors of Poconos this time of the year! The fall colors are a feast to the eyes and will fill your soul with joy and relaxation. The trees are awash with bright earth colors. You can simply take a short walk and marvel at the fantastic foliage from any of our cabins. While you’re at it, you can add hiking to your holiday plans as the Kettle Creek Wildlife Sanctuary is just a few strides away, and would be an awesome addition to your itinerary. After all, adding adventure to your holiday does add some spice (pun intended)!

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Traditional Thanksgiving dinners are even more memorable in the mountains! You can choose to roll up your sleeves and plan a home-cooked meal where everyone is involved or have a campfire cookout for a change where everyone can gather around the fire. Each of our cabins has immaculate, chef-quality kitchens ready for those delicious dinners.
If you’re not in the mood to cook yourself, you can also choose to venture out and see what our talented local chefs have to offer! These chefs go all out in impressing everyone with the yummiest turkey meals, with excellent stuffing and cranberry sauce, and all of your favorites. Then, you can savor the tantalizing food as you chill and listen to good live music being played at some of our favorite places, including The Dock on Wallenpaupack, The Settlers Inn, and The Waterfront at Silver Birches!

Thanksgiving in the Poconos

There are also many great events ready to draw you in for the holiday season when you come and visit at Thanksgiving. Some of our favorites include:

●      Shawnee Traditions – Creches From Around The World

●      Winter Wonderland

●      Santa Christmas Tree Express

●      Santa Claus Special

What are you waiting for? So let’s make those plans, pack your bags, and get ready to enjoy one of the most memorable Thanksgiving holidays ever… the Poconos!

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As you start planning your fall getaway or Poconos summer vacation, there are a lot of little details that will keep you busy and potentially overwhelmed, but we at Pocono Mountain Rentals want to give you a little help. Go ahead and arrange for the time off, book the flights, and of course, reserve your Pocono Mountain Rentals vacation escape, and we will help you plan all the fun you can have while you are here! There is so much to see and do, we understand that you may feel overwhelmed when you try to narrow down your choices as to what you would like to do, but that is perfectly ok. We love our little region in paradise, and we are excited to work out a guide that will make your summer or fall explorations of the Poconos a vacation you will remember forever!

It All Begins at Home

Our Pocono Mountain Rentals homes are where magic will happen and memories will be made. Every property we offer is different from the others, but all welcome you and invite you inside to experience a comfort and style that has become the signature of Pocono Mountain Rentals. Long gone are the days when travelers crammed their entire families into small and sterile rooms, being forced to share a bathroom and dine out for every meal, and our properties are the perfect example as to why no one wants to go back to the dark ages.

Every inch of every space is designed to be an integral part of your vacation, offering roomy kitchens where guests can prepare a meal or simply whip together your favorite tropical beverage to enjoy on the deck overlooking the beauty of the Pennsylvania landscape. Gather round the dining tables to enjoy a family feast, play a board game on a rainy Tuesday afternoon, or to spend some downtime sipping coffee before heading out to play. In the living rooms we haven’t forgotten that the chief purpose of any vacation is to relax and recharge before heading back to real life, and the furnishings we choose are plush, comfortable, and yes, we will say it, nap worthy! Conveniently located opposite state-of-the-art televisions, while we can’t say for sure that these rooms are the most popular ones, we definitely know that they are in the running. Game rooms can be found in most if not all of our properties, allowing play time without leaving the home, and on the decks, you will often find more comfortable seating, places to dine, and if you explore a little further, you may just find a hot tub merrily away tucked away in a corner under the deck.

At the end of every day, whether you choose to get out and experience some of the adventures in this guide or just decide to stay in and enjoy the amenities found in your Pocono Mountain Rentals home away from home, sliding between the covers of our super soft beds will give you the greatest luxury that we offer; a restful, peaceful, and uninterrupted night’s sleep.

people in red kayaks on a river

Summer Fun Seekers in the Poconos

When you do manage to drag yourself away from the comforts of your vacation escape, these fun activities are guaranteed to make this Poconos summer vacation one you never want to end. Explore the history of the region (and stay cool in air-conditioned spaces) by visiting museums that keep the past alive. From the Pocono Indian Museum in East Stroudsburg, where every adult ticket purchased earns a child a free arrowhead, to the Number 9 Coal Mine and Museum which offers a peek into the work history of Pennsylvanians, to the Stroud Museum (which brings us back to Stroudsburg), the past comes alive when you choose to visit these or any of the other museums that can be found in the Poconos. For those who prefer a little more power and excitement while traveling, the Pocono Raceway vibrates with power as the Nascar races zoom around the track! Located on Long Pond Road in the town of Long Pond, operating at 100% capacity after being closed during the pandemic, the magic is back, and we in Pennsylvania are extremely excited to be back in the bleachers once again.

Although summers rarely get really hot in comparison to other states in our nation, the humidity can be enough to send visitors straight to the water for long days of fun under the summer sun. Stay on top of the cool waters with a whitewater rafting trip through Pocono Whitewater Rafting in Jim Thorpe, and do not worry; this adventure may sound intimidating, but it is safe for the entire family, as long as everyone is 4 or over! Allowing for some swimming time as you ride the rapids and having your picture taken at one of the more frothy looking turns is a wonderful way to cool off in the summer, and the picture of you and your family taking part in such a wonderful adventure is guaranteed to be the envy of all your friends back home. There are many ways to spend some time on the water during your stay, of course, including jet skiing on Lake Harmony (Lake Harmony Watersports rents out the equipment), or if you prefer more low-speed adventures, stand up paddleboarding and kayaking are both truly excellent ways to stay cool while exploring the beauty of nature!

Lake Harmony is a popular kayaking, SUP, and canoeing spot for visitors and residents, and as we offer a lot of homes on or near the lake, it is easily accessible, and you won’t have to spend much time in transit! As a matter of fact, renting one of our lakeside escapes is yet another way to make your vacation extra special, as you spend your summer vacation waking up to dawn breaking over the lake, filling the sky with an explosion of color and your heart with a sense of peace not often found in “real life!” The laidback lifestyle that accompanies a lake vacation will give you and your family the rest and relaxation needed after a long year of hard work!

person walking on a tree

The Awesomeness of Autumn in the Poconos

If you have managed to visit the Poconos in the summer and are returning for a fall getaway, or even if this is your first visit, the brilliance of a fall day in Pennsylvania is guaranteed to awe! The crisp, clean air, the smell of the first fires in fireplaces, and the brilliance of trees decked out in their autumn finest will have you falling love at first sight. Start your day with a fresh cup of coffee you have brewed yourself while sitting out on the deck, watching the landscape come to life, and then slip into your most comfortable hiking clothes and prepare for a day filled with beauty and exercise.

Stick close to your Poconos in the fall escape and discover the magic of exploring a place that has been unchanged for 20,000 years with a visit to Hickory Run State Park & Boulder Field. What is so interesting about a field of boulders, you ask? The history behind this particular field tells us that it was formed in the process of a glacier that first receded then melted away, leaving little to no vegetation in an approximately 1800 by 400 foot stretch of land. There are plenty of trails in the valley that will offer the opportunity to get some exercise, breathe in the fresh air, and of course, check out the changes that take place in this part of the country during the fall. When interested in the latter activities, the best trails to take include the McDade Recreational Trail in Bushkill, Irving Cliff in Honesdale, and the Wallenpaupack Lake trail in Hawley. Each of these trails offer something different, something unique, leading to an experience you will remember forever! Another trail we love, the Lehigh Gorge Trail, is one of the most popular in the region, offering breathtaking views and the opportunity to take your pet along for the fun if you brought him with you on this trip! Many of our Pocono Mountain Rentals vacation escapes are also pet friendly, allowing you to have the fall getaway of your dreams with the ENTIRE family!

If you are interested in exploring the area, however, and just aren’t into hiking, the Lehigh Gorge Scenic Railway offers daily train rides in renovated railway cars that date back to the 1930s in some cases and yes, they allow dogs to ride for free as well. Lasting approximately 70 minutes, the trains take guests through the Pennsylvania countryside, allowing riders to see much of what you would see hiking, but without any strenuous effort!

inside of a diner

A Taste of the Town

As you hike, swim, watch Nascar, or ride the train through Lehigh Gorge, the one thing that will never change, no matter the season, is the appetite being out in all this fresh air will build. While you could fix every meal in our fully equipped kitchens, we can’t help but think you should get out every so often and taste the good old-fashioned comfort food found throughout the Poconos in the fall! Start out your days with sweet and yummy pancakes from Compton’s Pancake House in Stroudsburg or drop by the Chat n’ Chew in Blakeslee for a hearty country breakfast consisting of eggs and fried chicken breast served on a giant biscuit and smothered in creamy sausage gravy. Your mid-day breaks CAN be nothing more exciting than a quiet picnic by the lake—or you can fuel up for the afternoon hike with a hearty lunch from Jubilee Restaurant in Pocono Pines. Pre-Covid, they also offered live entertainment, but as of yet we haven’t heard anything about the live entertainment returning—not that you will mind, because once you sink your teeth into one of their juicy and delicious burgers, you really won’t be able to think about anything else!

Dinners in the Poconos can be hearty comfort food that stick to your ribs or a romantic venture into a culinary wonderland! Damenti’s Restaurant in West Hazelton is one that we visit frequently when celebrating special occasions, offering an extensive menu that pretty much covers all your dietary desires. Featuring everything from steak to seafood to chicken and pasta dishes, this special restaurant is decorated with copper pieces created by the owner himself! Even though this guide is to summer and fall events, we just can’t leave without mentioning the Ice Bar Damenti’s offers every winter. This outdoor event features some of the most incredible ice sculptures, making it worth planning a winter adventure in the Poconos!

These are just a few of the restaurants you will find during your Pennsylvania travels, but the list continues on and on, including some honorable mentions that we are going to tell you about right now! The Frogtown Chophouse in Cresco, Berrelli’s Italian Chophouse in Tannersville, and Triplet’s Family Diner in Stroudsburg all put their own spin on the comfort foods we all crave.

exterior of a rental

Choose Pocono Mountain Rentals

The best decision you will make this year is choosing Pocono Mountain Rentals for your vacation accommodations, and as you explore the Pennsylvania countryside each day, shopping at cute country stores like the world’s largest general store, Country Junction in Lehighton, devour comfort food at the Hickory Valley Farm Restaurant in Swiftwater, or learn about the life of the pioneers who settled in this region hundreds of years ago at the Quiet Valley Living History Farm in Stroudsburg, one thing will be plain to see: Coming home to the comforts of our Pocono Mountain Rentals country escapes promises to be the best part of every day of your summer or fall adventure in the Poconos! Reserve your stay today and fall in love with the towns and villages that make up this region!

When you decide to book an Easter getaway to the Pocono Mountains, you’ll find many ways to enjoy yourself. Whether making the most of special Easter activities like Easter brunch or dinner and church services or year-round activities, you’ll be able to build an Easter escape that’s perfect for you and your group.

Easter Brunch

If you don’t want to create an elaborate Easter brunch or dinner while on vacation, check out the area’s restaurants for special Easter brunch or dinner offerings. Mouth-watering meals prepared by the area’s greatest chefs await your taste buds. Ask about reservations and dietary restrictions like gluten-free as these special holiday meals may have limited offerings.

Easter Services

There are many churches in the Poconos Mountains region. Special church services will be offered, including sunrise services. Choose a church that is close to your accommodations and contact them regarding service times. Some may even offer special outdoor services, so dress in your Easter best and for the weather if you choose to attend one. Make sure to bring a mask and social distance at both indoor and outdoor activities when possible.

Mount Airy Casino

You can hit the jackpot every day of your Pocono Mountains region Easter vacation. Hit the jackpot and take home some cash with a visit to Mount Airy Casino. The casino gaming floor features over 1,800 of the latest slot machines as well as classics like Blazin’ 7’s or Wheel of Fortune. Put on your poker face or take a spin at roulette or any of the over 70 table games available. When you’re done gaming, take in a live performance from acts like Blues Traveler, or sample some of the casino’s delicious cuisine from one of the on-site restaurants. COVID-19 restrictions vary by area of the property and may include temperature checks, masks, and social distancing when available. State department of health regulations and the governor’s orders currently forbid smoking inside the venue and alcoholic beverage are only available with the purchase of a full meal at one of the sit-down restaurants.

Breweries & Wineries

You’ll want to designate a driver or enlist the services of a cab or ride share service first. Once your transportation is set, it’s time to blaze a trail to some of the Poconos Mountains region’s finest breweries and wineries to taste their wares. The many establishments create handcrafted beers and wines right on the premises with fresh and, when possible, locally sourced ingredients. Many of the breweries and wineries have tasting rooms, with experts who will help you with proper food pairings to maximize taste and experience of each beverage. Mask wearing is requested when you aren’t tasting.

Community Events

Many communities around the Pocono Mountains region offer Easter-related events and celebrations. The kids will enjoy taking part in an Easter egg hunt and/or coloring of Easter eggs, or the opportunity to meet the Easter bunny. Other Pocono in the spring festivals may include live music, rides, games, a petting zoo, and more to entertain the entire group both young and old.

Penn’s Peak

The quiet, secluded atmosphere of much of the Pocono Mountains region offers peace and serenity during your Easter break when you’re looking for it. If you’re looking to amp up the fun, check out the current or upcoming lineup at Penn’s Peak. National acts like Rodney Atkins, Ted Nugent, REO Speedwagon, and a myriad of tribute groups grace the stage throughout the year.

Seating is limited, with room for just 1,800 people, but you’ll enjoy venue features like a spacious dance floor, a concert bar/concessions area, and a full-service restaurant and bar. Many shows were canceled or rescheduled due to COVID-19, so stay up to date on listings and possible date changes on their website. Please wear a mask when attending events.

Easter Escape to the Pocono Mountains Region

Once you’ve decided to make the Pocono Mountains region will be your Easter getaway destination, make sure your next step is booking a private vacation rental with All Pocono Rentals. When you’ve experienced any of these events or others you’ve heard of, relax in a private rental with all the comforts of your own home. Choose from a four-, five-, or six-bedroom unit perfect for any group getaway or family vacation. Enjoy the privacy of your own room and private outdoor spaces the whole group can enjoy like patios and balconies. Choose a premium unit for upgrades that include hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances, flat screen TVs, a private pool or hot tub, and much more.

Contact us today to start planning your Easter trip to the Pocono Mountains region where you’ll make memories to last a lifetime and keep you coming back for more!

No matter what time of year you find yourself longing to pack up a suitcase and travel towards new adventures, the Pocono Mountains promises to be a destination that inspires. Between the stunning landscapes and thrilling in-town options for fun, it’s not hard to see why travelers return time and again. It’s a particularly inviting place to find yourself when you’re looking to make the most of the St. Patrick’s Day experience! The following are just a few of the many pubs that call the area home and are waiting to be explored while you’re in town.

Boulder View Tavern

When you’re looking to pair your Pocono Mountain pub experience with an impeccable view too, head over to the Boulder View Tavern this St. Patrick’s Day. Situated at 123 Lake Harmony Road, Boulder View Tavern provides guests with a view of Big Boulder lake while they enjoy their favorite traditional American dishes paired with sensational beverage selections. Live music is a part of the lineup at Boulder View Tavern which is open Monday through Thursday from 4:00 pm until 10:00 pm, Fridays and Saturdays from noon until 10:00 pm and Sundays from 9:00 am until 9:00 pm.

Check Out Other Poconos Restaurants

The menu at Boulder View Tavern is designed to inspire guests of all palate-pleasing preferences. Nachos, shrimp cocktail, and a jumbo Bavarian pretzel are all good options when it comes to picking an inspiring starter while main course tavern selections range from paninis and subs to sandwiches and quesadillas. Beer and wine selections are readily available to pair with your plate and while reservations are not required at Boulder View Tavern, if you’re planning a St. Patrick’s Day visit, they’re highly recommended as the tavern is currently operating at 50% capacity due to health and safety restrictions.

Thirsty Moose Saloon

Located at 428 Moseywood Road in Lake Harmony, the Thirsty Moose Saloon is a one-stop shop for all things savory when you’re looking to enjoy a delicious moment or two over St. Patrick’s Day in the Poconos. This inviting eatery provides guests with a decidedly casual environment to kick back and relax in and is open between 4:00 pm and 2:00 most days of the week!

The service is friendly at the Thirsty Moose Saloon and the atmosphere promises to be fun when you make it a St. Patrick’s Day stop. The menu features everything from jumbo chicken wings and French fries to onion rings, loaded nachos, and Philly cheese steaks readily available upon request. Whether you go with the prime rib sandwich or the BBQ chicken quesadilla, be sure to pair it with a refreshing beer and celebrate your holiday in style!


Siamsa Irish Pub and Restaurant

For those who can’t wait to indulge in an authentic Irish pub experience this St. Patrick’s Day, the Pocono’s is proud to host Siamsa Irish Pub and Restaurant at 636 Main Street in Stroudsburg. Just 35 minutes west of Lake Harmony, this savory stop is excited to provide visitors with an authentic taste of Ireland right in the heart of the Poconos. Siamsa Irish Pub and Restaurant is open Monday through Saturday from 11:00 am until midnight and Sundays from 11:00 am until 9:00 pm.

This two-level establishment is a wonderful place to order up a Guinness and get into the Irish spirit with ease. Guests can just as easily settle in on the outdoor patio as they can in the main dining room. This pub also offers up the option of booking a private party room on the second floor if your St. Patrick’s Day plans involve friends and family.

Beer, wine, and whiskey are easy to order up at Siamsa Irish Pub and Restaurant, but the food selections are just as appealing. Take time to browse the selections that range from wings and shepherd’s pie to Irish nachos, onion rings, pub pretzels, and more. Bangers and Mash and Corned Beef Cabbage are ready upon request while the fish and chips or beef stew are both sure to delight. Of course, you won’t want to leave without ordering up dessert. It’s hard to go wrong with the caramel crunch cake or peanut butter bars.

Book Your Pocono Adventure Today

Whether you’re headed this way for St. Patrick’s Day fun or can’t wait to adventure through the scenic Pocono Mountains any other time of year, the team at Pocono Mountain Rentals is ready and waiting to help you book the vacation rental to match your journey. Our properties are customized to fit guest preferences and styles and always make comfort, luxury, and style a priority. Stay close to those places you can’t wait to explore and let us handle the details so you can focus on the fun! Reach out today to learn more about how we can help you turn travel plans into a reality this year.

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Known for its appealing landscapes and scenic beauty, the Pocono Mountains are a one-of-a-kind destination for those that savor scenery and are truly romantic at heart. Whether you come to relax, explore, or make the most of outdoor adventure, the Pocono Mountains is a place where couples can reconnect over shared interests in surroundings that are designed by nature to inspire.

Whether you’re ready to begin planning an epic Valentine’s Day getaway or are looking forward to a romantic escape any other time of year, the property professionals at Pocono Mountain Rentals have the home away from home waiting that’s sure to rekindle that romantic flame during a visit. The following are just a few ways to keep the love alive when you’re on a romantic getaway to the Pocono Mountains this year.

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Sip the Evening Away by the Fire

While the portfolio of property options available through Pocono Mountain Rentals is vast and versatile, it’s common for guests to find themselves booked into a home where a central focal point is a fantastic fireplace. For couples looking to make the most of a romantic getaway, this defining feature is a must! On chilly February night, kick back in front of the fireplace, whether it’s framed in natural stone or sleek tile, and sip the evening away with the one you love most. Picking up a bottle boasting a regional label is a good way to get a taste for what this area can provide while pleasing your palate in good and inevitably romantic company as well.

Make the Most of In-Rental Game Options

Who said that game nights were for kids exclusively? At Pocono Mountain Rentals, many of our cabins and luxurious homes are stocked up with games that make for a fun way to pass a romantic evening—especially when you and your partner find your stride enjoying some friendly competition! Sift through board games and find the one that appeals to you most in a rustic-chic setting that’s sure to inspire a romantic mood. There’s often nothing more romantic than simply spending quality time together and a game night is a good way to stay close and enjoy your time bonding.

Enjoy a Movie Night

Many couples have a movie or two that work as defining features of their relationship. Whether it’s an iconic romantic comedy or something more adventure-seeking, when you book a stay in one of our romantic properties, you can always set aside time to make the most of a romantic movie night! Our homes are frequently outfitted with large flat-screen televisions to make the experience more immersive and the furnishings that dot our floorplans promise to be cozy and inviting. Settle in and enjoy being able to access those romantic films and shows you and your partner love all at the touch of a button thanks to Wi-Fi access and high-speed internet brought to life at the touch of a button.

Cook up a Romantic Dinner

While the Pocono Mountains are well-known for the many savory restaurants they host, oftentimes the most romantic getaways include home-cooked meals served up with a side of love. Those couples who book a romantic getaway to the Pocono Mountains and stay in a property through Pocono Mountain Rentals will find that our portfolio of options often includes access to a fully equipped and luxurious kitchen! Here, those that are looking forward to serving up a savory and romantic meal will have everything they need. These kitchens include spacious counters, modern appliances, and cabinets that are often already stocked with cookware as an added convenience. This means guests don’t have to worry about the logistics and can instead focus on the flavorful outcomes their partner is sure to love.

Soak in the Jacuzzi

The temperatures outside may be dropping this time of year, but you can heat things up with a relaxing dip in a private Jacuzzi when you book a stay through Pocono Mountain Rentals. Many of our properties feature exciting and enticing hot tubs that provide just the right place to relax and unwind alongside the one you love most. Feel like bringing a glass of champagne into the mix? No problem! Feel free to customize your romantic getaway any way you’d like while taking full advantage of the restorative features our homes host.

Bundle Up and Savor the View

Even when it’s chilly, your romantic Pocono Mountain getaway can include time in the great outdoors. Many of our rentals feature fantastic and spacious decks, patios, and balconies that are inspiring and frame the view year-round. Bundle up and plan on getting close as you and your loved one cozy up on these outdoor areas during the daytime hours or enjoy an evening journey under the stars.

Book Your Trip Today

At Pocono Mountain Rentals, we’re happy to be able to provide our guests looking forward to a romantic getaway with accommodations that check every box on the list. Over Valentines’s Day or any other day of the year when romance is top of mind, our rentals cater to a one-of-a-kind stay you won’t soon forget. Reach out today to learn more and to begin planning your trip!

Winter enthusiasts who are excited for the fresh powder to fall often spend a significant amount of time considering ideal locations to make the most of a ski getaway each year. While the Pocono Mountains are a magnificent locale during the warm summer months of fun, they’re just as inviting during the winter when ski season kicks into full gear.

When you can’t wait to make the absolute most of a winter getaway that revolves around downhill adventures, the Pocono Mountains are the place to be. Between the dynamic landscape this region hosts and options for entertainment that are suitable for the entire family, it’s not hard to create unforgettable moments.

Whether you’re new to skiing or a lifelong enthusiast, you don’t have to travel very far in the Pocono Mountains to find a variety of slopes that fit your particular sense of downhill style. The options are vast and versatile when you’re looking to enjoy time on skis or snowboards. Those who are looking to learn a new winter sport will find lessons easy to access while experienced skiers can put their skills to the test on slopes with varying degrees of difficulty. The following are just a few places to consider when putting the final touches on your ski itinerary to the Pocono Mountains this year.

Big Boulder Ski Area

Located at 357 Big Boulder Drive in Lake Harmony, Pennsylvania, the Big Boulder Ski Area is a one-stop shop for all of your downhill interests! Visitors make their way this direction to enjoy time skiing, snowboarding, and tubing from morning to night alongside the entire family. The Big Boulder Ski Area is home to 15 impressive slopes with a quarter of those being considered advanced and the rest fluctuating between easy and moderate levels of difficulty. Two tubing tows and a ski carpet make reaching the summit easier than ever when you’re wanting the focus to remain firmly on the thrills! In the 2020-2021 ski season, visitors to Big Boulder Ski Area will want to be sure to make their reservations in advance in order to enjoy time on the mountain with social distancing options in place. Do note that face coverings will be required at the Big Boulder Ski Area and lift tickets can conveniently be purchased in advance. All transactions at the ski area will be cashless, providing a safe and convenient experience for those looking forward to the fun.

Jack Frost Ski Resort

Those winter adventurers to the Pocono Mountains who like to incorporate a bit of history into their downhill fun will love the fact that time at the Jack Frost Ski Resort puts you squarely in the heart of an amazing legacy. The Jack Frost Ski Resort is located at 434 Jack Frost Mountain Road in White Haven and first opened to the public in 1972 as a companion resort to the Big Boulder Ski Area. Since that time, it’s remained a popular stop for those who love to ski and snowboard their way through vacation and prioritize an amazing view while they’re at it. The lifts, slopes, and snowmaking capacity of this ski stop combine innovation and techniques that have stood the test of time. Those visitors to the Pocono Mountains looking to stay ahead of the ski curve and crowds will want to take note that the Jack Frost Ski Resort is the first to open in the region every year! Jack Frost Mountain hosts a summit elevation of 2,000 feet and a base elevation of 1,400 feet. In total, visitors can enjoy access to 20 trails at this ski resort with 10 considered easy to moderately difficult, eight considered difficult and two falling into the category of terrain parks. 12 lifts carry skiers up and away towards the adventure they crave while a carpet and surface tubing lifts cater to those looking to slide their way to fun. The Jack Frost Ski Resort will be adhering to identical health and safety protocols as the Big Boulder Ski Area in the 2020-2021 ski season.


Camelback Mountain Resort

Rounding out the list of options when it comes to great ski areas to enjoy during a Pocono Mountain stay is Camelback Mountain Resort. Situated at 301 Resort Drive in Tannersville, Camelback Mountain Resort is a family-friendly destination where visitors can enjoy plenty of options that cater to all skill levels with ease. Camelback Mountain Resort has a reputation for versatility and visitors are often thrilled to find they have an impressive 39 trails and 42 snowtubing lanes to choose from when they’re here! Featuring over 166 acres of slopes, Camelback Mountain Resort has earned its place as the biggest snowtubing park in the area. Visitors should note that for the 2020-2021 ski seasons, Camelback Mountain Resort is implementing a flexible booking policy and requiring guests to wear face coverings.

Enjoy the Journey

No matter when you’re ready to make the most of a Pocono Mountains getaway, the property professionals at Pocono Mountain Rentals have the home away from home you’ve been searching for. Contact us today to learn more about our many vacation rentals in the area and to begin planning your next adventure!

Has that adventure bug bitten you yet? Craving for some out-of-the-box experience? Look no further than the Pocono Mountains! And, there’s SO much fun coming up, you have to experience it for yourself.

Be it a trip with friends, your family, or with your sweetheart; this place will not disappoint! So get your masks on and get a-going!

On select Saturdays and Sundays through October 2020, whitewater raft the action-packed Lehigh River Gorge and experience the best whitewater in the tri-state area during the whitewater dam release! Enjoy 12 miles and four to five hours of Class II to III whitewater rafting in the Poconos.

With Halloween just around the corner, the little ones will delight in various activities like the Pumpkin Festival, or you can take a drive down Spooky Stroudsburg to see the Halloween decorations on each storefront. For the braver souls, one can take a ride after dark on the Monster Coaster, and it will take you through the night with scary surprises along the way!

For adults wishing to get the Halloween spirit, the Halloween Party at ShawneeCraft will get you in the jive! Come wearing your scary costumes and enjoy the night away with prizes, beer, and entertainment! Other attractions are also available to keep that heart pumping fast!

You can also try Waldorf Estate of FEAR, Hotel of Horror and Altered Nightmares, as well as the Halloween Fright Time Zip and Climb, where you can enjoy three hours of adventure park high ropes and zip lines, spooky music, and sound effects, treats for guests, and Halloween themed decorations throughout the park. Guests are encouraged to come in costumes that are friendly to the gear! Remember: Costumes must work comfortably with a harness and helmet to be worn during activities.

To match these exciting activities, you can race your friends through the night sky on the 1000’ Double Barrel Zip Line past the shadowy creatures below, where the only light is from passing fireflies and distant torches!

During the winter, lug along your ski and snowboard and challenge yourself versus the 185 slopes and trails of this beautiful countryside!  Explore the beautiful countryside on pristine cross-country, snowmobile, and horseback trails. Take in the winter beauty of the Pocono Mountains on a sleigh-ride or set out on snowshoes. Mush a team of dog sleds or ice skate and fish your way around one of our many lakes. Groups looking to take to the Tippmann Castle or the woodlands can challenge themselves to a paintball game during the winter season.

Discover quaint shops in snow-covered, historical downtown areas, or snap a photo of a bald eagle. Or just snuggle by the fire with a mug of steaming cocoa. So the next time you’re thinking of a cozy winter getaway, think Poconos winter activities because no matter what winter sport floats your boat, you are sure to be exhilarated by all the things to do in Poconos in winter!

When coming to the Poconos toward the third quarter of the year, bring along your ski equipment for the Annual Ski Swap, this is usually around mid-November; Bring equipment to sell or come to shop for yourself. Guenther’s Ski Haus will bring hundreds of new and used skis, snowboards, and boots to sell. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Lackawaxen Ambulance Service.

While at it, you can also replenish your ski equipment! The Winter Tent is having its annual sale in the last week of October 2020. Get new and used gear to hit the slopes in style this season! Located in the Valley at the base of Blue Mountain, the Winter Season Tent Sale is presented by the True Blue Mountain Sports Store. If you need some rad-hard goods, new or used ski and board equipment, fresh soft goods, contemporary apparel, and accessories – you’re in luck!

For those wishing a more laid back approach to de-stressing, you can opt for a peaceful ride with a fantastic view of nature! Take the Lehigh Gorge Scenic Train Excursions – This 70-minute train ride follows the majestic Lehigh River over bridges, through Glen Onoko, and into the Lehigh Gorge State Park. High-rising cliffs, mountain scenery, and wildlife surround the train along the forested route to Old Penn Haven. A ride to remember!

Need to stretch your legs? Take a hike and discover the science behind the beautiful season of fall. Feast your eyes on the views of fantastic foliage! Discuss changing animal behavior, why leaves change color, and why it’s the best season to be out and about! You can join the Signs of Fall Hike, which is usually held around the third quarter of the year. Or, you can get those muscles geared up and get your two-wheel through the Bike McDade Bike Trail!

After the adrenaline-packed adventures, you can head straight to the Farm-To-Table restaurants; the Pocono Mountains region includes various restaurants, cafes, and breweries that have adopted farm-to-table practices into their plates. In committing to sustainability and health, restaurants locally sourced organic ingredients to help handcraft menu items. Enjoy distinctive dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; you won’t leave disappointed!

Other dining choices are available, such as Outdoor Dining, Fine Dining, Brew Pubs and Grills, Casino Dining, and Delis and cafes. If you are with your family, worry no more as family-friendly restaurants are also there for a relaxing time with your loved ones!

Before heading home, be sure to swing by the Pocono Organic Farm Market and Café! Shop the freshest USDA Certified Organic produce, a variety of local organic meats, and shelves stocked full of organic items that have been picked for you! Pocono Organics will be your one-stop-shop for all things organic!

No matter what time of the year you venture to the Pocono Mountains, you are sure to leave with your hearts full of beautiful experiences!


Making the decision to say, “I do,” to the one you love most is an exciting life milestone. Once the commitment has been agreed to, it’s time for the wedding planning to begin! Picking the perfect place to exchange vows in front of family and friends can be just as thrilling as the engagement, particularly for the adventurous couple looking for a scenic destination for the ceremony that might just take them outside of the comforts of their hometown.

No matter what time of year you’re considering getting married, couples that can’t wait to celebrate their love with a destination ceremony will find the Poconos to be a place that combines the best of scenery and options for fun even beyond the wedding day. Offering up a landscape complete with lush forests, beautiful waterways, and a mountainous terrain that captivates the mind and imagination, it’s easy for couples to fall in love with the Poconos when considering the perfect place to exchange vows.

While this area is home to a variety of venue options, there’s nothing more inviting, convenient, or luxurious than hosting a Pocono wedding within the elegant parameters of a one of a kind vacation rental assisted by the team at Pocono Mountain Rentals.

Start with Location: Create a Customized Wedding Experience

From Lake Harmony to Split Rock, Big Boulder to Brier Crest, couples looking to host a wedding in the Poconos will find that our collection of impressive properties can be customized to fit their ideal wedding style with ease. From sprawling multi-level homes with sensational mountain views to those that speak to a cozier aesthetic complete with hidden away ponds in forested surroundings, couples can pick and choose from destinations that bring their vision to life. Many of our properties lean toward rustic-chic appeal, ideal for the destination wedding couple that’s looking to cater to a more natural scene. For the couple that has a heart for modern décor with options to get out into nature for pictures, or once the ceremony comes to an end, we’re happy to offer up wedding rentals that are as innovative in design as they are situated within proximity to some of the Poconos most scenic stops.

Elegant Features to Make Your Big Day a Dream Come True

Whether a couple is planning to exchange vows indoors during the day or outdoors under the stars, our luxurious rentals offer up the fantastic features and options you deserve. Spacious open concept designs dominate many of our floorplans, creating plenty of space for a large living room to be decked out in ceremonial flair when an indoor moment is preferred. From cathedral windows that keep the outdoors close without having to worry about the weather to floor to ceiling stone fireplaces that bring a romantic touch to the moment, guests can dictate every detail of their indoor ceremony.

For those that prefer to wed in the open-air, many of our luxurious properties come complete with sprawling balconies, perfect for framing the view and offering up a space for guests to gather as couples profess their love. Homes with multi-level balconies come with built-in options for a transition from an outdoor ceremony space to a reception area below with ease. Inside, the fully equipped kitchens provide for an ideal space to keep appetizers, beverages, meal options, and more ready to go for when it’s time to dine in true wedding style.

A Picture-Perfect Day

The beauty of the Poconos provides a naturally inspiring backdrop for one of a kind wedding photos. Those couples that book into our luxurious properties to host their big day will find that the vast majority offer up the scenery you crave right in the backyard. You won’t have to travel anywhere at all to capture those important moments from your big day!

Enough Space for Everyone to Celebrate

Your wedding ceremony may only be an hour, but it’s likely that the celebration and party will continue on well beyond the moment you say I do! When you know you’ll have plenty of friends and family longing to stay and celebrate in style, hosting your wedding in one of our luxurious vacation homes provides plenty of space for everyone. From large living rooms and sitting spaces to outdoor seating areas, dining rooms, and more, it’s simple to settle in and feel comfortable celebrating your big day just the way you want. For the guests that are looking to stay overnight, our properties can be booked to include as many bedrooms as required. With a portfolio of property options able to accommodate upwards of 21 guests, there’s no reason to cut the celebration short.

Enjoy Your Surroundings

The landscape that awaits when you plan your perfect Pocono wedding is sure to inspire couples and guests alike to make the most of the time in the great outdoors. From exploring nearby lakes via kayak to hikes through nature preserves and time spent wine tasting or visiting historical landmarks, your pre and post-wedding excursions can be just as personalized as your ceremony!

Book Your Event

Whether you’re in town for a wedding or just looking forward to enjoying time away, the team at Pocono Mountain Rentals is here to help make sure you have the luxurious accommodations to match. Contact us today to learn more about our many options.

With the holidays just around the corner, families, and friends near and far are beginning to think of those end of the year traditions that have long come to define this space on the calendar. From savory meals around large tables and gift giving to fun gatherings and events, the holidays often revolve around time spent together.

It’s no understatement to say that 2020 has brought its fair share of changes and challenges to everyone. While the appeal of sticking to the known is strong, this year, it may be time to swap out some of those traditional holiday season moments for something entirely new! Instead of holding fast to the standard, consider taking your holiday to a new level of fun by gathering your loved ones and making some incredible memories in the Poconos this year. Put a refreshing end to 2020 by spending time with family and friends in a space where the beauty of the outdoors is a highlight of your stay and comfort, luxury and style are sure to inspire. Whether you’re one for hitting the slopes, exploring the wintery trails, or making the most of savory stops along the way, the mountains, forests, sprawling skies, and wonderful wildlife make the Poconos a place where you can focus on the fun and leave your cares behind this holiday.

Savor the Space and Style

Whether it’s you and your loved one celebrating the season or you’re headed this way with extended family or a group of friends, our portfolio of rental properties has the space, style, and comfort that you deserve during a fun-filled getaway. Many of our properties feature the best of large and new construction, ensuring that you and your traveling crew will enjoy open living designs that keep everyone comfortable and feeling pampered from the moment they walk through the front door! Your mountain holiday away is sure to be filled with joy and ease as you transition between living, dining, and sleeping areas without any trouble at all. Many of our rentals feature fantastic views and keep rustic charm top of mind with furnishings that are cozy, inviting, and always leaning towards the aesthetic that reflects the beauty of the great outdoors. Full kitchens make it simple to cook up a home-style meal, even when you’re far from the home you know while dining room tables can be furnished to reflect the ambiance you’ve always loved during the holidays. Large living rooms provide plenty of space to socialize while spacious bedrooms with plush mattresses make for wonderful places to rest up for a day of fun ahead. For those in your group who still have some work to get done during the holidays, our rentals have plenty of rooms that make for comfortable offices.

The Delightful Indulgences That Inspire

While many of your favorite traditions can be translated right in the space and comfort of your rental, there are indulgent holiday extras available when you book with us this season that are sure to elevate your experience! Whether it’s stargazing from the comfort of your outdoor fireplace in the crisp winter air or settling into the bubbles of your private hot tub, there’s no reason not to add some luxury into your Poconos stay! If you happen to be traveling with little ones, don’t hesitate to inquire about our holiday rentals that include spacious game rooms—perfect for making memories with the family when you’re in the mood for some friendly competition.

The Best of Outdoor Activities at the Holidays

There’s nothing like a holiday trip to the Poconos to motivate travelers to make the most of every moment by rounding out the itinerary with seasonal options for fun. While you’re here, take advantage of wintery activities such as downhill skiing, snowboarding, and ice skating when you’re ready to enjoy the best of the great outdoors. Travelers will find that options to enjoy snowshoeing and cross-country skiing can be just as fun! Many of our properties keep you close to these exciting options making for a convenient, comfortable, and inspiring stay. Additionally, the Poconos is home to a number of local wineries which are open during the winter season for tours and tastings. Please the palate alongside those you love most by booking your time in one of these savory stops and making memories that are sure to last well beyond the holidays! There’s nothing quite like learning about the wine-making process while being cozied up indoors with the added benefit of a wonderful mountain view waiting for you.

Learn More About Skiing Here!

Book Your Stay Today

When you’re ready to turn holiday vacation plans into a reality, be sure to set your sights on the beautiful Poconos and let the team at Pocono Mountain Rentals handle your accommodation details. We’ll be sure to get you settled into a space where you can make the most of the holiday fun while indulging in the extras you deserve. Contact us today for more information and to get started!

This scenic and inspiring destination is known and loved for its dynamic landscape complete with rivers, streams, forested peaks, and rolling hills. Combined, the effect has a way of spurring on the imagination and inviting visitors to get out and get a closer look. For the guest that finds their peace of mind with boots laced up and hitting the trails, the Poconos offers up a plethora of options when it comes to routes and pathways that highlight the best of the terrain. While taking in the flora and fauna is sure to delight, there’s nothing quite like finding that trek that comes with the reward of a cascade encounter along the way. When you’re ready to elevate your Pocono hiking experience, be sure to add these waterfall hikes to your list of must-try routes while you’re in town!

Bushkill Falls

Frequently referred to as the Niagara of Pennsylvania, Bushkill Falls should top every hiker’s list who has a passion for unique paths that lead to inspiring natural sights. Perhaps one of the most scenic destinations within the Pocono Mountains, Bushkill Falls isn’t a single cascade, but a series of eight impressive waterfalls that are nestled deep within the terrain. Hikers are immersed in forested surroundings as they traverse a series of bridges and interwoven trails to reach the falls—some of which tumble from an impressive height of around 100 feet from the top of the main fall to the lower gorge. Because Bushkill Falls is located on privately owned land, purchasing tickets to hike the trails leading to the cascades is necessary prior to exploring. Gates open at 10:00 am and ticket sales end at 5:00 pm. Water and snacks are permitted on the trails leading to Bushkill Falls, and no matter when you arrive, it’s advisable to have binoculars in hand, as this area is home to a variety of birds and other wildlife worth observing from a distance. Bushkill Falls is located off of Bushkill Road in Bushkill, Pennsylvania.

More Outdoor Adventures Await!

Dingmans Falls

Those that are looking to encounter the biggest and the best of Pocono waterfalls will find everything they’re looking for and more on a trek to the iconic Dingmans Falls. Situated at 224 Dingman Falls Road in Dingmans Ferry, this cascade holds the impressive title of second highest in the state. Visitors from near and far trek out to Dingmans Falls to witness the cascade plunge from a breathtaking height of 130 feet up. The journey to Dingmans Falls begins at the visitor center where guests can easily access the boardwalk. This path invites guests to journey through a hemlock-covered ravine which is worth a photo or two. On the righthand side, Silverthread Falls will come quickly into view and is sure to inspire with its 80-foot drop. Stay and admire the view before continuing on the path following the hemlock tree-lined pathway. Soon enough, Dingmans Falls comes into view and the trail itself leads directly to the base of the cascade. The viewing platform provides just the right place to capture the beauty of this waterfall on camera or simply stand and admire the sight for as long as you’d like. For a more unique perspective on the falls, consider hiking just a bit further and heading up the nearby staircase which provides a more sky-high view of the water as it tumbles into the pool below.

Raymondskill Falls

Integrated into the scenic Delaware Watergap Recreation Area, Raymondskill Falls is another wonderful natural highlight to be enjoyed as part of an inspiring hike that’s well worth the effort. The trek to Raymondskill Falls may not be long, but it’s extremely rewarding and great for the hiker looking to enjoy time in nature with family and friends of varying ages and hiking abilities. Just under half a mile, the Raymondskill Creek Trail is an out and back route with a gentle elevation change of 178 feet. Once you reach the falls, you’ll want to stay awhile and admire the view you’ve come for. Raymondskill Falls is a series of three cascades tiered one upon the other, creating a dynamic and satisfying final product. Options to view the falls happen at two levels: one at the top of the falls and a lower viewing platform that’s popular amongst photographers. No matter which walkway you choose, a trip here is sure to bring you back time and again.

Savor the Mountain Stay

No matter what time of year you find yourself enjoying the best of the Poconos, let the team at Pocono Mountain Rentals take care of your accommodation details. We’ll get you settled into a comfortable, stylish, and convenient space that keeps you close to those destinations you’re excited to explore! Contact us today to learn more and to begin planning your next adventure.

When it comes to inspiring destinations in the U.S., the Poconos has a way with wildlife and sensational scenery that’s difficult to top. Dotted with mountain peaks and lakes and complete with rolling green hills, forested terrain, and rivers that wind throughout, the Poconos wildlife is truly a small piece of paradise for the outdoor enthusiast longing to explore. From its unique origins to its present-day beauty, the Poconos is a destination that’s designed by nature to be as inviting as it is inspiring.

History and Formation of the Poconos

The dynamic landscapes that make up the Poconos as it’s known and loved today has an intriguing history dating back an impressive 400 million years. The Pocono Mountains are an integrated feature of the Allegheny Plateau and greater Appalachians sitting just south of the Catskills. Experts and historians believe that the Poconos are the result of an uplifted plain that was created as the plates of North American and Africa initially collided. The Pocono Plateau, which sits just northwest of the Appalachian Plateau, is the result of a massive sandstone wall known as the Pocono Escarpment acting as a natural dividing line through the region. This natural divide also causes the Pocono Plateau to enjoy a higher elevation than its counterpart, the Glaciated Low Plateau. Altogether, these shifts and divides have created a landscape that is beautiful to encounter and impressive in its versatility.

Marine Life That Calls the Poconos Home

Ponds, rivers, lakes, streams, and waterfalls are all defining features of the Poconos landscape and ultimately provide a variety of habitats for marine life in the area to thrive. From the Delaware River to the Mosaic Mountains, the Poconos provides a long list of ecosystems that are ideal for underwater creatures to prosper. When it comes to fish, the Poconos enjoys an abundance of species. Trout are particularly viable in the waters of the Poconos and can be identified in several subspecies including brown, rainbow, and brook. Trout are often found in combination with catfish and panfish, as well as both smallmouth and largemouth bass in many of the waterways that run through the Poconos region. Destinations within the Poconos such as Promised Land State Park are ideal for those that are excited to encounter species such as yellow perch, pickerel, and muskellunge.

Plant and Animal Life

The Poconos covers nearly 2,000 square miles of land in Pennsylvania, providing plenty of space for not only animals to thrive but an incredible variety of plants to grow as well. Those visitors to the Poconos with a passion for bird watching will find that this region is an oasis of potential as it’s estimated to be home to more than 260 species of birds. From great blue herons and turkey vultures to bald eagles, mallards, and loons, there’s no shortage of winged creatures worth keeping your eyes open to spot. Moving from sky to ground, the Poconos is home to many creatures that move between land and sea such as box turtles, wood turtles, and garter and ringneck snakes. It’s even possible to spot a mink or two moving stealthily along the shorelines of the Poconos. As it concerns larger mammals in the region, a hike through the Poconos on any given day may offer up the opportunity to spot a white-tailed deer, coyote, red fox, black bear, or bobcat.

For those that are in the Poconos to enjoy and admire the many trees, plants, and flowers that grow in the region, there’s much to take in and savor. From red mulberry and redbud trees that bloom in the spring to towering hickory trees looming overhead, the Poconos is lush with greenery that’s as enjoyable as it is inspiring. White pine and eastern hemlock also dot the region, adding a unique contrast and texture to the landscape. For the visitor that finds joy in identifying wildflowers, the Poconos offers up a collection that includes everything from Japanese painted ferns and lavender to coneflowers and bee balm in abundance. In addition, the presence of milkweed and black-eyed Susan in the area are a great draw when it comes to attracting butterfly populations.

Wildlife and Plant Spotting Destinations

There’s much to be enjoyed in the way of scenery and wildlife in the Poconos and a list of destinations where they can be spotted in combination is always a good idea. For those interested in making the most of wildflower blooms, head over to Hornbeck’s Creek when you have the chance. While the Delaware Water Gap Recreation Area is loved by bird spotters, Big Pocono State Park is a great destination to keep in mind when you’re looking forward to encounters with larger mammals.

Enjoy the Poconos Adventure

Whenever you find yourself in the Poconos, the team at Pocono Mountain Rentals is happy to help you settle into just the right home away from home to maximize your stay. You can even treat this as a field trip for your little ones who are still in school! Let us take care of the details when it comes to comfortable, convenient, and luxurious accommodations that elevate your experience from start to finish. Contact us for more information and to start planning.

Known for its four seasons of stunning scenery and fun, the Poconos is a place where everyone from the solo traveler to families can find something that piques their interests. As summer fades into fall, the Poconos comes to life with options for outdoor adventure. When you can’t wait to get out of town and enjoy time in a place that’s as breathtaking as it is exciting, be sure to add these ultimate fun Poconos fall activities to your must-try list!

Take a Moyer Aviation Air Tour

There’s nothing more thrilling than taking a vacation to new heights, and when you book an air tour with the team at Moyer Aviation, new perspectives are yours for the taking this fall. Situated at 188 Airport Drive in Tobyhanna, Moyer Aviation has been an icon of aviation services in the area for over 35 years and offers up everything from flight training and aircraft sales to maintenance, and of course, exciting chartered flights. Air tours are available to the public year-round between 8:00 am and sunset and include options to customize your time in the sky as you travel over Lake Harmony and the Delaware Water Gap, or focus on a combination of lake, river, and mountain views.

Go Biking

The dynamic landscape of the Poconos in combination with changing fall colors makes taking time to hit the trails by bike a favorite activity this time of year. Consider teaming up with the experts at Pocono Biking located at 7 Hazard Square in Jim Thorpe when you’re looking to make the most of your two-wheeled adventures. Ready and waiting to rent out Trek Bikes, Pocono Biking can also offer up advice on some of the best routes to enjoy. Specializing in trips through the Lehigh Gorge, guests can pick and choose between guided tours or independent travels covering distance over a few hours or turning the adventure into a full day of fun.

Enjoy Horseback Riding

When you’re in the mood to enjoy the scenery at a more leisurely pace but in unique style, be sure to book a horseback riding adventure when you’re visiting the Poconos this fall. There are a variety of stables that offer up guided trail rides, ideal for admiring fall foliage or simply enjoying a relaxing afternoon of fun with friends and family. Whether you go with the team at Deer Path Riding Stable in White Haven or Daisy Field Farm, there’s no reason to be an expert before you arrive. Both stables offer up the gear and instruction you’ll need prior to riding so that guests feel comfortable enough to take to the trails and savor time adventuring through the landscape on horseback.

Take Scenic Drive

From mountain peaks and rolling hills to lakes and rivers that wind between it all, the Poconos is made up of scenery that’s designed by nature to inspire. While it’s beautiful any time of year, there’s something special about the hues that are offered up during the fall season, and one of the best ways to take it all in is to plan a scenic drive or two during your stay. For those that have a heart for history and can’t wait to take photographs of beautiful waterways, a drive along the scenic Delaware Water Gap is a must. With roots dating back to the 1600s, this path is perfect for the history buff who also has a heart for sensational scenery and lush foliage. If you’re more looking for a vantage point with a bird’s eye view, be sure to put a drive through Big Pocono State Park at the top of your list. The path to the summit of Camelback Mountain is entirely paved, making this trip as smooth and convenient as it is thrilling once you reach the top.


Savor Time Boating

The weather may be in the process of changing, but that doesn’t mean a fun day of boating in the Poconos is out of reach when you make your way this direction in the fall. Whether you’re looking to spend some time kayaking and canoeing through an afternoon or can’t wait to make the most of time on a pontoon, the team at Yeti WaterSports has the rental you’ll need. Located at 100 Moseywood Road in Lake Harmony, Yeti WaterSports is a premier area provider of all things fun under the sun and on the waves.

Get Golfing

For the traveler to the Poconos in the fall that can’t imagine a getaway without a tee time firmly in place, there are plenty of options for fun on the greens. Split Rock Golf Club is a great place to start when you’re looking to enjoy a challenging, yet exciting 18-hole experience. In addition to traditional rounds on the course, visitors can take advantage of booking lessons in advance to sharpen up skills and will want to swing by the pro shop before heading out for the day. Split Rock Golf Club is located at 140 Wolf Hollow Road in Lake Harmony.

Hike the Trails

Great weather, wonderful seasonal changes, and options for viewing wildlife all are defining features of autumn in the Poconos. These features also make this a spectacular destination for lacing up the boots and hitting the hiking trails while you’re here. For those that are looking for leisurely routes with amazing water views, be sure to set your sights on the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. Lehigh Gorge State Park is the perfect hiking destination for those that are looking to mix and match trail difficulty levels while potentially combining hikes with biking opportunities too. Hiking the trail to Bushkill Falls is ideal for the adventurer that has a heart for cascade chasing treated as a reward to a challenging trek.

Enjoy These Poconos Fall Activities

Whether you’re an autumn traveler or arriving in the Poconos any other time of year, the team at Pocono Mountain Rentals has the home away from home you deserve. Contact us today to learn more about our many area property options and to begin planning your adventure.

When the weather starts to cool and summer slows down, it’s a great time to visit the Poconos. This oasis of outdoor recreation and fun is an idyllic place to set your sights when you’re looking to leave summer behind on a sweet note. The end of the summer season sees the Poconos beginning to enjoy a quieter ambiance, much to the delight of travelers that are looking to take advantage of the many rivers, lakes, forests, valleys and trails without having to contend with the crowds. When you’re ready to relax, unwind and enjoy a scenic journey to the fullest, put the Poconos on your calendar this year and be sure to add the following stops to the itinerary.

Visit Lehigh Gorge State Park

Waterfalls, rivers, and lush vegetation are all defining features of Lehigh Gorge State Park, making it an absolute must for the outdoor enthusiast who is planning a trip to the Poconos this year. Boasting 6,107 acres of land to be enjoyed, visitors to Lehigh Gorge State Park can just as easily take time to hike the scenic trails and enjoy the view as they can take to the waterways in the name of rafting and kayaking adventures. Biking is a popular activity in this particular park for those that prefer to take to trails on two wheels while fishing is another activity to be enjoyed when you prefer a more leisurely pace.

Tour Hawks Falls

The dramatic terrain of the Poconos makes it a cascade hunters dream come true and when you’re looking to add a landmark or two to the list, don’t miss out on Hawks Falls. Located in beautiful Lake Harmony, Hawks Falls sits at the end of a tranquil hiking path and is as easy to climb as it is to photograph from the ground. Many visitors stop to take a dip in its cooling waters while others prefer to marvel at the lush surroundings in which they find themselves.

Spend Time at Camelback Mountain Adventures

When you’re looking for a thrill, the team at Camelback Mountain Adventures has the solution. This outdoor adventure company provides guess with options to take in the terrain from a brand-new perspective thanks to a collection of ziplines reaching speeds of up to 60 miles per hour! Ranging from 1,000 to 4,000 feet in length, these zip lines are sure to be a highlight of your journey. Bring your sense of adventure and a camera for this one of a kind stop while you’re in town.

Book an End of Summer Stay Today

The Poconos promises to be the ultimate end of summer destination and when you’re here, the team at Pocono Mountain Rentals has the accommodations you’ll need to elevate your experience from start to finish. Contact us to learn more and to start planning.

Get ready for another exciting spring season when you book a getaway to the Poconos. Our mountain escape is the perfect place to enjoy spring activities and holidays such as Easter. Easter 2020 in the Poconos is a great way to avoid the summer crowds and spend your Easter doing something different. Here is what you can expect from Easter in the Poconos:

Easter Brunch at Memorytown’s Heritage Barn

Start your Easter holiday off right with a delicious Easter brunch found exclusively at Memorytown’s Heritage Barn. You will not find run-of-the-mill diner quality meals but instead freshly prepared brunch items that are sure to satisfy your morning craving. Entrees will include freshly made omelets at the omelet station, homemade quiche, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, bagels, fresh fruit, and more. A variety of sweets will also be available to satisfy your sweet tooth including cheesecake, desserts, and some cookies. The adults will be able to grab their favorite adult beverage to pair with their meal to make it a true brunch event. The meal starts at $21.95 for adults, $10.95 for children under 10, and absolutely free for children under 5. Make sure to call ahead to place your reservation by dialing 570-839-1680 (#1).

West End Park Easter Egg Hunt

Easter would not be celebrated right if you did not let your children go out for an exciting Easter egg hunt. This annual tradition can be found at many community centers in the Pocono Mountains, including churches and libraries. The West End Park puts on their annual Easter egg hunt every year, allowing your young children to act like Sherlock Holmes and track down some exciting treats. This event hands out thousands of treats and prize eggs to those who compete. You can find this event at Ross Township Park in Saylorsburg.

Easter Brunch, Egg Hunt, and Golf

Why let the kids have all the fun when the adults can enjoy a round or two of golf at the Great Bear Golf Club. This nearby golf club has some of the best courses around and hosts their annual Easter brunch and egg hunt. That is fun for the whole family! Children can enjoy the games for free with this exciting event.

More to Enjoy During Easter 2020 in the Poconos

These are some of the many exciting ways for you to spend your Easter 2020 in the Poconos. Act now and see which rentals we will have available for your stay!

The Pocono Mountains are a unique travel destination full of outdoor activities and lively attractions. This can make it a little difficult for new travelers when first visiting our area. Luckily, there are quite a few ways you can make it easy on yourself when preparing for your journey. Here are three tips that will help you pack light for Poconos traveling:

Leave the Entertainment at Home

We always want to be prepared for our vacation, and that can mean packing plenty of entertainment options in case you find some downtime. You can leave all the video games and other entertainment items at home, as our vacation rentals typically offer plenty to keep you busy. This can include board games that are a great way to bring the family together, and larger vacation rentals may even include billiards and ping pong tables. Now that is a fun way to enjoy some downtime!

Pack for the Season

The Poconos is known for snowy winters and mild summers. That means you can dress for the season and leave other items of clothing at home. When traveling to the Poconos in the winter, you know you will not need any shorts or short sleeve shirts. The opposite is true during the summer, as a light jacket will be all you need for cooler nights. By keeping your bag light, you can make it easier on yourself when getting around during your travels.

Book Seasonal Rentals Here!

Stock Up at the Local Markets

There is no reason to spend a fortune on dining out for every meal during Poconos traveling adventures. The same can be said for bringing plenty of food from home that can easily spoil. Make it easy on yourself by taking advantage of the spacious kitchens our vacation rentals offer. Local markets like The Poconos Farm Market and the Pocono Farm Stand & Nursey are two of the most popular markets in town where you can get plenty of food to cook with. Our kitchens are also stocked with all the cookware you need, allowing you to create delicious meals at your leisure!

More Fun to Be Had With Poconos Traveling

Now that you do not have to worry about overpacking, you can start preparing for your journey to the Poconos. Our vacation rentals will keep you comfortable throughout your stay and close to everything that makes the Pocono Mountains so exciting.

Take a break from the ordinary and do something exciting for this year’s St. Patrick’s Day. This spring holiday usually finds the Poconos a little quieter than the rest of the season. Take advantage of this time to enjoy a vacation getaway like no other. Take a look at the special activities and events you can enjoy during the Poconos St Patrick’s Day:

Annual Poconos St. Patrick’s Day Parade

One of the most exciting all-ages events you can celebrate the holiday with is the Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade. This local event will highlight everything you love about St. Patrick’s Day in an exciting parade. This year’s parade will start off at Stroudsburg High School before ending at Crystal Street. The parade is absolutely free to attend and will take place on March 22nd at

1:30 PM in Stroudsburg.

St. Patrick’s Day Celebration at the Settler’s Inn
Each year the Settler’s Inn offers an exciting St. Patrick’s Day celebration that is full of live music and delicious food. This year’s event will showcase local musicians, The Blarney Boys, as they take the stage inside this popular venue. Entry is free but you will want to dine in on the delicious Irish cuisine on the menu that is served a la carte. We expect this will be a popular event, so call for reservations by dialing 570-226-2993. This year’s event will take place Sunday March 17th from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM.

Find Your Green Beer

No Poconos St. Patrick’s Day event is complete without finding some delicious green beer for the evening. The Poconos is surrounded by lively bars and pubs that are entertaining and provide such drinks. The Original Pocono Pub and Grill is an old-fashioned tavern that features nightly events, including drink specials for St. Patrick’s Day. The taps are always flowing with delicious beer, so make sure to drop in to see what beverages will suit your holiday celebration. Additional bars in town include Burke’s Tavern and Jubilee Restaurant, each with drink specials and various food items on the menu.

More to Celebrate within the Poconos

These are just a few ways to celebrate your Poconos St. Patrick’s Day holiday. You can also enjoy local skiing or get out and explore the beautiful surroundings. At the end of a fun day, keep warm in our exclusive vacation rentals in the area. Call today and see which rentals will be available for your stay in the Poconos.

If you want to see some of the most majestic scenery that Pennsylvania has to offer, look no further than the Pocono Mountains. Our travel destination is full of incredible activities that are perfect for a lone traveler to enjoy. Check out these fun Poconos activities for solo travelers:

Explore the Delaware Water Gap National Recreational Area

As mentioned, you will find some unbelievable scenery when visiting the Pocono Mountains. The Delaware Water Gap National Recreational Area is one of the natural wonders of our country and world. What makes this park so special is it encompasses approximately 40 miles of the Delaware River and 67,000 acres of mountainous terrain. Get out and explore the park to see wildlife in person. Visitors can be fortunate enough to see wild bears, deer, foxes, and more among the trails. In fact, there are over 100 miles of trails that will take you to scenic spots with waterfalls, ravines, and gorges. History buffs will enjoy the fact that the Delaware Water Gap has 27 miles of the Appalachian Trail running through it. There is so much to see here you can easily spend your entire trip visiting the Delaware Water Gap.

Check Out the Local Breweries

Locals love their craft beer; join them for a pint at a local brewery! Susquehanna Brewing Company is a favorite in the area that has been operated by the same family for six generations now. Enjoy a pint of your favorite ale, including IPAs, ambers, lager, and much more. Better yet, take a free tour that is held every Saturday at 2:00 PM to see where the magic happens. Keep in mind the taproom is only open from Thursday through Sunday every week for a visit.

Go Skiing

Make the most of a winter trip by heading to Camelback Mountain Resort for some skiing. This local resort gets feet upon feet of snow each year, making for some incredible skiing conditions. Rental gear and lift passes are available for purchase at the resort, making it easy to suit up for a trek down the mountain.

Take a Look at Poconos Activities for Your Solo Trek

Now that you have an idea of what to see in the Poconos, it is time to find the perfect vacation rental. Our rentals will keep you comfortable for your stay while keeping you close to all of these exciting Poconos activities. Contact us today to book your journey!

There is nothing more magical than spending your Poconos Valentine’s Day with a loved one in the Mountains. This travel destination is the perfect place to spend some alone time and see the beauty of the Poconos. Here are some romantic activities for you to enjoy this Valentine’s Day:

Go Horseback Riding

Depending on the weather, you can enjoy a romantic horseback ride with a loved one in the Poconos. Mountain Creek Riding Stables at 6190 Paradise Valley Rd. in Cresco features guided horseback riding tours at multiple periods throughout the day. You will be shown how to effectively horseback ride so you can enjoy the views during your ride.

Go on a Couple’s Ski Trip

Skiing is one of the most popular reasons visitors frequent the Pocono Mountains during the winter season. Having a couple’s trip down the mountain is the perfect way to get become closer. Local shops have all the gear you need so nothing needs to come from home. Take an introductory lesson if either of you are rusty or haven’t skied before. Race each other down the mountain or take it at a leisurely pace; either way, romance will be following you down the trails!

Romantic Dining & Drinks for Two

No Valentine’s Day celebration is complete without a romantic dinner for two. The Poconos has several different restaurants to pick from for your candlelit dinner. Some popular options include The Frogtown Chophouse, a fine dining establishment that features a variety of entrees, as well as The Garlic Prime Steak & Seafood. As the name suggests, you can find all of your favorite cuts of steak cooked to order along with fresh seafood for which the East Coast is known. Make sure to place your reservations in advance!

You can also get comfortable at sunset as you relax with an adult beverage at a local winery. The Pocono Mountains’ climate makes it perfect for wineries to grow delicious grapes. The Blue Ridge Winery is surrounded by beautiful hills provide a romantic backdrop to your wine tasting experience. Dinner and live music is also available during the week!

Romance is Blossoming with Poconos Valentines

You can start planning for the perfect Poconos Valentine’s Day getaway by reserving your vacation rental today. Each rental offers all the amenities you’ll need for a comfortable stay. Call today and let us help you find the perfect vacation rental for your romantic getaway!

Get ready for a New Year’s celebration like no other with an adventure to the Pocono Mountains. Our outdoor paradise is the perfect destination at any time of the year. Here are the kind of activities and events you can enjoy for the upcoming New Years in the Poconos Mountains:

New Year’s Eve Tubing Party

The Pocono Mountains is one of the top destinations in the New England area for incredible skiing and snowboarding. Each year Blue Mountain puts on their annual New Year’s Eve Tubing Party that is fun for the entire family. Snow tube down the mountain until your heart is content as the slopes are lit up. The event includes an evening of snow tubing, dinner, dessert, live DJ entertainment, and much more. Adults can purchase alcoholic beverages and participate in a complimentary champagne toast at the stroke of midnight. Tickets start at just $59 per adult and $49 per youth.

Snowboard the Vacation Away

As mentioned, the Pocono Mountains have some of the best snow conditions in the Northeast. Spend your time during the day exploring the many slopes. Local resorts in town provide you with access to the lifts up the mountain through daily passes. Local shops can provide the rental gear you need. Also, make sure to take part in the many lessons available to perfect your snowboarding or skiing abilities.

Visit the Casino During New Years in the Poconos

Adults can bring in the new year while trying their hand at blackjack and many other games at Mohegan Sun Pocono Casino. A complimentary champagne toast will be held at midnight so you can usher in another exciting year. Make sure to leave the kids at home for this one!

Find an Ice Skating Rink

Another incredible winter activity you can enjoy during a New Year’s trip is ice skating! Many lakes and rivers will be completely frozen over. Local parks such as Promised Land State Park and Tobyhanna State Park are typically covered in thick ice. Always make sure to venture out with someone with you and stay safe on the ice.

Get Ready for Your New Year’s Journey to the Poconos

Our vacation rentals will keep you warm and comfortable for your New Years in the Poconos Mountains. Enjoy our luxury amenities and spacious furnishings in between your ventures into the area. Call today and let us find you the perfect vacation rental in the Poconos!

Get ready for an exciting winter getaway to the Poconos this year. You will not find a quiet and sleepy town but instead a sprawling outdoor adventure destination eagerly awaiting you. The locals know how to have fun and will show visitors what to do. Here is what you can enjoy during your Poconos getaway this winter season:

Winter Sports Everywhere

The winter season comes alive with thrilling winter sports that can be enjoyed on local peaks. The Pocono
Mountains are set up perfectly for never-ending fun in the snow. Nearby mountains that features various ski trails include Camelback Mountain, Shawnee Mountain, and Blue Mountain. Ski resorts are all over the Poconos and with them come ski lifts to take you up the mountains. All the resorts offer daily passes so you can ski for a full day. Make sure to grab all the gear you need from local shops, many of which even offer daily rentals. Make sure to take it slow on the bunny hills first or take in-depth lessons to help you get started.

Ice Skating Paradise During your Poconos Getaway

The Poconos offers multiple spots where you can enjoy seasonal ice skating. Tobyhanna State Park is a great place to get started for outdoor ponds. However, ice skaters will be at their own risk as ice thickness is not monitored; ice skating with someone else is always recommended. For a safer route, try out one of the many indoor ice skating rinks in town.

In Time for the Holidays

It would not be the winter season without a plethora of winter events in the Poconos. You can celebrate Christmas and New Year’s in style with in-town celebrations. Winter concerts will feature all of your favorite holiday carols. The Hawley Winterfest is an incredible town celebration that features activities such as sleigh rides and more.

Stay Warm at the Brewery

Keep warm during the winter by visiting one of the hundreds of breweries found around Pennsylvania, many of which can be found just a few minutes away. Come see all the local favorite spots such as Susquehanna Brewing Company and try out their handmade craft beers. Take home a growler to enjoy at your vacation rental too!

Your Winter Poconos Getaway

Make your Poconos getaway one to remember by reserving one of our winter vacation rentals in the Poconos. You will have access to luxury amenities while being just minutes away from all the activities found in the area. The Poconos is waiting for you this winter holiday!

There is something truly magical about a holiday stay in the Pocono Mountains. This winter paradise is the perfect destination to avoid the high speed life in the big city and escape to the mountains. Here is what makes the Poconos the perfect holiday destination for the upcoming Poconos winter season:

A White Christmas

If you live in a city where it does not typically snow around the holidays, you are in luck when visiting the Pocono Mountains. Our lovely area is home to over 185 different skiing trails throughout the winter season. Snow is very common around Christmas and New Year’s Eve, so you can expect some picture-perfect photos during your stay.

Plenty of Poconos Winter Activities

As mentioned, it is very common to find snow in the Pocono Mountains during the winter season. Our winter trails make the Poconos one of the most popular winter destinations around the holidays. Try your skills on the nearly unlimited number of skiing trails found on the mountains. If you have never skied before, have no fear, as local shops provide introductory lessons throughout the season and provide you with the gear you need. Additional activities include dog sledding, sleigh rides, ice skating, snowmobiling, and much more.

Holiday Events You Will Enjoy

Holidays in the Poconos are about more than just enjoying the Poconos winter sports we have available. There are plenty of holiday themed events taking place around Christmas and New Year’s Eve. One of the most popular events is the Tree Lighting Celebration over in Stroudsburg. Over 150,000 Christmas lights will be lit up on the tree in addition to fireworks in the sky. The young children will love meeting Santa at the Breakfast with Santa and Santa Express events.

Holiday Feasts

Nothing goes better with the holidays than a delicious feast with which to celebrate. Local restaurants provide all the meals you need so you do not have to worry about cooking during your well-deserved vacation. Candlelight dinners are available at select restaurants on Christmas Eve and Christmas, so make sure you reserve your table in advance!

More to Celebrate in the Poconos

There is no better time to start planning for your holiday getaway than the present. Call our rental experts today and find the perfect vacation rental to host your next family outing. We guarantee you will have the holiday you have been dreaming about in the Poconos.

If you are looking for a wonderful vacation getaway where you can experience all four seasons throughout the year and nonstop attractions, consider the Pocono Mountains. This Pennsylvania outdoor playground is an incredible destination all year round but finding the right vacation rental is just as important as the destination itself. At Pocono Mountain Rentals, we offer exclusive Pocono vacation rentals that are second to none. Come see why our rentals are considered the best in the area:

The Areas You Want to Be

Our vacation rentals and cabins can be found in all the best neighborhoods in which you want to stay. We offer privately owned homes in Split Rock, Lake Harmony, Towamensing Trails, Briercrest, and more. These neighborhoods are known in the community to offer luxury housing and everything you could need for a relaxing stay.

Never a Dull Moment

In addition to finding you the right Poconos vacation rentals for your stay, we will help you find the best attractions to keep you busy. The Pocono Mountains are full of incredible attractions throughout the year. The winter season is full of skiers and snowboarders carving their way down the many snow trails in the area. The summer season clears up for incredible golfing and hiking conditions during the day. Outdoor water parks are a blast for individuals of any age. Our vacation rentals are just minutes away from these attractions. You will be close to everything you need for an adventure-filled vacation.

Pocono Vacation Rentals with Amenities Galore

In addition to offering homes of all sizes, we pack these vacation rentals with the best amenities you can expect for thrilling vacation. Lounge on the comfortable furniture while enjoying your favorite shows on flat screen TVs or keeping up to date with those back home thanks to free Wi-Fi access. Each room can make for a comfortable office space for remote working or a classroom for online learning. The outdoor patios and decks give you plenty of space to enjoy the warm summer sun or huddle around the fire for some delicious s’mores. Hop in a swimming pool or hot tub. While amenities vary per rental, you can expect these amenities in most homes.

Get Ready for Your Stay in the Pocono Mountains

Come see why the Poconos are an outdoor paradise for all adventures. Our vacation rentals are available year round so you can find just what you are looking for. Contact our rental representatives today; we will help you find the perfect home for your family. The adventure of a lifetime awaits you in the Pocono Mountains!

The Thanksgiving holiday is the perfect time of year to be thankful for everything you have. Why not spend this Thanksgiving holiday taking your family on a well-deserved vacation getaway to the beautiful Pocono Mountains? Our delightful mountain range is the perfect destination for any family to have an incredible time. Here is how you can spend a Pocono Mountains Thanksgiving with us:

Hike Up the Bushkill Waterfalls

The temperatures may have dropped right before Thanksgiving hits in the Poconos Mountains but that does not mean you cannot get outdoors and find some of the most beautiful hikes in the area. Bushkill Falls is an absolutely gorgeous set of waterfalls that can be accessed with a short and simple walk. Several of the falls can be accessed, with the main falls being the most popular. A simple 15-minute walk up some steps will take you to some of the best scenery in all of the Pocono Mountains. Additional falls can be accessed with easy to moderate hikes approximately a mile or two in length. Make sure to wear a jacket, as the temperatures can be a bit chilly this time of year. Keep an eye out as local wildlife including black bears can be seen in the area!

Keep Warm with Some Hard Cider

As mentioned, the weather can be a bit chilly this time of year in the Pocono Mountains. In between your Thanksgiving feast and hikes in the area, make sure to keep warm with a delicious glass of hard cider. Banter’s Hard Cider has been brewing up delicious hard cider since 2009 and continues to be a local favorite. Let Steve Brancato show you his home brewed recipe that will have you become a fan instantly. Banter’s Hard Cider can be found locally in Stroudsburg.

Have a Luxury Thanksgiving Dinner at The French Manor

If you are looking for a romantic Thanksgiving dinner to share with a loved one, look no further than The French Manor. This fine dining establishment serves up a special Thanksgiving menu for dinner on the holiday. This is no amateur luxury dinner where a shirt simply needs to be tucked in. Instead, proper attire is required, including jackets for all gentleman. Children 12 years and younger are not permitted for this unique dining experience. Make sure to complete reservations in advance with The French Manor.

Thanksgiving in the Poconos Mountains

There is no better getaway for Thanksgiving than the Pocono Mountains. These activities and many more await you during your Pocono Mountains Thanksgiving. Our comfortable vacation rentals will have you relaxing in no time and ready for your next adventure!

Get outdoors and explore the incredible beauty surrounding the Pocono Mountains. This luscious landscape is best enjoyed with a knowledgeable tour guide taking you to places that even the locals don’t know about. Here are the best Poconos Mountain tours to catch:

Family Style Whitewater Rafting

There are few water sports that are more thrilling and adventurous than white water rafting. The Pocono Mountains is situated right on the Lehigh River, one of the top whitewater rafting spots in the country. Whitewater Challengers will take you on a family friendly rafting experience that everyone in your group will enjoy. Since the tour focuses on a family friendly ride, do not expect difficult whitewater rafting journeys. Your professional tour guide will show you how to navigate the treacherous waters of the Lehigh River for fun and excitement!

Stock Car Racing Experience

We will give you a pass if you decide to take a few hours away from the beauty of the Pocono Mountains. Spend this time in the seat of a professional stock car as you take three laps on a professional circuit! Stock Car Racing Experience will take you up to 160 miles per hour at the Pocono Raceway for an incredible time. You will be riding shotgun as professional drivers are required for each ride. However, multiple departure times throughout the day make it easy to fit this experience into any schedule.

Filingo Fly Fishing Poconos Mountain Rentals

Take a moment to relax with a relaxing fly fishing experience on the Delaware River system. The Pocono Mountains are known for some incredible fishing; you just need to know where to look. That is where Filingo Fly Fishing comes in with their exclusive tours around the area. You will be shown how to properly bait and throw your lines into the water in the hopes of landing a gigantic rainbow trout. Filingo Fly Fishing will take you to hidden creeks where the fish are most likely to bite. Let Filingo Fly Fishing show you how to properly fly fish in the Poconos and enjoy one of the best Poconos Mountain Tours.

More to Love in the Poconos

These are a few of the many tours you and your family can enjoy in the Pocono Mountains. Our vacation rentals will keep you close to everything there is to see and do in the area. Simply call our rental experts today and get ready for an adventure in the Pocono Mountains!

If you have never experienced the Poconos during the fall season, you are missing one of the most beautiful times of the year here. Lake Harmony and the surrounding areas see tree leaves change to their rustic oranges and reds and the temperatures sit at a crisp yet very enjoyable level. There is not a better time to see all this than during your children’s fall break from school. Here are some activities the whole family can enjoy on your Poconos vacation:

Take a Hike to Hawks Falls

It does not matter how cold the water is, kids will almost always be willing to jump into a body of water at any time of the year! Take advantage of the beautiful weather and make a trek over to Hawks Falls. The hike itself is more of a walk and can be completed by anyone in the family. Once you get to the falls you will find a cascading waterfall that is worth every picture you take. The pool below is very enjoyable throughout most of the year, but you may want to save swimming for a summer trip!

Explore Lake Harmony

One of the most popular activities throughout the year is touring Lake Harmony itself. Take advantage of the slower tourist season and book your own cruise to explore the lake. Several charter companies are in the area and will take you to the most scenic areas around. The lake may not be very big but the knowledgeable tour guides more than make up for its size with great insights and a thorough history into this beautiful region.

Get Crazy at 940 Golf N’ Fun

If you need a little help wearing down your kids’ unlimited energy reserves, take them over to 940 Golf N’ Fun. This local entertainment center features all of the fun and excitement of arcades, mini golf, bumper cars, and so much more. The older kids will also have a blast with the paintball arena where they can challenge each other to an exciting matchup. Golf N’ Fun is open until 11:00pm every day of the week so you can have late night fun all throughout your trip.

The Poconos This Fall

Make sure to give your family the fall vacation they deserve with a fall getaway to the Poconos. Our vacation rentals will keep you close to the lake and offer access to all of these activities and more. Let us find the perfect rental for your family Poconos vacation!

Now that Winter is finally here, bring your Family and Friends to The Poconos for some Reindeer Games. Skiing, Snowboarding and Tubing are just a few of the Pocono snow activities available for fun and good times. When you’re ready to thaw out after a long day in the crisp Mountain air, come back and relax in one of our stunning homes in the Lake Harmony area which are equipped for what you need to get cozy and create memories. Check availability, especially in the Big Boulder area, and book online today.

Arctic Paws Dog Sled Tours is the dog sled training adventure in the Pocono Mountains. You learn to mush a team of Huskies on a groomed trail and participate in the entire adventure. This is not a ride, it’s a learning experience and adventure of a lifetime! Reservations for hour-long, weekend dog sledding Poconos tours will be accepted beginning December 1, 2018. No-snow training tours begin December 15. Tours will become snow tours once trails are sufficiently covered. Reservations are required and made online only. Payment the day of the tour is by cash only. Arctic Paws Dog Sled Tours is based at Manor Sports at Pocono Manor Resort & Spa. See website for details about dog sledding in the Poconos at Arctic Paws Dog Sled Tours. Then, check out the wide selection of vacation rentals offered by Pocono Mountain Rentals: we offer short term, weekly, and long term rentals in the Pocono area, perfect for enjoying this activity and more!

A sure sign of the arrival of Winter is the Snowmakers roaring to life at Big Boulder and all the Poconos Ski Resorts. The cold temps and flying flakes will help to put your Family and Friends in a festive Holiday mood so come to one of our beautiful Mountain homes in the Lake Harmony area to celebrate the season and create memories. Go on a snowy adventure while Skiing, Snowboarding and Tubing. Stroll through Winter Wonderlands and quaint Historic Towns. Shop at Premium Outlets and fantastic Boutiques. Sip on Cider and Hot Chocolate at local Restaurants. With Ski season kicking off early, our homes at Poconos Ski Resorts will book fast so check availability and book online today.

Wishing everyone a Happy Poconos Thanksgiving from Pocono Mountain Rentals and to remind you that Winter has arrived in The Poconos so bring your Family and Friends for good food, good company and good times. Check availability in Brier Crest, Big boulder, and more, and book online today.

Last week’s arrival of the first Snowstorm and the chilly temps allowing for man-made snow has lead to the opening for some Ski Trails on the Poconos Ski Mountains. Our fantastic Mountain homes in the Lake Harmony area are close to Big Boulder Ski Resort which has opened some trails. Gather your Family and Friends for Skiing, Snowboarding and Tubing then return to our homes for some cozy relaxation and good times. Winter dates will fill in fast so check availability and book online today.

When the cold wind is blowing and the snowflakes are falling, The Poconos are the perfect place to stay warm and cozy with Family and Friends. Our stunning Mountain homes in the Lake Harmony area are well equipped with all you’ll need for good times and creating magical memories during a winter getaway in the Poconos. They are also centrally located to all the seasons best activities and events. Skiing, Tubing and Snowboarding. Holiday shopping in Outlets and Boutiques. Caroling and Old Fashion Christmas tours. And don’t forget Santa Trains. Everyone will be entertained and full of the holiday spirit. Dates are filling in fast so check availability and book online today. Visit for just the holiday, or for a week, or even longer; either way, we will have the perfect winter getaway in the Poconos for your vacation!

With Snow on the way, and a decent base being made at Big Boulder, looks like Winter is officially here in The Poconos and now is the time to book your Poconos winter getaway with Family and Friends. Skiing, Snow Boarding and Tubing are just a few of the chilly activities that will thrill you and your group. Or if you’re looking for something a little warmer, the H2Ooohhh!! Indoor Water Park at Split Rock allows for some tropical splishing and splashing. Then all can come back to one of our gorgeous Mountain homes in the Lake Harmony area to relax and get cozy while making memories. Winter dates will fill in fast so check availability and book your Poconos winter getaway online today.

The chilly temps this weekend are the perfect reminder to start planning a Winter vacation to The Poconos. Pocono Mountain ski resorts are prepping for Snow making. The air is crisp with blustery winds. Get your Family and Friends geared up with scarves, hats and mittens to come and enjoy all the fun and good times. Our wonderful homes in the Lake Harmony area are well equipped for holiday celebrations and near all the local attractions and restaurants for entertaining activities. Winter dates will go fast so check availability and book online today to enjoy all the fun at our Pocono Mountain ski resorts.

All the Christmas hints have appeared, but there’s still plenty of Autumn in The Poconos to enjoy. Fall Foliage is peaking and the trees are aflame with reds, oranges and yellows. Bring your Family and Friends for walking, hiking and train tours to catch the view before the Winter winds blow them all down. Maple and Pumpkin flavored treats await you in local restaurants and at festivals. But, if you’re really revving up for the Holidays, jolly St. Nick will be visiting local Boutiques and Outlet Centers. Our fantastic Mountain homes in the Lake Harmony area provide a great gathering space to enjoy the region this autumn in the Poconos AND they are close to the Ski Resorts which will be opening soon for all you Snow Bunnies. Off-season rates are still in effect and offer a great reason for a quick weekend or week-long getaway. Check availability and book online today.

Rainy days and Mondays don’t have to get you down if you’re in The Poconos. There’s plenty of Poconos Indoor activities for your Family and Friends. You can shop til you drop at Outlets and Boutiques, fill your belllies in any number of world class restaurants, zip around an indoor go-cart track and splash the bad weather blues away at an Indoor Waterpark. Our gorgeous Mountian homes in the Lake Harmony area, such as Brier Crest, are also equipped with Poconos indoor activities like Arcade Games, Pool Tables and Smart TVs. No boredom in sight. Off-season rates help make a weekend get away affordable. Check availability and book online today.

The chilly temps do not mean the fun has stopped in The Poconos. There are plenty of Poconos fall activities and events happening now, before the Snow arrives for Winter. Come with your Family and Friends for Fall Foliage Tours. Enjoy Outlet Shopping for those Holiday presents and treats. Go Hiking and Biking amongst stunning scenic views. Sip and Eat your way through several Fall Festivals. When everyone is ready to relax after a long day of excitement and good times, come to one of our lovely Mountain homes in the Lake Harmony area which are well equipped with all the amenities to provide a welcoming and cozy atmosphere. Off-season rates are in effect and make a trip to the Mountains affordable, whether it’s for a weekend, a week long trip, or for longer. If you want to come enjoy these Poconos fall activities, make sure to check availability and book online today.

BOOO!!! Scary fun will be happening all weekend during this year’s Halloween in the Poconos. Bring your Family and Friends for frights and fun nights. Plenty of Kid Friendly events like Halloween Bash at Nick’s Lakehouse restaurant (good eats, pumpkin carving, costume contest). Hop on a train in Jim Thorpe for Fall Foliage tours. Get your scare on at Country Junction’s Waldorf Estate of Fear haunted house or try your hand at one of their Escape Rooms. Take a thrilling ride on the Monster Coaster at Camelback. When you’re ready to calm down from a spooktacular good time celebrating Halloween in the Poconos, enjoy all the amenities in one of our wonderful Mountain homes in the Lake Harmony area, such as the beautiful Brier Crest or Split Rock. Off-season rates are still in effect, making a quick trip to the area affordable. Check availability and book online today.

Longer nights provide more time for Autumn frights in The Poconos. Bring your Family and Friends to the region for all kinds of scares and thrills this Halloween in Poconos. Various Haunted Houses and spooky trails are open and ready to make you scream. If taking part of all the Boo type festivities, Fall fun daytime events like Hayrides and Pumpkin picking are also available. Our wonderful Mountain homes in the Lake Harmony area are centrally located to all and well equipped to give you a relaxing environment to sip some cider and create memories. Off-season rates make a weekend trip economical, and helps you save money on longer, weekly trips. Check availability and book online today.

There’s more than just a chill in the air. It is COLD!!! But that just means our Pocono Mountains Winter fun is just around the corner. But before you break out the Parkas, Skis and Snowboards, grab your Family and Friends and come to The Poconos for some Fall Fun. Warm your hands with some Hot Chocolate or Hot Apple Cider at any of the fantastic local restaurants. Check out the beautiful changing leaves on a Fall Foliage Tour. Hike or Bike through scenic Mountain Trails. Get a jump start on your Pocono Mountain winter Shopping at Outlets and local Boutiques. Then everyone can come back to one of our lovely Mountain homes in the Lake Harmony area to relax and enjoy each others company. Autumn Off-Season rates help make a weekend adventure affordable. Check availability and book online today.

Hats, scarves and mittens will be needed the next few days in The Poconos with a preview of the Poconos Winter vacation season even though it is still Fall. The chilly temps won’t stop all the Autumn fun so bring your Family and Friends for thrills at Haunted Houses, mosey along on Hayrides, fill your tummies with treats at Festivals and hop on a Train to view the splendor of the Fall Foliage colors. Our fantastic Mountain homes in the Lake Harmony area, such as the beautiful Towamensing Trails, are centrally located to all the activities and attractions. They are also well equipped to provide a cozy and relaxing experience for all, with 4 bedroom and 5 bedroom options available for larger groups. Off-season rates make a quick trip to the region economical. Check availability and book online today.

Poconos Autumn brings a wonderful bounty full of colorful and taste-filled foods which are turned to fantastic dishes in local restaurants in The Poconos. Your Family and Friends will find all kinds of tasty treats to fill their bellies. Our lovely Mountain homes and villas in the Lake Harmony area are located near top rated restaurants who feature Mother Nature’s best Fall offerings. Our homes are well equipped with all you’ll need to relax and recover from a delightful meal. Or, you can use a home’s large kitchen to prepare a meal after picking your own fruits and veggies at local farms and orchards. Off-season rates make a weekend trip to the region affordable. Poconos Autumn dates are filling in fast so check availability and book online today.

The Mountains are being set aflame with vibrant colors during Autumn in The Poconos. Fall ushers the red, oragane and gold changes to the leaves as well as the crisp air. Bring your Family and Friends for some fantastic sightseeing tours of the region’s Fall Foliage. You can take a bike or hike tour, ride a scenic route train, zip line through the treetops. And when everyone is ready to relax, our wonderful homes in the Lake Harmony area, such as Brier Crest, are equipped with fireplaces and some firepits to enjoy different flames. Off-season rates are in effect now, so check availability and book online today.

Just a 90-minute drive from New York City or Philadelphia, the Pocono Mountains is a golfer’s paradise. Numerous Pocono golf courses can be found here, from small private clubs and practice areas to sprawling resort systems designed by the greats. The varied landscape ensures plenty of challenges, and the scenery never disappoints.

Visit the Pocono Mountians Visitors Bureau at for info on Pocono golf courses in the Poconos and Golfing deals and check out this site for cozy and luxe mountain homes where you can relax after a day on the links.

The Pocono Mountains fall season is a great time to gather your Family and Friends for some fun and relaxation in the Poconos. With the crisp air and the stunning colors of the Pocono Mountains fall foliage, outdoor adeventures never fail to excite visitors. Our lovely homes in the Lake Harmony area are centrally located to all the activities and events. They are also well equipped to provide a relaxing atmosphere as well as entertainment options. Everyone will have a great time creating memories and having a good time. Off-season rates make a weekend in the region affordable. Check availability and book online today.

Fall in the Pocono Mountains is certainly underway in The Poconos. The crisp air and changing leaves welcome your Family and Friends to the region for all kinds of Autumn festivals, hayrides, outdoor activities and the beauty of the Mountains. Come and pick Apples or Pumpkins, take a Train ride to see all the bright colors of the Foliage, get your Fright on in one of the many Haunted Houses and Tours. Our cozy homes in the Lake Harmony area are centrally located to all the fun and excitement. They are also well equipped to provide a comfy location to relax and enjoy the woodland atmosphere. Off-season rates help make a quick weekend get away affordable for all. Check availability and book online today.

Rain, Rain… Go Away… So you can come to The Poconos to play. Fall is a great time to visit the region with your Family and Friends for tons of fun and excitement, and great Poconos weather (most of the time). View the Autumn Foliage from the treetops while Ziplining. Ride the rapids while Whitewater Rafting. Eat your way through Festivals and dance like nobody is watching at Concerts and Live Music events. Our terrific Mountain homes in the Lake Harmony area are centrally located to all the good times and are well equipped with all you’ll need for a relaxing and enjoyable vacation. Check availability and book online today.

Autumn in the Poconos is the perfect time to check items off of your Fall Bucket List. There are so many fall activities in the Poconos, there is something for everyone. Take an Air Tour with Moyer Aviation for a bird’s eye view of the region, hop aboard a Lehigh Gorge Scenic Railway train for a Fall Foliage tour, fill your belly and check out some great art at the Pocono Food Truck Festival and Art on the Mountain at Shawnee. We have wonderful Mountain homes in the Lake Harmony area which are fully equipped with all you’ll need to relax after a day of adventuring and enjoying the crisp air. Off-season rates make a weekend trip affordable. Check availability and book online today.

Just a 90-minute drive from New York City or Philadelphia, the Pocono Mountains is a golfer’s paradise. Numerous golf courses can be found here, from small private clubs and practice areas to sprawling resort systems designed by the greats. The varied landscape ensures plenty of challenges during a Pocono golf vacation, and the scenery never disappoints.

Visit the Pocono Mountians Visitors Bureau at for info on courses in the Poconos and Golfing deals and check out this site for cozy and luxe mountain homes where you can relax after a day on the links.

WOW!!! This past weekend was the last of Summer 2018, the last time to enjoy Poconos attractions in summer, which makes it the perfect time to start planning a trip to the Poconos for fall 2018. The changing leaves and crisp air provide the perfect atmosphere for a weekend getaway this Autumn and our lovely Mountain homes in the Lake Harmony area are centrally located to all the festivals, tours and activities for good times with Family and Friends. The beautiful Fall colors of the Poconos likewise make it perfect for weddings! Off-season rates make a quick trip to the region affordable. Check availability of our homes and villas and book online today.

Quit your whining and get stomping at Sorrenti Cherry Valley Vineyards fall grape stomping extravaganza! Embrace your inner Lucy, and join them for this fun-filled event! Tickets are limited, so get yours now! Admission includes a guided tour of the winery, an Italian country-style buffet, a sampling of six wines, a souvenir glass and a complimentary glass of wine or sangria. Tickets are limited, so if you want to enjoy this event as a corporate retreat or large event retreat, act quickly! See website for details.

We’re all getting back into the grind of work and school now that Summer has unofficially come to an end, but there’s still plenty of fun things to do in the Pocono Mountains in Fall. Outdoor activities and adventure await. You can bring Family and Friends for Hiking, Biking, Ziplining and Train Tours to enjoy the beautiful colors of the Fall Foliage. Enjoy a warm beverage in any number of restaurants. Autumn Festivals provide all kinds of fun for entire Family. Our lovely homes in the Lake Harmony area are well equipped to ensure a relaxing experience while you enjoy all the Mountains have to offer. The off-season rates make a weekend getaway very economical, especially in our weekend rentals with anywhere from 3 bedrooms to as many as 5 and 6 bedrooms. Check availability and book online today.

This weekend’s Labor Day holiday is the unofficial ending of the Summer season, but there’s still plenty of fun to be had in The Poconos. Bring your Family and Friends to enjoy one last Poconos in Summer vacation with Hiking, Biking, Swimming, Fishing, Rafting, Paintballing and Ziplining. Then everyone can relax in one of our stunning 3, 5, or 6 bedroom weekend rentals in the Lake Harmony area which are equipped with all you need for a holiday cookout and creating memories with family and friends. End your Summer with good times. Check availability and book online today.

This weekend temps in the Poconos feel a little like Fall instead of Summer.  A great reminder to book a vacation with Family and Friends to check out the Foliage and Festivals. From Train tours through the Mountains to the Jim Thorpe Fall Foliage Festival with great food and entertainment, there’s something for everyone. Come and enjoy the bright colors and cool breezes of the Poconos in fall while Hiking or Biking. Our lovely homes in the Lake Harmony area are well equipped with amenities for relaxing in cozy comfort. Off-Season rates make a weekend getaway very economical, perfect for a corporate retreat or large event. Check availability and book online today.


Going back to school and work may be on your mind, but there’s still time for a Mountain vacation in The Poconos.  Plenty of outdoor activities like Swimming, Fishing, Hiking, Biking, Rafting and Ziplining are still in full swing.  Getting some relaxation and downtime from all of this summer fun in the Poconos in the serene woodland atmosphere in one of our stunning homes or villas in the Lake Harmony area can also be on the agenda before diving back into the hustle and bustle of life.  Your Family and Friends can create memories with good times at the end of the Summer season.  Check availability and book online today.

Before everyone heads Back To School, come to The Poconos for more Summer fun.  Start your school Shopping at the Premium Outlets and local Boutiques.  Then when that task is done, your Family and Friends can enjoy all the activities and events in the region.  Hiking, Biking, Golfing, Swimming, Fishing, Rafting and Ziplining are all still available for warm weather good times during your Poconos summer vacation.  Our fantastic Mountain homes and villas in the Lake Harmony area are well equipped with amenities for entertainment and relaxation.  Check availability and book online today.

When you’re tired of stepping out into the soupy humidity and sticking to the sidewalk, bring your Family and Friends to experience summer in the Poconos for some much needed relief and relaxation.  Our fantastic Mountain homes in the Lake Harmony area are well equipped with entertainment options and provide plenty of space for chillin’ and grillin’.  They are also located near tons of activities to help with cooling off like Lakes for Swimming and Rafting, tree lined trails for Hiking and Biking.  You can also soar above the trees while Zip Lining.  Summer in the Poconos is almost over so check availability of our 3, 5, and 6 bedroom weekend rentals and book online today for a quick vacation in the Poconos.

The Summer heat can make you wish for Snow, but there are plenty of other options for summer fun in The Poconos.  Plenty of Lakes for Swimming, Boating and Fishing.  Your Family and Friends can take an exciting Whitewater Rafting trip.  Zipling through the trees is another way to cool off.  Our beautiful Mountain homes and villas in the Lake Harmony area are centrally located to all and well equipped with amenties to create a relaxing atmosphere and great memories.  Check availability and book online today.

With the Dog Days of Summer upon us, now is a great time to bring your Family and Friends to enjoy some Poconos summer activities.  Our beautiful Mountain homes and villas in the Lake Harmony area are well equipped for relaxing and creating memories.  There’s plenty of fun Poconos summer activities to cool off in the region like Swimming, Rafting, ZipLining and Water Parks.  Indoor options include Movies, Concerts, Museums, Restaurants and Outlet Shopping.  Fall will be here before you know it so check availability and book online today.

Pocono Raceway will host the 2018 ABC Supply 500 Verizon INDYCAR Series. The weekend will feature Verizon IndyCar Series qualifying and practice on Saturday, August 18 and the ABC Supply 500 race on Sunday, August 19. Speeds are expected to exceed 200 MPH with side-by-side racing.

Poconos in the Summer is in full swing in The Poconos and we have plenty of wonderful Mountain homes which are fully equipped with what your Family and Friends need for a fantastic Vacation.  Get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and come enjoy all the Natural beauty of the Lake Harmony area as well as the entire region.  There are Indoor (Water Parks, Outlet Shopping, Casinos, Restaurants, Nightlife) and Outdoor (Swimming, Fishing, Rafting, Zip Lining, Hiking, Biking, Paintball) activities and Family Friendly attractions (Carbon and Wayne County Fairs, Rodeo, Auto Racing, Festivals).  Something for everyone.  Stay for a 2 night week or 7 night weekend and still even get work done in a great office space.  Check availability of our 3, 5, and 6 bedroom weekend rentals, or browse our other selections and book online today.

For just over a week in August 2018, the Poconos region will come together to celebrate the 156th Annual Wayne County Fair August 3rd through August 11th. During the festivities, visitors and locals alike can enjoy games, rides, food, exhibits, farm animals, thrill shows, and live entertainment at the Wayne County Fairground in Honesdale.

Soak Up Summertime Fun at the County Fair

Nothing says summer like having fun at the county fair, and few places are as beautiful as the Poconos in the summer season. The annual Wayne County Fair is the perfect excuse to get outside and enjoy yourself in the Pocono Mountains!

The 156th Annual Wayne County Fair will be held at the Wayne County Fairgrounds, located on Rte. 191 N., Honesdale, PA 18431. Tickets for the fair are priced at $10.00 for admission, with varying prices for food, drink, midway games, some performances on the Grandstand or certain events like monster truck races. You can call (570) 253-5486 or email for more information, or simply ask the reservation specialists at Pocono Mountain Rentals!

Pocono Mountain Rentals – Where All Great Poconos Stories Begin

From the 156th Annual Wayne County Fair to other wonderful events going on all year long, you and your guests can experience the best of the Poconos with family, friends, or coworkers when you choose to book your lodgings through Pocono Mountain Rentals. Our luxurious and spacious vacation rental homes have the privacy, comfort, and amenities you need to enjoy your stay to the fullest, all housed in some of the best locations in the Poconos during your vacation or retreat. Contact our reservations team today to learn more about what the Pocono Mountains have to offer when you reserve your stay with us!

Pocono Raceway will host the Gander Outdoors 400 – Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Race (formerly the Pennsylvania 400) on Sunday, July 29, 2018 with events leading up to the race all weekend, including the Gander Outdoors 150 – NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Race on Saturday, July 28.

  • Date: July 27, 2018 – July 29, 2018
  • Recurring daily
  • Price: Call or visit Pocono Raceway website for ticket prices

If you’re looking for a fantastic place to relax and enjoy Summer with your Family and Friends, then look no further than The Poconos. We have beautiful Lake Harmony vacation rentals, which are fully equipped with all the amenities to make your vacation memorable. Plenty of entertainment options like Smart TVs and Arcade Games. Large living areas with plenty of seating and modern kitchens. Great outdoor spaces to enjoy the views. Dates for 2 night weekends and 7 night weeks are filling up fast so check availability and book online today. We offer 3, 5, and 6 bedroom weekend Lake Harmony vacation rentals, with enough space for the whole family and then some!

Hey Music Lovers, the city and festival circuits aren’t the only place to see fantastic live acts and hear all your favorite tunes. Come to The Poconos for all kinds of music related events like concerts and festivals. Top acts can be found at venues like Penn’s Peak, Mount Airy Casino and Mohegan Sun Casino. Pocono Mountains Music Festival offers events all Summer long. And don’t forget the various acts at the good old fashioned County Fairs in both Carbon and Wayne counties. Our wonderful Mountain homes in the Lake Harmony area are centrally located near all. Summer dates are filling in fast so check availability and book online today, especially if you are considering a corporate retreat or other large event.

With several beautiful and well groomed courses, you can feel like a pro while Golfing in The Poconos. Friends and Family will enjoy a day on the links and all the wonderful amenities offered at locations like Split Rock Resort, Jack Frost National, Mount Airy Casino Resort and Hideaway Hills, to name a few. Our stunning Mountain homes are located near all and offer a well equipped and cozy retreat to relax and enjoy. Summer dates are filling in fast so check availability and book online today.

Pocono Raceway will host the Gander Outdoors 400 – Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Race (formerly the Pennsylvania 400) on Sunday, July 29, 2018 with events leading up to the race all weekend, including the Gander Outdoors 150 – NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Race on Saturday, July 28.

The break in this current Heatwave does not mean the Summer heat is over.  If you’re looking for somewhere to cool off with your Family and Friends, then the Poconos is the place for you.  With options for Poconos Indoor activities (WaterParks, Museums, Concerts, Casinos, Outlet Shopping) and Outdoor (Swimming, Fishing, Rafting, Ziplining) fun, everyone can have a great time while beating the heat.  Our gorgeous Mountain homes in the Lake Harmony area, such as the scenic Towamensing Trails, are located to all and well equipped with entertainment amenities for some relaxing good times.  Dates for 2 night weekends and 7 night weeks are filling in fast so check availability on our 4 or 5 bedroom Towamensing Trails rentals, or browse our other available options and book online today.

The steamy weather shouldn’t keep your Family and Friends from enjoying a Poconos Summer Vacation. The Mountains aren’t just for skiing. There are Lakes and Water Parks to keep you cool. Come Fishing or Boating. Rafting and Zipling are available too. We have gorgeous homes in the Lake Harmony area, such as the beautiful Towamensing Trails, which are centrally located to all the fun and excitement. Stay for a 2 night weekend or a 7 night week. Dates are filling in fast so check availability on our 4 or 5 bedroom Towamensing rentals, or browse our other available selections and book online today.

Bring your Family and Friends to the Poconos to celebrate America’s Birthday this Fourth of July in the Poconos.

Mount Airy Casino Resort presents free fireworks for all to enjoy. Catch the Independence Day event on Tuesday, July 3 at 9:30pm.

Come to The Poconos this Independence holiday for fun and adventure in the Mountains at Whitewater Adventures‘ 4TH OF JULY RAFT AND ZIP HOLIDAY SPECIAL.

Includes: Purchase a rafting trip with Whitewater Rafting Adventures and add a zip line for only $5 more.
Available: Monday through Friday
Cost: $5 per zip line. Must purchase a rafting trip to receive the zip line offer.

Your Family and Friends will have a fantastic time celebrating Your Poconos Independence Day this Summer in The Poconos. There will be several Fireworks displays and fun activities celebrating America’s Birthday the weekend of July 6-8 and our lovely Mountain homes in the Lake Harmony area, such as the comfortable Towamensing Trails, are centrally located to all and well equipped with amenities for grilling and chilling. Many of these rentals have spaces for working remotely and online learning as well. Check availability and book online today.

A premiere Summer event in The Poconos, The Great Tastes of PA 28th Wine and Food Festival is this weekend June 22-24 at Split Rock Resort. This 2 day outdoor festival features samplings from 30 PA wineries, food and craft vendors. There will also be 3 stages featuring live musical entertainment as well as giveaways and contests. After a day of great food and drink, come back to one of our magnificent Mountain homes in the Lake Harmony area to relax and enjoy good times with Family and Friends. We have several homes open so check availability and book online today.

With several State Parks in the Poconos, there are tons of things to do with your Family and Friends this summer. Take Walking Tours and see Waterfalls. Hike on Mountain Trails and Natural Boulder Fields. Fish or Swim in a Lake. We have wonderful homes in the Lake Harmony area which are well equipped with amenities and entertainment options for relaxing evenings after a day of exploring the region. Check availability and book online today, especially if you are considering Pocono for your next event or corporate retreat.

Now is a great time to gather your Family and Friends to celebrate Father’s Day and Graduation in The Poconos. The weather is great and there’s so many things to do. Golfing, Hiking, Biking and Rafting are some Outdoor options for good times. Indoor Water Parks, Outlet Shopping, Escape Rooms, Concerts and Museums are some Indoor options for fun. Our fantastic Mountain homes in the Lake Harmony area are centrally located to all and well equipped for groups of all sizes, all the way to 7 and 8 bedroom rentals. Check availability and book online today.

Hit the links this Summer in The Poconos at one of the many stunning Pennsylvania Golf courses in and around the Lake Harmony area. We have beautiful Mountain homes near Split Rock, Jack Frost National, Mount Laurel and Hideaway Hills golf courses. Spend the day trying to nail a hole-in-one and then relax with Family and Friends in one of our well equipped homes. Summer dates are filling in fast so check availability and book online today.

There’s PA Summer fun to be had for every level of Adventurer with Pocono Whitewater and Skirmish Paintball. Choose your own pace with mild to wild dam release whitewater and family style whitewater rafting trips, over 30 miles of scenic, easy downhill rail trail biking excursions and over 750 acres of world class paintball at Skirmish. Grab some friends and come for a half day, full day or make it a mini vacation. Our wonderful Mountain homes in the Lake Harmony area are a short drive away and provide a relaxing location for Family and Friends to recoup after a day and night of fun and good times. Check availability and book online today.

Bright Sunshine or soft Rain Showers, both can happen in The Poconos in Summer. But don’t worry. There are tons of both Indoor and Outdoor activities to keep your Friends and Family occupied. Swimming, Hiking, Biking, Rafting and Ziplining for outdoor Adventure. Shopping, Escape Rooms, Museums, Concerts and Indoor Water Parks for some indoor fun. Our lovely Mountain homes in the Lake Harmony area are close to all and provide tons of amenities for comfort, entertainment, and even working from “home” or working on school projects. Book for a Weekend or a full Week. Check availability and book online today.

Pocono Raceway will host the Pocono 400 – Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Race on Sunday, June 3, 2018 with events leading up to the race all weekend. Recognized as one of NASCAR’s most competitive raceways, Pocono‘s unique, 2.5-mile track features three turns, each with its own degree of banking.

After a long day of fun in the Sun enjoying all The Poconos have to offer this Summer, bring your Family and Friends to one of our stunning Mountain homes to relax and spend the evening and night taking in all the splendor and quiet of the Lake Harmony area. Take a soak in an outdoor Hot Tub, fire up the grill for some tasty snacks, view the woodsy areas from the deck and chill by the Indoor-Outdoor Fireplaces. And for those who want to chill indoors, the Game Rooms and Great Rooms provide plenty of cozy seating and entertaining Poconos activities. Dates are filling in fast so check availability and book online today.

The shore isn’t the only place to enjoy fun in the surf and sun this Summer. Bring your Family and Friends to The Poconos for all types of aquatic good times. Fun for all ages can be found at Split Rock Resort’s H2Oooohh!! Indoor Waterpark. For the more adventurous members of your group, there’s Whitewater Rafting with Pocono Whitewater. Explore the forest by Kayaking or Canoing in Hickory Run State Park. Our beautiful Mountain homes in the Lake Harmony area are centrally located to even more fun with Lake Harmony Watersports offering Wakeboarding, Tubing and Water Skiing. Whether you’re looking for a quick Poconos weekend getaway or a full week vacation, we have a home to suit your needs. Dates are filling in fast to check availability and book online today.

Summer has arrived in The Poconos and it will kick off this Memorial Holiday Weekend May 25-28. The Lakes will be open for plenty of activities in the Poconos Swimming, Boating and Fishing. Outdoor Adventures like Rafting, Paintball, Hiking and Biking are in full swing. Go Zip Lining through the trees or wind through the Mountains on a Train ride. Enjoy high octane fun with Auto Racing at Pocono Raceway or take a casual stroll in Historic Jim Thorpe. Once your Family and Friends have had their fun, come relax and create memories in one of our stunning Mountain homes in the Lake Harmony area. Contact us today to book your rental this season and to learn about our beautiful rentals for weddings during summertime!

Summer has arrived early and with a vengeance. Hitting those record high temps is a great reason for gathering your family and friends and coming to The Poconos for tons of fun and activities. Our gorgeous Pocono mountain homes are centrally located near activities and attractions in and around Lake Harmony. Check availability and book online today.

Your tummy will thank you when you fill it by dining in The Poconos. There are plenty of eateries in the Lake Harmony area to satisfy the tastebuds of all your Family and Friends. Get a down home breakfast and some cool swag at Piggy’s. Savor some tasty steaks and fine wine at Louie’s Prime Steakhouse. Enjoy a variety of delish dishes and cocktails on the waterside deck at Nick’s Lake House. Shake your groove thang and knosh on great bar foods at Shenanigans. Quench your thirst at Split Rock Resort’s Thirsty Moose Pub. Satisfy your sweet tooth at Callie’s Candy Kitchen and Pretzel Factory. Once you’ve made your tummy very happy, come to one of our wonderful Mountain homes for rest, relaxation and good times. Check availability and book online today.

Auto-Racing season in The Poconos starts June 1st at Pocono Raceway with the NASCAR Pocono 400. Bring your Family and Friends for some fast paced fun at the Tricky Triangle then come back to one of our lovely Mountain homes in the Lake Harmony area for some low octane rest and relaxation. We have 14 Poconos vacation homes left so check availability and book online today.

Despite the springlike temps on the horizon this week, there’s still tons of Winter fun to be had in the Poconos. Come to the Mountains for some Skiing, Snowboarding and Tubing at Jack Frost/Big Boulder with your Family and Friends. Or, if you want more indoor type activities to stay warm during winter in the Poconos, try dipping your toes in the water at Split Rock Resort’s H2Ohhh!! Indoor Waterpark, try your hand at some gaming tables at Pocono Downs or Mt Airy Casinos or shop til you drop at The Crossings Premium Outlets. You can enjoy tasty dishes and live music at a number of local restaurants like Nick’s Lake House, Louie’s Prime Steakhouse or Shenannigan’s. We have fantastic homes in the Lake Harmony area, including 4 and 6 bedroom rentals in the Split Rock Resort, which are centrally located to all. Check availability and book online today.

Mother Nature is dropping fresh powder on the Pocono Mountains this weekend. Our lovely mountain homes in the Lake Harmony area are centrally located to all the snowy, winter fun at Jack Frost/Big Boulder. Work hard on the slopes all day and relax by a fireplace or take a dip in a hot tub at night. There’s also a buzzing nightlife during the Pocono Mountains winter season, with tons of local restaurants, bars and pubs. Bring your family and friends for a fantastic vacation. Check availability and book online today.

Lots of action happening on the mountains at Jack Frost and Big Boulder. Winter fun can be on the agenda for a snowy vacation with your family and friends. Poconos skiing, Snowboarding and Tubing are available for experts and those not-quite-ready-for-the-Olympics. After a great day on the slopes, you can warm up in one of our fantastic Mountain homes in the Lake Harmony area. Take a dip in a hot tub, test your skills on a Video Arcade Game or pool table, watch the real Olympians go for Gold on large screen smart TVs. Dates are filling in fast so check availability and book online today.


Looking for a fantastic Winter getaway for you and your Snugglebunny this  Valentine’s holiday? Come to The Poconos for lots of snowy and cozy fun and activities. Our homes in the Lake Harmony area are centrally located to all the best restaurants and nightlife for a romantic night out during your Poconos Valentines Day. Or, you can sip champagne and warm your toes by a fireplace in one of our stunning homes. Contact us today to book one of our rentals and to learn about our vacation rentals perfect for a wedding!

The slopes in The Poconos will be opening soon and there will be tons of Pocono mountains winter activities and events for groups of all ages. Bring your family and friends to one of our fantastic mountain home in Lake Harmony for a wonderful winter vacation, or host a bachelor or bachelorette party and shred the slopes. Dates are filling in fast, so book your home today.

Welcome to Pocono Mountain Rentals brand new website. A new look for a new year. We’ve added more filters and better calendars as well as ONLINE BOOKING!! So whether you’re planning a ski trip to Big Boulder, a family outing at Pocono Whitewater Rafting, a corporate retreat at Skirmish Paintball or just looking for a relaxing location for your family reunion, Pocono Mountain Rentals has the home for you.

More fresh powder is falling on the mountains at Big Boulder Poconos and Jack Frost. Winter fun is ready to be had by all. Bring your Family and Friends for some snowy good times in The Poconos. Spend your day swooshing down and carving up the slopes. Then warm up and relax in one of our stunning Mountain homes in the Lake Harmony area. Dates are filling in fast so check availability and book online today.

Come to the Poconos with your family and friends for some Winter in the Poconos fun and excitement. The slopes are open at Jack Frost-Big Boulder. Skiing, tubing and snowboarding are available. Our lovely mountain homes in the Lake Harmony area are perfectly suited for groups of all sizes looking for a snowy good time. Check availability and book online today.

Winter is really here and the slopes at Big Boulder are open for skiing, snowboarding and tubing. All of the local establishments are decked out in their holiday best. The splendor of winter fun in the Poconos is on full display. Bring your family and friends for some chilly fun and seasonal activities, then relax and enjoy each other’s company in one of our fantastic mountain homes in the Lake Harmony area. Check availability and book online today.

Winter has officially arrived in The Poconos and it is time for your to gather your family and friends for some Winter fun. Whether you Ski, Snowboard or Tube, Big Boulder is open and ready for you. Our homes in the Lake Harmony area are a short drive from the Mountain and you can warm up and relax in a outdoor hot tub, sip some hot chocolate by a fireplace or just enjoy time together. Winter dates are filling in fast so check availability and book online today to enjoy some Poconos Snowboarding.

Some man-made, some nature-made. Snow in the Poconos has finally arrived and Winter is officially under way. Bring your family and friends to stay in one of our gorgeous Mountain homes in the Lake Harmony area to enjoy all the chilly fun. Plenty of shopping and festive decor. Tons of seasonal activities and treats. Our homes are filling in fast to check availability and book online today.

Winter is just about here and you need to bring your family and friends to The Poconos in Winter for some fun and relaxation. Swish down the mountains skiing and snowboarding. Slide down the slopes snowtubing. Enjoy holiday shopping and decorations in Jim Thorpe. Or if you are not the snowy landscape type, you can relax in one of our beautiful mountain homes with tons of indoor amenities like game rooms with pool tables, large screen TVs and open space for gathering. Check availability and book winter wonderland vacation today.

Feel the crunch of the leaves, breath in the crisp mountain air, marvel at the vibrant colors of fall in the Poconos. Bring your family and friends for lots of fun fall activities in Lake Harmony and surrounding areas. Take a foliage tour or fly through it on a zip line. Shop til you drop for those holiday gifts or get in some golfing. Hike through the wonderful autumn scenery or team up for some paintball action. Our beautiful homes provide comfort and relaxation after your adventures. This time is especially good for weddings, with amazing views around every corner.  Check availability and book online today.

If you’re looking for some chills, thrills and scary good times, then come to the Poconos Halloween fun Oct 27-29 weekend. Plenty of haunted houses, scarecrows, hayrides and fun for family and friend gatherings. Our terrific mountain homes in the Lake Harmony area are centrally located to all of the Fall seasons activities and attractions. Check availability and book online today.

The Poconos New Year holiday is fast approaching and the Poconos is the perfect place to celebrate with your family and friends. Our homes in Lake Harmony are spacious and centrally located to all the local activities. Whether your ring in 2018 on the slopes at Big Boulder, join the nightlife revelers in one of the local restaurants and bars or watch the ball drop and sip champagne in the comfort of one of our mountain homes, you will have a fantastic time. Check availability for Dec 29-Jan 1 and book online today.

If you’ve noticed the chill in the air already, you know Winter is almost here and it is time to start planning your Poconos family vacation and friends. Our beautiful homes in the Lake Harmony area provide the perfect warm and cozy atmosphere after spending the day enjoying the winter wonderland in the mountains including skiing, tubing, tours, mountain train rides and tons of fun activities. For those who need to get some work done, our rentals have great spaces for working remotely or taking online classes. Check availability and book online today.

Crisp cool air and stunning fall foliage abound in the Poconos. Tons of festivals and tours. Autumn is a great time to bring your family and friends for a fun filled and relaxing weekend in Lake Harmony and enjoy all the incredible things to do in the Poconos in the fall. Stay in our wonderful mountain homes and enjoy all the amenities and comfort. Contact us today to book your vacation rental and to learn about our stunning rentals for weddings this Fall!

The unofficial end of Summer, better known as Labor Day weekend is approaching fast and our lovely mountain homes in the Lake Harmony area of the Poconos are filling up fast. Bring your family and friends to the mountains for a Labor Day in Poconos for some fun and good food. Rafting and paintball, golfing and bowling, zip lining and racing. Dip your toes in the lakes or slip and slide in the H2Oooh Indoor Water Park. So much to do and see before ending your summer. Check availability for our remaining homes and book online today.

Summer is a great time to visit The Poconos for relaxing and spending time with family and friends. Cool mountain breezes, beautiful lakes, water parks and hiking trails, paintball and whitewater rafting are just some of the Poconos summer activities to enjoy in the Lake Harmony area. These are great for events, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and more! Our beautiful mountain homes are filling up fast for August dates so book your vacation today.

The seagulls and tram-cars should be missing you this Summer because you, your family and friends should be spending your Vacation in The Poconos. We have 14 homes available July 7-9 weekend in the Lake Harmony area near Split Rock Resort for any size group. Check out Acorn, Arrowhead, Big Horn, Black Bear, Coyote, Deer Run, Fairway, Great Wolf, Grizzly, Lakestone, Moose, Mountain Wood, Otter Banks and Timber for your next Poconos family getaway and book online today.

If you are feeling a need for speed, there are 2 more chances to see the best of the best at Pocono Raceway this Summer. The Pennsylvania 400 is July 28-30 weekend and The ABC Supply 500 is Aug 18-20 weekend. Our homes in the Lake Harmony area are just a hop, skip and a jump from the raceway. Relax with family and friends in one of our stylish mountain homes then enjoy all the excitement and fan events at the races. Homes are filling in fast so book yours today.

The Jersey Shore isn’t the only region for tons of fun in the water. Come to The Poconos and stay in one of our gorgeous mountain homes in your next Lake Harmony vacation. Dip your toes in the lake or have a grand adventure Whitewater Rafting. If you enjoy waterslides and wave pools, check out the H2Oooohh! Indoor Waterpark at Split Rock Resort. Tempt your tastebuds with fantastic foods served up at one of the local restaurants and enjoy dining lakeside. Summer dates are filling in fast, so book your vacation today.

Summer has arrived early and with a vengeance. Hitting those record high temps is a great reason for gathering your family and friends and coming to The Poconos for tons of fun and activities. Our gorgeous mountain homes are centrally located near Poconos attractions and activities in and around Lake Harmony. Check availability and book online today.

The unofficial Summer kick off is just 3 weeks away, so bring your family and friends for a Poconos memorial day weekend on May 26-29 for some fun and good times in Lake Harmony. The lakes will be opening for the season and our mountain homes are within walking distance. Cook out on the grills, enjoy the fresh mountain air, try your hand at paintball or whitewater rafting, or just relax on the deck and welcome the sun. Only a few homes left so book yours today.

The Pocono Mountains are coming to life as Spring has officially arrived. Shake off those Winter blues and bring your family and friends for a weekend getaway in one of our Lake Harmony homes and enjoy all the amazing Poconos activities in spring. There are tons of local events and activities this spring. Try your hand at golf, get your thrills sky diving, team up for some paintball or just relax on the deck and take in the fresh air at our homes in the mountains. Check availability and book online now.

Everything and everyone will be waking up in The Poconos now that Spring has officially arrived. Bring your family and friends to one of our homes in Lake Harmony to enjoy the fresh air, blooming flowers, visiting wildlife and tons of Poconos fun activities. Concerts, festivals, craft fairs, casinos, outlet shopping and Pocono races are waiting for you in the mountains, and maybe even a few weddings! There’s even some Spring skiing and boarding going on at Big Boulder. Check availabilty and book online today.

Looks like Old Man Winter is hanging on a little while longer in The Poconos, so come and stay in one of our stunning mountain homes in the Lake Harmony area this April with your family and friends and have some fun enjoying Poconos winter activities. There’s plenty of skiing, snowboarding and tubing fun going on. If you’re looking for something a bit warmer, splash around in Split Rock Resorts’ H2Ooooh!! Indoor Water Park, visit one of the nearby casinos, shop at the outlets or fill your bellies at one of the numerous local restaurants. Check availability and book online today.

Mother Nature feels like dropping a few more inches of fresh powder on The Poconos and Winter Fun is in full swing at Jack Frost-Big Boulder. Gather up your family and friends for a Poconos winter getaway to one of our stunning mountain homes in Lake Harmony. Snowy good times still to be had by all.

Don’t let the warm temps fool you. Winter is still in full swing in The Poconos with tons of fun activities and events. Whether you want to get your swoosh on, tube with the family or carve up the mountain on your board, Jack Frost-Big Boulder have you covered with a 40″ base and all trails open, so come and enjoy the incredible things to do in Poconos in winter. And if playing in the snow is not your thing, the H2OOoooh!! Indoor Water Park at Split Rock Resort offers plenty of splashing good times. After a day out on the slopes or dipping your toes in the pool, relax in one of our stunning mountain homes in Lake Harmony. Check availability and book online today.

Mother Nature is cooperating this winter and dumping even more snow in The Poconos. Jack Frost-Big Boulder have ALL of their trails open for skiers, boarders and tubers, you still have time to come and experience Pocono Mountains winter activities. If sliding down a mountain of snow is not your thing, dip your toes in the pools in Split Rock Resort’s H2Ooooh!! Indoor Water Park. And of course your family and friends will enjoy fun times together in one of our gorgeous mountain homes in Lake Harmony. So come and enjoy this winter wonderland today. Check availability and book online now.

The mountains are covered with tons of powder. Everyone is swooshing, boarding and tubing in The Poconos this winter. Bring your family and friends to Lake Harmony and enjoy the Poconos fun things to do at Jack Frost and Big Boulder Ski Resorts. Then, when you can’t feel your extremities anymore, warm up and relax around a fireplace in one of our stunning mountain homes. Plenty of indoor things to do there too. Check availability and book online today.

Mother Nature is working with us this Winter and dropping tons of fresh powder on the Pocono Mountains. Bring your family and friends to the Lake Harmony area and enjoy skiing, tubing and snowboarding at Jack Frost-Big Boulder. After a long day on the slopes, come relax in one of our stunning mountain homes. January and February dates are filling in fast, so book your vacation home today.

The New Year is just around the corner and 2017 in The Poconos can be a fantastic vacation for your family and friends. Whether you are Winter Snow Bunnies coming to carve up the mountain at Big Boulder, coming out of hibernation and ready to breath in the fresh Spring mountain air, ready to dip your toes in Lake Harmony this Summer or checking out the Fall foliage in the area, we have a home for you and your group available all year. So make one of your resolutions to enjoy Poconos fun things to do in 2017!!!

The Artic Blast in the Northeast is leaving no doubt that WINTER HAS ARRIVED. Come stay in our newest home in the Poconos, On The Rocks. This home is in Lake Harmony and rests at the edge of a natural boulder field. Bring your family and friends for some winter Poconos attractions and activities fun like carving up the mountain at Big Boulder and Jack Frost, dipping your toes in the water at the H2Oooohh!! Indoor Water Park in Split Rock Resort, fill your bellies at one of the local restaurants like Nick’s Lake House, shop like crazy at The Crossings Premium Outlets and then relax in our home and watch the splendor of winter next to the cozy indoor-outdoor fireplace. Check availability and book online today.

Winter has arrived in The Poconos and our homes in the Lake Harmony area are the perfect places to relax after a long day of skiing, boarding, tubing, shopping and enjoying the cool mountain scenery. Santa will be making the rounds at the local restaurants, the slopes are open at Big Boulder and the holiday shopping season is in full swing at Crossings Premium Outlets. Bring your family and friends to The Poconos for some winter fun.

Come to The Poconos with family and friends to ring in 2017 amidst the gorgeous snow covered mountains. Our spacious and inviting homes in the Lake Harmony area are the perfect gathering place to celebrate and enjoy each other. Tons of parties and events in the area. No one will be bored. Homes are filling in fast for Dec 30-Jan 2 so book online now.

Old Man Winter is gearing up to sprinkle some powder on the Pocono Mountains and our homes are great places for family and friends to gather and enjoy swoshing and carving down the slopes. Big Boulder Ski Resort and Jack Frost Ski Resort are minutes away. If you are the INDOOR type of snowbunny, you can dip your toes in the pools at Split Rock Resorts H2Oooohh!! Indoor Water Park. Tons of cool things to do, see, eat and drink in the Poconos during winter. Come and play with us.

The beauty and splendor of the Pocono mountains is the perfect backdrop for a Thanksgiving feast with family and friends. Our homes provide a fantastic location for everyone to gather and enjoy the fun (skiing, snowboarding, H2OOooohh!! Indoor Water Park) activities available in the Lake Harmony area or to stuff themselves with turkey and relax watching the big game. Check our site now for availability and book online.

Tons of Spooktacular good times to be had in The Poconos and our homes in the Lake Harmony area provide a fantastic location for family and friends to get together for a hauntingly good time. Lots of hayrides, fall foliage tours and haunted houses in the area. Try pumpkin picking or apple pressing. Live music and fabulous food. Have a scary good time during Halloween in The Poconos.

It looks like Mother Nature wants to keep the heat on by extending the summer temps for a few more days. Come to The Poconos and enjoy a relaxing weekend filled with tons of fun in the Lake Harmony area. There’s paintball and whitewater rafting, sky diving and hiking, shopping and touring. Don’t forget about Split Rock Resort’s H2Oooohh!! indoor water park (open all year). Our homes are centrally located to lots of activities so book online today.

The Pennsylvania Blues Festival at Split Rock Resort is just a couple of weeks away, Sept 16-18. Our homes in the Lake Harmony area of The Poconos are great for relax and taking in the fall mountain views after enjoying a day of fantastic music and delicious food. Don’t miss out on these great performances and tasty treats. Check availability and book online now.

If the summer heat and humidity has you wishing for cooler days, start planning your Fall vacation in The Poconos. Our homes in the Lake Harmony area provide an economical option for a quick getaway weekend with family and friends. The autumn foliage in the mountains is stunning and there’s plenty of activities and festivals to keep everyone busy. Contact us today to book your Autumn vacation rental and to learn more about our wedding rentals if you looking to have your special day this season!

Wrap up Summer of 2016 with one last Hoorah in The Poconos. Our homes in Lake Harmony are surrounded by tons of activities and nightlife. Cozy accommodations and fantastic amenities are available in all of our homes. Take a dip in Lake Harmony or one of our hot tubs. Relax on the deck or shoot some pool. Cook up a great summer meal or eat out at one of the local restaurants. Labor Day spots are filling in fast for Sept 2-5, so book online today.

Tons of Summer Fun happening in The Poconos. Festivals and Auto Races. Hiking and Rafting. Sky Diving and Paintball. No one in your group will be bored. Then, you can come home and relax in one of our gorgeous mountain homes in the Lake Harmony area. Summer dates are filling in fast, so don’t miss out on a fantastic mountain and lake adventure.

Sip, not chug, on some of the best wines in The Poconos and Lake Harmony area at the 2016 Wine and Food Festival at Split Rock Resort June 25 & 26. After spending the day sipping and tasting, pop a cork on a bottle of red and relax in one of our gorgeous mountian homes in Split Rock. And don’t forget to check out Split Rock’s H2Oooohh!! Indoor Water Park.

Time to break out the tee-shirts and shorts, dust off the grill and welcome Summer with open arms. The Poconos offers tons of Summer fun and activities and our homes in and near Lake Harmony are perfect for hosting your family vacation or friends getaway. Dip your toes in a local lake, slip and slide at the Split Rock Resort’s H2OOooohhh!!! Indoor Water Park, go on a grand adventure with Pocono Whitewater or try your skills with Skirmish Paintball. Stay for a weekend or a week. The homes and surrounding area provide something for everyone.

Summer seasons is sneaking up fast and Independence holiday will be here before you know it. Come celebrate our great nation’s birthday in The Poconos. Tons of fun activities for July 1-4 weekend in Lake Harmony and the surrounding areas. Homes are filling in fast, so book your family or friends holiday vacation now.

Pocono Mountain Rentals offers smaller homes in the Pocono’s Lake Harmony area which are a great economical choice for smaller groups and families on a budget. Get 10% off a spring or summer rental by mentioning this blog post when you book a rental for dates between now and August 31st 2016 (excluding holidays). Offer expires August 1st 2016

Flowers blooming, critters scurrying, people shedding the big sweaters and heavy coats. Spring has sprung in The Poconos and Lake Harmony is a great spot for a quick spring get away with friends and family. We have homes for all budgets and group sizes. Come and shake off the winter blues and soak up some sun.

Looking for a new place to kick off the summer season? Come to The Poconos. Our beautiful homes in Lake Harmony are close to local attractions (H2Oooohh!! Indoor Water Park at Split Rock Resort, Skirmish Paintball, Casinos and Outlet Shopping). Right now, get 10% off of Memorial Holiday rentals (May 27-30). Contact us at 215.489.3206 for availability and booking.

Mother Nature is giving the Poconos another blast of winter this weekend. Come to Lake Harmony and stay in one of our gorgeous mountain homes. Spend the day on the slopes at Jack Frost/Big Boulder then soak those aching bones in the outdoor hot tub or relax with a warm drink by the fireplace. Hang out with friend or family shooting pool or watching your favorite teams at “The Big Dance.” Winter is NOT over yet!!!

It looks like Spring is trying to kick things off a little early this year. 60’s and 70’s in The Poconos. Never fear, snow bunnies. Slopes are still open for swooshing and carving. If you’re not a winter sports enthusiast, there’s still TONS of things to do in Lake Harmony. Why not dip your toes in a pool at Split Rock Resort’s H2Oooooohh!! Indoor Water Park. Cool water slides, too. Grab a group of friends and mount a coup at Skirmish Paintball. You’ll be able to ride the rapids soon at Pocono Whitewater. Try your luck on the tables or slots at Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs or Mount Airy Casinos. Lots of nature coming to life in the Hickory Run State Park. So, C’MON!! Come to THE POCONOS for some post winter fun.

The roller coaster weather pattern may have all you Snow bunnies fearing there’s not enough snow this winter. Fear not, Big Boulder and Jack Frost are “100% OPEN!” So if you’re looking to carve up some powder, Lake Harmony in The Poconos is the place you want to be. Late Winter rates are in effect for our rental homes. Grab some friends and family and enjoy a beautiful winter weekend at one of our cozy mountain homes.

Check out the view from the slopes at Big Boulder Ski Resort (Poconos) this morning (Dec 3). Finally, it really feels (and looks) like winter. WOOHOOO!!!

The chill is in the air… The flakes are falling fast… It must be time for some of the best skiing the Pocono Mountains have to offer. Big Boulder is NOW OPEN!!! Carve up the mountain on their excellent trails and obstacle courses. Catch some air and get your grid on in one of the Big Boulder Parks. Plenty of online deals for skiing/snowboarding. Great gift idea for the shredder in your life.